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Faith: Sequel to ExBoyfriend!

A mere week ago I finished ExBoyfriend, yet since chapter 4 of it I've been planning the sequel. I've been wanting to do this for some time, and finally, the time has come! I'm very excited and I hope you are too. Since I started on this site, my writing has dramatically improved (from the absolute crap it was when I'd just begun) and I owe most of that to all of you guys giving me encouragement and good old fashioned constructive criticism. SO THANK YOU ALL!

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--Once Again/Going Home/Complicated by StarFireFlower?

--Jealousy is Evil by StarryRavenFire?

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Some people say that life is short. Seize the moment, they say, an' they're right. If ya think about it, ya'll never know the dangers an' torments life can hold until ya get there. Hell, it could start as something ordinary, then suddenly the one who you loved an' were sure had loved you just as much can turn around an' stab you in the back to save his own sorry life. Seize the moment, they say, an' I couldn't agree more. Seize that moment an' hang on to it forever, because tomorrow ya'll might be dead. Dead, and brokenhearted. I should know. It's the story of my life…

Beast Boy cracked a sleepy eye open, unsure of where he was. The walls that surrounded him were a blinding white for his morning vision. The curtains were a bit easier to look at; dull, pale, and worn. A faint beep caught the Changeling's attention.

Ah, of course.

Beast Boy was in the hospital. Not as a patient, but a permanent visitor until Raven was deemed well enough to leave by her doctor.


Beast Boy rubbed his head, hating himself for even considering what was in his mind. Just five nights ago, the empath had been shot four times successively with poisoned darts after a shower of previous ones had shattered her dark shield which, incidentally, was protecting them both. She'd been using too much energy, shrouding herself plus he, which had caused the magic to eventually fail. Even then, she didn't move out of the line of fire, but stood her ground and took the rapid blows in an attempt to stop them from reaching her boyfriend. She'd been hurt because she was trying to protect him.


Beast Boy still remembered, quite clearly, the night that Raven had first kissed him. The circumstances weren't exactly romantic, in fact they were anything but. Starfire and Robin had been screaming their lungs out at one another over some huge misunderstanding involving mind control and a possessive ex-boyfriend with such power, Cyborg and the Changeling had built a fort of assorted objects in the middle of the living room to shield themselves, and then suddenly Raven came along, decided that she could feel, and kissed him. Kissing Raven for the first time had been just what he'd expected—passionate and intoxicating, with her light lavender scent lingering in the air even after she'd broken away and left the room. Ever since that night, though, Raven was rather protective of Beast Boy, constantly using her energy to not only shield herself, but he as well, and now going as far as taking hits for him. Beast Boy sighed softly, so as not to wake the healing empath, though his hand drifted to her face to tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear. This was the third time in two months that Raven had to be hospitalized, and all because she was trying to protect him.

The decision he'd been forcing upon himself was ripping him apart.

On the bright side, today was the day that Raven was supposed to be released. Her condition was stable and the poison cured. There was just a matter of the doctor releasing her. Another miraculously rapid recovery made by the empathic Titan herself.

"Can we go home now?" Beast Boy's head, which had fallen into his hands so he got a lovely view the floor as he thought, jerked upward at the sound of Raven's voice.

"You're awake?"

"Well obviously." Despite her sarcastic words, the empath's soft smile was kind. Her eyes were mere slits as they slowly grew accustomed to the too-bright fluorescent lights of the hospital room.

"You're being released today." Beast Boy rose from the chair that he had awoken in and kissed Raven on the forehead.

"Finally…I was ready to knock out that new nurse…you know, the one who kept talking to me like I was five-"

"Good morning young lady!" A plump nurse with a wide smile and a fake 'cutesy' voice entered the room, causing Raven to groan.

"And the doctor wonders how I healed so fast…"

"I'm sorry, I didn't get that! I said, good morning young lady!" Beast Boy restrained the urge to laugh. The new nurse really was…something else. Perhaps not of this earth. But no, that'd be offensive to Starfire…nauseating was probably the best word for her.

"Why don't you go suck a helium tank or something? Your voice is wearing off…" Raven rolled her eyes and the nurse's smile shrunk a few molars.

"Well…you're getting out sometime today! Doesn't that excite you?"

