"Welcome back to Punk'd: The Fred and George Way! I'm Fred and-," That sentence was sadly never finished as Fred got hit by a passing semi truck and passed onto the great beyond.

George then became the coolest and only Weasley in the Harry Potter saga since the rest of his family was hunted down by weasels, the end.

"….George! Stop with this narrating nonsense!" Fred yelled at his brother.

George looked up from his memoirs and glared at Fred.

"The Ghost of his twin became very annoying once George published his memoirs." George said.

"STOP IT YOU GIT!" Fred then punched George in the head, which knocked what little sense back into his skull.

"Anyways I'm Fred and this is George," Fred said introducing his twin.

"I'm a little teapot short and stout. Here is my handle and want to see my spout?" George sang whilst doing the teapot dance of happiness and erotica.

"………………………………………………………….Right. Anyways today we have decided to pull a punk on dear old Tonks," Fred said as he grabbed George by the collar and smacked him back to normal.

"Right then, let's go!" The twins proceeded off towards their targeted venue.

Arthur Weasley, Arthur Weasley. Where is he? Where is he? He's at the burrow; he's at the burrow, watching porn. I mean TV.

That was to the tune of Freya Jacque bitches. But seriously, Arthur's a pimp.

The Burrow

"This is madness…." Lucius Malfoy said as he leaned towards the TV while intensely watching the movie 300.

"THIS IS…. NEVILLE," Harry yelled trying to introduce Neville to Mr. Malfoy since he thinks that he is a deaf eater instead of a death eater. Teehee.

"SHHH! The good part's coming up," Lucius hushed the Chosen one.

"Pssh…the movie Anchorman is better," Neville said.

"I don't know, the Dark Knight wins by far." Harry interjected.

"NA NAH NA NAH NA NAH NA NAH, NA NAH NA NAH NA NAH NA NAH, SIRIUS! BLACK!" Sirius Black said whilst wearing a Batman costume.

"Why so...Sirius?" Arthur asked.

"OMFG. That was by far the poorest pun in the history of puns! I would have expected that kind of idiocy from Goyle, but you? You make me sick. You think you can just prance back into everyone's lives with your stories of hilarity and hope and wonder? Well you're a sham. That Asta person was right about you, go kill yourself now!" Harry yelled at Percy.

Percy ran home crying, BUT since he was already home, he ran around in circles of mass confusion. While blubbering about how story writers have feelings too… and that Asta is a meanie head, the author of the story then bitch slapped him. She then received five bucks from the said reviewer. Arthur looked confused.

"When Percy told me to say it, I didn't really get the whole punch line," Arthur said. "Honestly."

"You never do." Lucius said as he changed the channel.


"You mean to tell me we are about to engage in a show where old muggle ladies go around shagging hot young muggle men?"



Back to Fred, who's NOT dead, and George, who's NOT forged.

My brother laid there with a sad look on his face. He needed someone to be with him. She then entered the room, leaning in the doorway.

Tonks was in the doorway.

'WTF?! ACK! I CAN'T SPEAK!' Tonks thoughts screamed.

She slowly turned her head towards him and said in a slow seductive voice…

"Want me to iron your pants?" Tonks said seductively.

'WTF?! IRON PANTS?! AAAHHH!' Tonks struggled to fight this control but it was tough, like some bitch ass wizard put the Cruicitatus curse on her.

My brother looked intrigued and saw through this feeble line. He motioned her towards the bed, with one finger. Tonks made her way towards him.

Tonks was struggling against the curse and was knocking stuff over on her way to the bed.

'HELP! OH MERLIN, HELP!' She screamed in her head.

My brother slowly slid his pants off and laid them on the ironing board. His eyes looked hungry…for starch.

'HUNGRY FOR STARCH?! OH MERLIN HELP! HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP!' Tonks was forcing herself not to vomit.

Tonks slowly began to iron the pants. My brother got extremely excited and slowly took off his shirt.

Just when Tonks thought all was loss, the brother spoke.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING FRED?!" George bellowed at the ceiling.

Fred had the Cruicitatus Curse on both of them and made it seem like they were in some steamy housewife porno.

"YOU BEEN PUNK'D!" Fred laughed as he rolled around on the ceiling laughing.

The entire Weasley Family, excluding the twins, were then seen running through the room as a pack of mutant evil rabid weasels with wings chased them. Sirius Black then flowed in a weasel outfit singing the Batman theme song.

"Na Nah Na Nah Na Nah Na Nah, Na Nah Na Nah Na Nah Na Nah, WEASELS! GET THE WEASLEYS!"

"…..Right. Well then I'll be off." Fred said as he made a dash towards the door, a pissed off Tonks and George chased him.