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Kai threw his helmet on the floor of the garage as he walked into the house. He stuffed his balled fists into his pockets in an effort not to break something. "Damn it all." .He muttered, biting his lower lip as he glared at nothing in particular.

Bryan and the rest of the group would be upset. 2 million was still 2 million – even in the lives of superstars.

Kai winced, Bryan hated it when he raced and the last time his lecture was not fun in the least. The older Russian was once a racer himself, but after a bad spill in the middle of a race, he gave it up. The huge scar on his leg was proof enough why.

Kai opened the fridge, pulled out the carton of milk, and unscrewed the cap. He walked over to the couch and took greedy sips from the carton to calm himself. Kai flipped on the TV with the nearby remote and flipped through the channels.

"Local bar hosting another concert from Soul Release, can't wait for what they've got in store later tonight. And it seems like the lead singer, Kai Hiwatari, is picking dancers from the crowd!" The TV host showed a picture of Kai and Rei together dancing to the beat of a song, "So here's a good chance to get up close and personal with the band I'd say."

Kai groaned and flipped TV off. He was supposed to win that damn race and pick the boy. Taking another swig of milk, he shook his head. "It's not gonna be easy getting him…" He crossed his legs, propped them up on the glass coffee table in front of him, and took a moment to look at the metal buckles on his boots.

Betting against the red head would be problematic. The red head had no reason to race against him now that he had that 2 million. Last time, Kai had advantage, and now he was just a guy with a motorcycle.

He groaned again and finished off the carton of milk and as he got up, he wiped off the trickles that escaped his mouth with a sleeve. Hopefully Bryan wouldn't find out about the money for a while. Prolonging his life as a free man seemed like a good idea to Kai, knowing that the second Bryan found out, he would be shackled in the bathroom for long periods of time.

His mind wandered back onto the subject of a certain singer and found himself loosing himself to the image in his head.

Kai had never had to earn anything in his life, least of all men. All of them fawned over him and came in waves of two or three at a time actually. It was quite a shock to his system that he would actually have to win this one over time.

He didn't know how much time he could stand though.

Sure Kai knew about flirting, but from a standpoint of someone who was willing. This would be different because his 'victim' would rather be doing something else than him.

Kai promptly decided that this was unacceptable, no little poor boy would say no to him. What didn't he have? He had the money, the looks, the publicity, and all the right connections that could get him where or what ever he wanted. Diamonds and rubies where common gifts from him to his… chosen peoples… In addition, the fact that he was a rock star must have counted for something.

Why did he want the poor boy anyway? What did he have to offer besides a pretty face and a nice voice?

It didn't matter. Kai wanted him, and he would make dearest Rei see his point of view. All it would take was some persuasion… In addition, that horrid man that owned the bar, although stupid, would probably be helpful. He could manipulate the owner to his will without a problem, but once he had gotten Rei to where he wanted him, dealing with his loathing might be troublesome.

Kai walked back into the kitchen and scrounged around for a pen, which he later found under the dishwasher. Without any available paper, he grabbed a receipt that was sitting on the counter by the fridge and began scribbling down random words.





A beat slowly developed in his head, and he looked over the words. They would make a nice chorus together… and if he added a bridge like this…

Kai scribbled madly over the back of the receipt writing out an entire song in a few minuets. Reading over it, he accepted the fact that it was still rough around the edges, and would need tweaking in areas because not all of the lyrics felt right yet. Quickly coming up with the title "-tion", he stuffed the receipt in his pocket and then made his way back over to the couch as he grabbed the phone from it's receiver.

"Hello, operator?" Kai started, laying back on the couch and massaging his temple with a free hand, "Get me the number for Rei Kon…"


Tala fingered the wad of money in his hand warily when he walked inside the house. Was it even real?

Pulling out a bill, he held it up to the light and looked for the symbols that where hidden in it to show that it was real.

It was.

Never in his life had Tala seen so much money in the same place at the same time. Except maybe in the back alleyways where thugs sold their drugs to some middle school kid. Drugies at a young age was quite popular in the neighborhood, and at one point Tala was totally against it and encouraged as many people as he could to avoid drugs. However, after a year or so with no success he gave up and decided that he didn't care anymore.

If some kid wanted to get stoned and die, he would probably let them go. It was not his life.

Spending his new cash would be different. Should he just go out and tell Rei what he bet?

No, Rei would be furious with him! He had risked everything… and if he had lost…

No, he won! In addition, for now, he would have to keep his prize as a secret. He would have to spend his new money sparingly and discretely. Deciding what to spend it on would be the hardest part, so putting in an account for safekeeping would probably be the safest option. And if he left it there, the interest would only build the amount of cash up higher. As long as no one stole it from him.

Suspicion might also be a problem, who was he, a poor young kid, to have more money on hand than most people had on a yearly basis. And the law was tough around this area, and the police would most likely have a field day with him. Tala did not intend to spend any time behind bars while trying to explain where he got two million without stealing it. Ha! Hardly possible.

He shoved the bill in his hand into his jacket pocket. He might have to put thee majority of his new cash into the bank, but having a bit right now wouldn't be that bad. He walked into his small bedroom, which was right across the hall from Rei's and right next to Blake's. Inside, he scrounged around for a temporary safe spot. Finding an old suitcase, he stuffed the remaining money into it. Then he slid it into his closet and shut the door quickly. Tala couldn't help but chuckle at his stupid attempt to protect the cash. It almost seemed like a joke, so simple and stupid.

Thinking fast, he grabbed a piece of lead for a mechanical pencil and put it on the door of the closet just so that if it was opened, the lead would snap unless it was moved. This was also simple and stupid, but a sure way to find if someone had opened the closet.

Tala took a step back and scratched the back on his head with a chuckle, then again, if it was opened the person would take the money and he would have no leads as to who took it. Either way, Tala supposed, it was pointless.

Suddenly, Tala heard the front door open, "Tala I'm back from work!". It was Rei, and he sounded tired. "I'm just going to grab a bite to eat then I'm going to bed."

"M'kay." Tala called back, checking one more time that the cash was well hidden. "There's some left over black berries in the fridge if you're interested." He had to act normal, if it sounded like he had something to hide, Rei would suspect him of something. Rei was always good at that kind of thing.

Back in high school, Rei had aspired to become a detective or to write mystery novels for a living. He was quite good at it.

Rei hummed as he got those black berries that Tala mentioned and piled them into a bowl. As soon as he popped one into his mouth, the phone rang. Rei chewed quickly and swallowed before answering, 'Hey, it's Rei here."

Kai paused for a moment, "Look I need to talk to you."

"Is this Hiwatari?" Rei asked in shock, "How did you get my number?"

"The operator."

Rei sighed, "What could you possible need to say to me. I though it was clear that I hated your guts."

"Well yeah." Kai said bluntly, "I know that. And that's the reason I'm calling."

"What?" Rei didn't get it.

"Can we like, try this again?"

"Try what again? We never where anything in the first place and I've known you for a handful for a few hours." Rei snapped.

"I know." Kai's eyes narrowed on the other side of the line, "Look I wanna see if we could have something. Just humor me and go out to get a coffee with me tomorrow."

"I have work." Rei replied instantly.

"I'll take care of it." Kai said hopefully.

Rei paused, "For the entire week. No less." If he had to spend time with the slime ball he would need some kind of reward.

"Done." Kai said, holding the phone a little tighter.

Rei sighed, leaning against the wall a bit, "Alright. I'm free at noon tomorrow."

Kai smirked, "So then I'll meet you at Rocco's Coffee Place tomorrow then."

Rei rolled his eyes and hung up.