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"Don't go for too long, Kenny. I'm feeling tired and I don't know when Marina's coming home,' she heard her mother say from the kitchen.

Kennedy wanted to tell her mother to grow up and take care of her own children but she that might upset her and Kennedy would have to watch her sister all night instead of just a few hours. "Okay, I love you, bye."

Why can't I have a normal family? She thought.

Chapter 7: One Slip

Kennedy arrived at the Promenade at a little before six. It was earlier than she had expected but she was glad that it happened that way; at least now she could try to calm her nerves before seeing Martin. She glanced around the masses of people, talking to each other, cuddling, window-shopping. Glenoak was certainly different than San Francisco. The Promenade was calm compared to the city's nightlife.

Faintly she heard Mac speak and she spun around gently with her heels. In her new line of vision, she could see Martin and Mac walking towards her. She smiled and raised her hand to give them a small wave.

When they reached her, Mac spoke first. "You look hott."

Kennedy, shocked by his bluntness, gave him an awkward smile and said, "Okay… thanks?"

"Don't mind him," Martin said, grinning from ear to ear. "He was dropped on his head a lot when he was a baby." Martin brushed passed Mac and started walking passed Kennedy too. She followed him and soon they were headed to the Pool Hall with Mac still behind them. "By the way, you do look really good tonight."

Quickly, Kennedy turned her head away from him to hide her reddened cheeks. "Thanks, you do too."

"What about me?" she heard Mac say, struggling to keep up with the two in the crowd.

Even though she thought he sounded needy and desperate, she quickly responded with, "Yeah, you too," before returning her attention to Martin.

He was focused on their direction, trying to avoid the areas jam packed with people. He didn't need Kennedy getting lost the first time they went out. On an outing. As friends. Yeah, that's what it was. But Martin secretly wished it were more, not knowing Kennedy wished the same. "Here we are, the Pool Hall."

"Wow, this place is awesome," Kennedy said as they entered the giant room, accented with browns, reds and greens.

"Yeah but you must have seen better things in San Francisco," Martin said as the waitress sat them at a table and handed them their menus.

Kennedy thanked the waitress for the menus and said, "I saw flashy, more expensive things in San Francisco. That doesn't make them better. Actually, I like it better this way. It's more comfortable," she smiled, taking it all in. She was out, hanging with her friends, not drinking, not partying, just being together. And that was enough.

"I know I'd rather be out at a nightclub than here," Mac said, trying to act cool. Kennedy was really hott. And better than that, she didn't really know him. He was a cool guy naturally but when it came to girls, he could be a bit of a jerk. For once a girl didn't know that and he had a chance to show them who he really was.

"I wouldn't. I've done that before. You know, gotten drunk and stayed out until dawn. That was when my mom was a stay at home mom. I was in my rebellious phase then," she said, like it was the most natural thing in the world for a teenager to go out clubbing. In her situation, it was.

But Martin and Mac were shocked and barely could contain that shock. Mac shook it off and gave Kennedy a knowing smile but Martin just looked at the menu. In his life, those kind of activities were for when it was legal and rarely, if ever, done. Next to him though was a girl who had done them, seemingly a lot, and wasn't ashamed. Maybe she's got a problem with them. Maybe that's why she feels comfortable with them.

"Are you guys ready to order?" the waitress said when she came back to the table. Martin was still looking at the menu but Kennedy was ready. "I'd like a diet coke and a basket of curly fries, please."

"Same for me, but make mine a regular coke," Mac said and the table focused its attention to Martin.

After not hearing anything for a few seconds, Martin turned his head up from the menu. He noticed that everyone was waiting on him so he said, "Uhh…I'd like," he glanced back down at the menu. "A basket of onion rings and a coke."

"Okay, that's three cokes, two baskets of curly fries and a basket of onion rings. You're order will be done in ten minutes." With that the waitress sauntered back behind the counter and gave the order to the cook before stepping back out to serve another table.

"Someone was being a space cadet," Mac said.

"I just got distracted by the menu," Martin said simply, not convincing anyone else but hoping it was good enough.

Mac and Kennedy nodded their heads slowly and gave each other clueless looks, but inside Kennedy knew it was her fault. Great, now he thinks I'm Tara Reid.

Leaving their earlier conversation behind, Mac and Martin told Kennedy about the cliques in the school and other bits and pieces that she'd need to know. She soaked up the information well, knowing her old school was worse. Besides the fact that there were at least a thousand more people in her old school (P.S. 113. Go Wildcats!), there were a lot less cliques and more random rules to remember in Glenoak. And for that she was grateful.

When their food came, they ate it eagerly, Kennedy tasting it for the very first time. If she wasn't with Mac and Martin, she would have made a joke about losing her Pool Hall virginity but she figured they wouldn't understand the common joke. They did attend church on a regular basis. Church people, she thought before cringing inwardly. San Francisco was about a liberal as any city could be so she didn't know anyone, besides her new friends in Glenoak, who'd been to church. And from what she was taught by her old friends, church people weren't very accepting.

Before she knew it, their outing was over and she was driving herself back home. Next time Martin and her would have to take the same car because it was ridiculous. He was the car right behind her. They together were destroying the ozone layer. Hey, she was from San Francisco after all.

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