My seconds hp fic. Hope it goes well. First one died. How sad. Now on with the fic.

Chapter One

"Welcome to Punk'd: The Fred and George Way! This is Fred!" George said pointing to Fred.

"And this is George." Fred said pointing to a toilet.

"Umm..I'm over here." George said.

"Oh right." Fred said pointing to a cactus.

"Yeah...well since this is Punk'd we thought we prank someone." George said.

"Right You- wait. Isn't Punk'd a muggle show?" Fred asked.

"I don't think so." George said.

"Then where did we get this idea?" Fred asked.


Mr. Weasley was watching tv in his house, he smuggled it in thanks to the help of Lucius Malfoy who always had a soft spot for muggle tv. In fact Lucius Malfoy was over watching tv as well.

"Oh my gawd! Punk'd is on!" Lucius Malfoy squealed like a little girl.

"I love Ashton Kutcher! He is such a stud!" Mr. Weasley squealed as well.

"I know!" Lucius Malfoy said fanning himself. "He's sooo hot, I'm sweating!"

"Do you think he would call us and sign our wands if we gave him a computer virus?" Harry Potter asked.

"What's a computer?" Mr. Weasley said.

"Gasp! You lied! You aren't a muggle freak! Get out now!" Lucius Malfoy said to Mr. Weasley who left his own sad.

"What a loser." Harry Potter said.

"Soda?" Lucius Malfoy asked.

Back to Fred and George the hottest twins ever!

"Maybe Ginny." George said.

"Right. Anyways today we are punking Voldemort!" Fred said.

"Why?" George said.

"He killed Percy." Fred said.

"So?" George said.

"He blew Percy up." Fred said.

"Once" George asked.

"Percy borrowed 20 galleons from us remember?" Fred said.


Voldemort was sitting in his closet bowing down in his Harry Potter shrine. He was going to kill a rock for Harry.

"Oh Harry, you are the best wizard alive!" Voldemort said as he tried to stab the rock with a knife.

"Stupid rock! Die for your god Harry!" You Know Who said.

"Hey how did you get in here?" Voldemort asked.

"Umm we are the same person you know." You Know Who said.

"We are?" Voldemort asked.

"Yeah didn't you know that?" You Know Who said.

"No, I thought you were like the other bad guy trying to do Harry in and you always stole my ideas and people." Voldemort said.


"Well are you sure?" Voldemort asked.

"Yeah I'm pretty sure we're the same person." You Know Who said.

"Ok." Voldemort said.

"Time for me to go." You Know Who said.

"Wait!" Voldemort cried.

"What?" You Know Who said.

"I'M GOING TO MISS YOU!" Voldemort began to cry.

You Know Who hugged Voldemort.

"Don't worry, I'll always be in your heart." You Know Who said.

"Really?" Voldemort asked.

"Nope, later sucka!" You Know Who said as he disappeared.

"You son of a flobberworm!" Voldemort said shaking his fist.

"Ummm master?" Wormtail asked.

"Yes?" Voldemort said.

"You have visitors." Wormtail said.

"Very good, let them in." He said.

"Yes master and master?" Wormtail said.

"Yes." Voldemort asked.

"My Harry Potter shrine is waay bigger than your Harry Potter shrine." Wormtail said.

Voldemort stabbed Wormtail with a knife and killed him. Then he burned down his shrine after he stole all the cool stuff he didn't have. Then he walked downstairs to see the Weasley Twins.

"Hello. My name is Fred and this is George and I believe you owe us 20 galleons." George said.

"Hmmm...oh yeah! I killed Percy, a-duh!" Voldemort said grabbing his purse and he gave them the 20 galleons back.

"Thanks said I who is George. Here's your receipt." Fred said handing Voldemort a piece of paper.

"Bye!" The twins apparated.

"Hmmm let me do my checkbook." Voldemort said but then he read the receipt and gasped.

It wasn't a receipt, it was a picture of Crabble naked.

"AHHHHH! IT BURNS!" Voldemort cried and he died from the horror.

"You got punk'd!" George said.

"He's dead." Fred said.

"Ooo! Let's poke him with a stick!" George said.

And they did.

"Well that's it for this week's punk! Next week we'll punk Hermione Granger!" Fred and George said waving goodbye.

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