"If it means getting away from you, then consider me ecstatic." At this point, Beast Boy jumped out of his chair and quickly escorted the nurse out of the room, who looked ready to chuck her clipboard at the wounded empath.

"Look, now's not the best time. She just woke up…she's a bit grumpy…"

"No kidding…" The cutesy voice and the face widening smile were gone.

"Hey, watch it. One day, she'll save your life if she hasn't already." The nurse fell silent.

"I'll get the doctor."

"You do that." Beast Boy returned to the interior of Raven's hospital room and grinned at her sheepishly. "I can see why you're so eager to bail on this place." The empath struggled to sit up as the Changeling came to her side and put himself at her eyelevel.

"I told you." He pressed his lips to hers, glad that Raven was alive and well again. His decision making could be put on hold for the time being.

"Red Bull?" Robin slid a blue and white tin can across the counter, sipping from his own. The recipient of the energy drink smiled and shook her head, causing her pretty red hair to scatter across her shoulders.

"I believe I am well without the drink of colored farm animals."

"Suit yourself." The Teen Wonder leaned forward, using his hand to push a thick lock of hair behind her ear. "Princess." Starfire flushed at the affectionate nickname and took the strong hand that lingered in her hair with tapered fingers. For a moment, time stood still as the two stared at one another with smiling eyes.

"Morning ya'll!" Cyborg stepped through the door with a wide yawn, his eyes falling on the couple in the kitchen just in time to see them jump apart. "Oh…uh…am I interrupting something or…?"

"No…no, it's cool Cy." Robin shot Starfire a small smile, then moved away from the counter. "I was just about to go out for my run."

"Man, you run like fifty miles a day!"

"Five, Tin Man. There's a big difference." The Teen Wonder shrugged then gestured to the doors leading to his room. "I'd better go change." With another fleeting grin aimed at Starfire, he left.

"Cute. Very cute." Cyborg rolled his eyes and grabbed the milk from inside the refrigerator, drinking it straight from the carton.

"Raven would turn you into an unfeasibly large piece of liver if she saw you contaminating the milk." Starfire gazed at her friend with a smirk.

"Well then it's a good thing she's not home, isn't it?"

"We're home!" Beast Boy flew into the kitchen in the form of a bird and landed on the floor-human again-with about as much grace as a donkey tripping over a rock. Raven followed a few steps behind, her eyes sweeping over the area as though she expected all hell to have broken loose since she had been hospitalized.

"Welcome home friend! I am glad to see you well again!" Starfire smiled pleasantly.

"Raven!" Cyborg's human eye nearly popped out of his head. "You're back!" The half metal Titan laughed nervously as he inched the carton of milk back into the refrigerator.

"So I am." Her gaze settled on his upper lip. "You have milk on your face by the way."

"Really? I'd better go to the bathroom and wipe it up then, okay ya'll?" And in the blink of an eye, Cyborg was gone. Beast Boy and Starfire could've sworn that he was near hysterical, but Raven seemed indifferent. With a gentle shrug, she crossed the kitchen to the refrigerator and pulled out the milk, grimacing at the carton's rim then draining the nearly full container into the sink and tossing the remains into the garbage bin, muttering something about 'rapidly spreading germs' under her breath. Beast Boy hastily excused himself from the kitchen as well, saying he had 'some important stuff to do'. When Raven had asked what kind of stuff, he'd merely said 'just stuff.'

Like prepare his deathbed.

It was around mid-afternoon when Cyborg returned to the kitchen for the first time since morning, in search of a large pastrami sandwich or some sort of meaty meal after a tiresome array of activities such as training and car perfecting. It brought a grin to his face just to think about his upgraded baby…and to think, he'd be getting those new parts in soon…

"Friend Cyborg, you are troubled." The robotic man whipped around to see Starfire staring at him innocently, a glass of water in her hand.

"What're you talkin' bout little lady? I happen to be thinkin' about my car. My car makes me happy."

"It is not just now, but I speak for the last few weeks as a whole. You are tormented emotionally. Why is this so?" Cyborg winced. Why were Tamaranians so good at discerning emotions? Even the ones who couldn't read minds or see souls seemed to have an excellent perception for what people were feeling. "I am not meaning to be offensive in any way, but oftentimes you humans are more expressive than you mean to be. As one who comes from a planet of pure emotions, I am able to easily tell what you are feeling. And recently, you have been feeling unsettled and out of place. Why is it that you feel as such?"

