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I was wondering why I have to go to a place like this. Walking alone was, well, walking alone. Turning around the corner, I happened to witness something indecent around the corner. There are many places where they can do something like that, but why here?

"Swaying room as the music starts,

Strangers making the most of the dark.

Two by two their bodies become one…"

It was embarrassing to admit but I feel… turned on when I saw them. Yeah right, as if I am not human. Of course, it will be natural to feel something like this.

Trying to shrug of the sensation I seemed to feel, I went home. Bemused, I looked at the person waiting on my doorstep.

"Mi-chan, where did you come from?" she asked bossily.

I scowled. "Shut up, you're just a tenant around here. You don't have the right to boss around."

She pointed on me, pointed until I was on the wall. "As if I could go inside if you're not there." She stamped her foot hard and folded her arms. "When will you give me a key so that I could enter the house?"

I pretended that I didn't hear her. "Since when did you start demanding rights, monkey?" I said, annoyed. I started to fumble on the keys on my pockets and suddenly…

I clunk of keys approached me. "If you don't want to give me any key, I might as well take yours," she said, chuckling softly. Something weird was ringing in my ears. The feeling when I saw the snogging couple by the alley was still fresh and…

"Care to go inside?" she asked, prepared to close the door at this instant. I went inside gratefully, for the night was cold. Maybe that was Fuuko felt, coldness. Staying outside for hours can make you sick.

I went to the bar, trembling. I was determined to erase the things that I had witnessed earlier. It was… uncomfortable. And to imagine that there is a girl in the house…

Girl? Is she really a girl? A final conclusion for me: yes. I saw her from the staircase, wearing only an overlarge shirt.

"What are you glaring at?" she asked annoyingly.

I scowled with equal exasperation. "Since when have you had a right to question me?" I interrogated.

"Since… then?" she added lightheartedly.

She's not taking me seriously. Oh well, who needs a monkey? "Shove off!" I turned away from her and started drinking again.

"Drink some Bromthymol Blue, then you'll poison yourself," she told me mordantly. Her opinion was slightly effective, for I really want to poison myself at that instant.

Moments after, I already drank three-fourths of the bottle and my eyelids are heavy. A voice, once again, disturbed the solitude and started shaking me. "You're drunk, Mi-chan. Let me help you get upstairs."

No way. I can do it alone. "No. I can go upstairs…" I fell.

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