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Chapter 1: Time

Lucy and Kevin were walking down the sidewalk, pushing their newborn baby daughter, Savannah, in the stroller in front of them. Since the day wasn't all that chilly, they decided that being cooped up in the Camden house for two weeks was more than enough and they wanted some fresh air.

As they were walking back, Lucy looked up ahead from what seemed to be across the street from the Camden house. "Hmm… I guess we have new neighbors," she said to her husband, who was on her right.

"Yeah, I guess so," he responded, focusing on the moving truck unloading furniture. At the moment, two men were carrying a medium blue couch off the truck, while two young girls sat in the lawn with dolls in their laps.

"The little girl with the brown hair looks to be Sam and David's age," Lucy said after seeing that Kevin had noticed them.

"Maybe," he said back and they continued on to the house, planning on telling the news to their family.

When they got back, though, it seemed like they already knew. But then again, the neighbors were across the street and it was hard not to notice the giant moving truck.

"Did you see the new neighbors?" Ruthie asked when they pushed the stroller into the kitchen. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and a white skirt.

"Kinda," Lucy said. "We saw two little girls. One with brown hair and one with blonde." Her hair was down around her face, so she pushed it behind her ears.

"Oh, maybe you can baby-sit for them?" Annie said as she came around the corner with a basket full of laundry. "But for now, can you help with this?"

"Sure, Mom," Ruthie said and followed her mom.

At the moment, Martin came down the stairs in an orange striped black t-shirt and jeans on and said, "I don't know if she'll be able to baby-sit. I saw a girl that looked my age get out of the car that was with the truck."

"Oh well. I'll be able to get a real job soon enough," Ruthie said and continued loading laundry into the dryer, that way her mother could load the dirty clothes into the washer.

"We should go over there later on, once the movers are gone," Annie said, standing next to the washer with one hand planted against it's top.

"That's a good idea. I'll tell everyone about it that way they don't make any plans," Kevin said and carefully picked up Savannah from the stroller. Lucy then folded it up and brought it upstairs while Kevin followed with their daughter in his arms.

Annie smiled. She loved having her granddaughter around. She knew it made Eric crazy because even though he loved his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, he wanted them to get their own place. Although, she supposed, he wanted to close by, so that way he could see them when he wanted to.

"I think I'll make a cake to bring over," Ruthie said, but Annie barely heard her. She was too busy thinking about how good everything was at the moment.

The two girls sat on the lawn, each fiddling with their dolls hair. They had dolls that were like them, meaning the girl with olive skin, brown eyes and brown hair had a doll that was the same and the girl with lighter skin, bluish eyes and dirty blonde hair had one that was same.

"Koda, play if me!" the blonde girl said. She was about three years old and was kind of pudgy, but in that cute baby way.

"My name isn't Koda, Teagan. It's Dakota. Okay, Da Ko Ta," the older of the two said. Actually, she was four years older than her sister, Teagan.

"Whatever," Teagan tried to say, but it came out completely wrong. She had a slight speech impediment that her father was trying to work out. Unfortunately, he wouldn't be working anything out anymore. She had heard the saying from her older sister, Marina (who was eleven years older than her) and had since been trying to copy it.

Dakota looked back at her doll and went back to fixing her hair. Suddenly, she felt a hand slap her arm and when she let go of her doll, it was snatched away. She looked up. "Teagan! Give me back my dolly!"

"No! Play if me! Play, play, play," she said, stretching out the last word into a whine. When she saw that her older sister wasn't budging, she got up and threw the doll to the grass. She was about to stomp on it when she heard her oldest sister calling out.

"Teagan, if you stomp on that dolly you'll go to time out. And our new house has a lot of corners, so I'd be on my best behavior if I were you. And Dakota, play with your sister!" The young girl looked at the corner of their white two-story house. Walking full speed from the driveway across the shaded grass was a slender girl in a black tank top, dark blue jeans and black high-heeled boots. She had brown eyes and luscious dark brown hair (at the moment, it was in messy bun) that contrasted with her light skin. Since her skin wasn't too pale she wasn't considered a goth although at the moment she felt like she could be one.

"Fine." Dakota said and grabbed the doll off from the ground. After she had been playing with the doll and her sister for a while she set down the doll and walked over to where her sister was now sitting, on the steps in front of the house. "Kennedy?"


"Are you sad?" Dakota sat next to her and placed her head on her forearm.

"Of course I am," Kennedy said, lifting her arm to wrap around her younger sister. Seeing this, Teagan ran over and sat on the other side of Kennedy and pushed her head through the opening in her arm.

"Are you scared?" Dakota asked.

"Of course I am," Kennedy replied, looking at the house directly in front of her.

"Do you love us?"

"Of course I do."

"Will you take care of us once she's gone?"

"Of course I will," Kennedy replied, although she was surprised by the bluntness of her sister's question. For as long as she could remember she'd been taking care of her younger siblings. That's the way it was. Her mother wasn't the greatest of people and she was a worse mother. True, she tried but she wanted to be 20 again and that wasn't going to happen.

Kennedy partially understood why her mother, Abby, acted with the way she did. After all, she gave birth to Kennedy when she was 17 and lost a part of her younger years, although some people that knew her would argue that she did live her life to the fullest a young woman could, aka parties, tanning, sex, etc.

Throughout her life, all Kennedy could really remember was being a mother figure to her little sisters. She started with Marina when she was about 3 years old, although she couldn't do much (she was still a baby herself). Then she had Dakota to take care of at 10. Fortunately, Teagan's father was a much better man than that of her other sister's. After Teagan was born, Abby started to become more of a mother to her children than she had.

But, in the months before the day they arrived at their new home in Glen Oak, they had gotten a series of terrible news, although it only meant one thing. Once again, Kennedy had to play mother.

In the months before the day they arrived at their new home in Glen Oak, they had gotten a series of terrible news but it only meant one thing. Once again, Kennedy had to play mother.

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