"Star…" Cyborg sighed, almost restlessly. "I…it's complicated."

"So complicated that you can not confide in I, your friend?"


"There is nothing to look at! As you earthen people enjoy saying, spill, though I am still unsure what exactly you are spilling…" Starfire considered this for a second, then looked back up at Cyborg with waiting eyes.

"…Robin's stubbornness is rubbin' off on you. I don't like it." The robotic man snarled, but he sighed with defeat. "I don't know if I'm the only one who's noticed, but everyone in the Tower's been paired off, with the obvious exception of yours truly."

"Dear friend Cyborg, it was merely coincidence that you have not found a female yet! I am sure that there is someone for you, as I believe that there is someone for everyone. One must simply wait."

"Yeah? How long?"

"As long as it takes." Starfire shrugged. "You will never know until you find her."

"…You're right." Cyborg smiled slightly, chugging the can of soda that he had retrieved and tossing the can into the trash receptacle before continuing. "I feel better. Thanks."

"It was my pleasure, friend. It is an unpleasant feeling to know that someone close to you is grieving."

"I wasn't grieving, Star. I was just a little…I don't know, bothered that I'm the only one not hooked up. Hey, where's your boy anyways?"

"He has not yet returned from his morning run…" Starfire looked slightly troubled at this revelation.

"I'm sure he's fine. We're talking about Robbie-Poo, remember?" The Tamaranian princess looked slightly miffed at the nickname and Cyborg decided to backtrack topics a bit. "Are you really sure about that whole 'there's someone for me' thing? I mean, I even tried a couple dates, and they turned out to be God-awful rich brats."

"…Simply keep in mind what I have told you." Starfire tilted her head slightly, patting her cybernetic friend on the back before rinsing her own glass and setting it in the sink.

"Yeah, yeah. There's someone out there for me and for all I know, she could be standing on the front doorstep."

"I did not say she would be on our front doorstep! You may search for years before-"

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Beast Boy sat on the bed with his head in his hands, his muddled mind aching. Who knew a decision like this could be so hard? He knew he'd have to do it eventually, with the way things were going. It was more a matter of when. He didn't want to, but there seemed to be no other choice. Unfortunately, either way, better or worse, Raven would end up getting hurt, and hurting Rae was the last thing he'd ever want to do.

He was jolted out of his contemplative state when he heard the doorbell rang.

Raven levitated a good foot above her bed, her eyes following several lines of ancient text from one of her oldest books. Her mind was wandering though, and she could barely concentrate on her favorite novel without letting her eyes wander around her room. It was Beast Boy. Something was wrong. He was mixed up, somehow. She could look into his thoughts, but she'd made a personal promise to herself that she'd never read someone's mind without their consent, unless circumstances were extreme. There were times where she would accidentally get glimpses, like the time she'd had that conversation with Starfire during her crazy ex-boyfriend Scorpio's stay, but aside from that, she intended to keep her long practiced credo. Beast Boy was troubled though, there was no denying that. The only question was why.

The doorbell rang loudly throughout the Tower. Why Cyborg had felt it necessary to connect the loud visitor announcer to every speaker in every room of the Titans' home was beyond her, but Raven needed something to take her mind off her thoughts. With nothing better to do, the empath lowered herself to the floor, returned the worn and fragile volume to one of her many bookshelves, and exited her room in search of the visitor.

"I got it…" Cyborg rose from the counter and headed for the door. Starfire merely shrugged and allowed the robot to continue on his self set task, opening up the dishwasher and replacing a few of the clean plates in their respective cabinet spaces. The cybernetic man punched in the unlock sequence into the keypad at his right, then waited as the tumblers undid themselves and the door slid open. A girl no older than seventeen stood on the doorstep, her azure eyes not on the door but gazing upward, examining the building. She was tall, but not so tall as to tower over the cybernetic man. He held a good three inches on her, if not slightly more. "…Can I help you?"

"Oh!" The girl's head snapped back downward, surprised. "I'm sorry! I didn't know you'd answered the door…" She bit her lip, voice layered with a heavy southern accent. "Is there a…a Starfire livin' here?"

"Yeah…let me go get her for ya…" Cyborg made his way back to the kitchen where he found Starfire up to her elbows in dish soap. Obviously, she had decided to get her chores done early. "You've got someone at the door askin' for ya. She didn't look like a crazed fan, so I think it's okay."

"Allow me to rid myself of these suds and I shall be there at once." Starfire smiled and began rinsing her hands. Cyborg shrugged and returned to the door.

"She'll be out in a second."

"I can wait." The girl shrugged, pushing a lock of wavy brown hair behind her shoulder. It had to be at least as long as Starfire's if not longer. As she did, Cyborg could've sworn he'd seen an awful scar that looked like crawling vines on the girl's neck. An instant later, they were gone, so the robotic man shrugged it off as a trick of the light. His eyes wandered the rest of her form. She wasn't quite as...shapely as Starfire; her frame was more athletic. The girl's posture was straight, giving off an air of confidence, strength, and supreme independence. This girl, whoever she was, would have no problem taking care of herself. Her smile, however, was kind.

"So…who exactly are you?"

"Hmm?" The brunette looked to the side. "Oh…that's a bit of a complicated question…"

"Why? Wait, let me guess: you lost your memory or something." Cyborg grinned, and the girl flashed a soft smile in return.

"No, nothin' so clichéd as that. It's just…"

"Friend Cyborg, who is it at the door-" Starfire had just wormed her way out of the Tower from behind the half metal man before stopping dead in her tracks.

"Uh…Star? Do you know her?" Cyborg watched as the Tamaranian girl stood in shock, a mixture of joy, hope, confusion, doubt, and finally fear on her face as she gazed at the newcomer.

"I…I…" It seemed that the fear had dominated, because once the red head had finally put her head back together, she let a shrill scream of terror erupt from her mouth and shoved Cyborg back into the house.

"Star! Star, what the-"

"What's going on?" Raven and Beast Boy had rushed in from opposite doors of the welcoming hall. Their eyes fell on their fear-ridden friend, then wandered toward the girl at the door, who looked thoroughly concerned. The brunette took a step into the interior of the Tower; a step toward Starfire.

"Starfire, honey, I know it's not exactly easy to understand…"

"Stay away from her." Raven flew in front of the newcomer to block her path. "Something about you is scaring her. What did you do to her?"

"I didn't do anythin' to her! Why would I?"

"Dude, why should we trust that you haven't done anything if we don't even know who you are?" Beast Boy had taken up Raven's post in blocking the way as the empath went to try to help the near hysterical Tamaranian girl.

"I…" The brunette chewed on her lip, gazing at Starfire whose breathing seemed to be labored. "Fine. Fine. Ya'll want to know who I am? My name's Taurus. I'm Starfire's best friend."

As though these words were a confirmation of what Starfire feared most, she let out a small squeak, then fainted dead away at Raven's feet.

Cyborg smiled at the newcomer, not immediately noticing that Starfire had fainted.

"Now was that really so hard to say little lady?"

"Well I don't know, ask your friends over there." Taurus leisurely pointed to the two girls behind him. Starfire lay unconscious at Raven's feet, and the empath's mouth hung open.

"Um…Raven, you okay? Never seen you so…um…what's the word I'm searching for…shocked?"

"Not only that, but she looks startled." Beast Boy nodded professionally, and Cyborg merely rolled his eyes. Taurus laughed softly.

"Wow…I didn't think my arrival would make such an…impact…" Her southern drawl seemed out of place, as she was apparently an alien, but the Titans let this fact slide as they neared the unconscious Starfire.

"You sure you're a friend dude? Star flipped when she saw you…"

"Beast Boy, I believe her." Raven's jaw had snapped back into place, but a mystified look remained in her violet eyes. "I can think of several different reasons why Starfire would be petrified by this sudden appearance. Beast Boy, Taurus is supposed to be-"

"What's going on here?" Robin entered through the door, sweat dripping down his face.

"Um…that's kinda complicated dawg." Cyborg turned to face his friend, and found the brunette who called herself Taurus standing just beside him. "Do you know this girl? Supposedly she's your girlfriend's best friend-"

"Girlfriend?" Taurus' eyes got as large as dinner plates. "Starfire…she…an'…you're Starfire's boyfriend?"

"Um…yeah…and, well, you can't be Starfire's best friend. She told me her best friend was Taurus and-"

"Well who the hell do ya'll think I am?" The brunette eyed him warily.

"But…wait that's impossible-"

"This isn't making any sense." Raven stood up, levitating Starfire in front of her. Her eyes examined Taurus carefully. Everything from her brown boots to the matching brown Stetson atop her head was taken in. "Are you some kind of spirit or ghost or-?" Her monotonous voice was overpowered by the team leader's strong one.

"Whoa, what happened to Star?" Robin's mask contorted, and he came up closer to see the pretty Tamaranian, unconscious.

"She fainted of shock."

"But why…?"

"Robin…this is Taurus. I don't know how, and I don't know why, but she's not lying. I can feel it."

"Will everyone please just shut up so that one single person can explain this mess in short, compete sentences containing no words over two syllables?" The Titans quieted at Beast Boy's sudden outburst.

"We should get Starfire to somewhere that she can lie down properly first." Raven shrugged and lead the way to the living room where she rested her unconscious friend on the couch. The Titans and the newcomer gathered around, with the exception of the empath who had gone to retrieve a damp towel.

"Okay, so why is this such a complicated matter? Man, it's just Starfire's best friend. I don't think she'll do anythin' crazy like Scorpio…"

"Scorpio?" Taurus glanced up from her place at Starfire's side, alert. "What about him? What'd he do? He did somethin' awful didn't he?"

"Long story…" Robin resisted the sudden urge to shudder. "The point is, aren't you supposed to be-"

"Yeah really," Raven interjected as she leaned over the backside of the couch, pressing the washcloth to Starfire's head, "weren't you declared-"

"It seems you two have heard my story." Taurus interrupted, a small smile playing at her lips, but her eyes still concerned. Her gaze shifted to Beast Boy and Cyborg. "But apparently they haven't…?"

"Obviously not." Beast Boy was visibly unhappy being out of the loop. "But if you're so buddy-buddy with Starfire, why did she freak out?"

"Well, it would probably be best for you to know that I-"

"Beast Boy, she's supposed to be-"

"Yeah, everyone thought she was-"

"Dead…" Came a ghostly hollow voice. The Titans and the newcomer all turned to look at Starfire, who seemed to be awake again but still obviously frightened. "You are supposed to be dead." Her words came slowly, as though she were learning to speak all over again.

"I know, honey…" Taurus sighed and shook her head, causing her wavy brunette tresses to fall over her face. She took Starfire's hand into her own, squeezing it reassuringly. "I know."

Well…how was that for a first chapter? Egh…I'd say rough. Messy. Kinda jumbled.I know I'm gonna go back and edit it eventually…the first like…three chapters will be rough and rocky and only okay written, but the rest will be a whole lot better. Promise.

Anyways, I kinda tried to model this first chapter after the first chapter of ExBoyfriend. It is, after all, a sequel. Faith will be very different from it's predecessor though, so don't fear.

A Note: I recently got a review for ExBoyfriend, which basically said "great story" (thank you for the compliment) yet "you trashed the whole last chapter by putting so many curse words in it." (This was not a direct quote, merely a summary of the review.)

Okay, let's go through this…

Unless I am trying to stress the seriousness of a situation, (like when Raven says "Oh shit" when she sees Starfire and Scorpio making out) I will NEVER make a canon character cuss, unless it is established that they do in the real show. I have stuck to that personal rule. I will also NEVER make a canon character cuss excessively, under any circumstances, unless that too is established as a trait by the creators. However, the person I had in the last chapter of ExBoyfriend who was cussing up a storm was not a canon, but an ORIGNIAL character by the name of Aquarius. Aquarius is not the nicest person in the world to people she doesn't like. Would you rather Aquarius be a lovely perfect Mary Sue who does no wrong? She has anger issues. It's her PERSONALITY. The fic was, after all, rated 'T' for a reason. I rest my case.

But really, am I alone in that? I mean, I have no problem with constructive criticism. Ask CidGregor, who is probably my harshest critic (yet a very nice person in general)! He gives me all sorts of tips to improve my writing, and I take them and use them. I have NO problem with constructive criticism, I just don't approve of people trying to alter an original character's personality. (I wouldn't even have a problem with THAT had Aquarius been a Mary Sue, but it is very obvious that she is NOT perfect, and IS flawed. Her flaw is her anger.)

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, and I look forward to putting up the second!