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Epilogue: THINK OF ME

"Tokiya!" Yanagi shouted sweetly.

Tokiya smiled as he approached his friend. "Am I late today?" he asked, glancing nervously at his watch.

Yanagi smiled. "Of course not! You're ten minutes early!" she offered her hand and said, "Let me take that," referring to the bouquet Tokiya was carrying.

"Thank you," he replied. "By the way, I brought…"

"Pa! Yanagi-sempai!" a childish squeak shouted from behind.

"Shinseki!" Yanagi shouted with delight. The small figure came hurtling towards her and embraced her. "Such a beautiful girl."

Shinseki smiled and muttered "Thanks." Indeed the girl is beautiful, having silver hair and purple eyes. She looked like her mother, though the hair was the evidence of the other origin.

"Well, people, you don't want to be late, do you?" Yanagi said, pointing to the epitaph by the forbs hill.

"Let's go, Shinseki. We don't want to keep her waiting," Tokiya said to the little girl.

"Oui!" she said brightly. They walked to the hill and sat by the tree where the epitaph can be found.

"This is the first time I went here, pa," the girl squeaked. "Who is the one in the grave?"

It is normal that the girl cannot know who lies under the epitaph. She doesn't know how to read yet.

"She is a good person and she loves all of us," Yanagi said dreamily, staring at the tombstone.

"That's true, my dear," Tokiya added. "She is sweet and kind. And she likes you." He bent down to hold Shinseki's shoulders. "Somehow, you even look like her!"

Shinseki's eyes twinkled. "Really?"

Tokiya nodded. He stood up again and stared at the grave.

"Sorry, I'm late!" a familiar voice shouted. "I think I am not late. There is five minutes to spare," she said as she looked at her watch.

"At last, the princess arrived," Yanagi shrugged while beaming.

"Tokiya sighed and shook his head as Shinseki ran towards the woman at the foot of the hill.

"Shinseki! It's been a long time since I saw you!" the woman said. "You still look nice."

Shinseki looked at her and smiled again. "I do look nice," she approached with mocking arrogance.

"Of course! Like me!" she joked. Yanagi and Tokiya laughed.

"Will you stay with us longer?" Shinseki asked.

The woman smoothed her long hair and said, "Well, I will stay with you. I have no work to be done yet."

Yanagi and Tokiya went down the hill to join the party.

"Pa!" Shinseki squealed in a high-pitched tone. "She's staying with us!"

"I've heard that," Tokiya replied.

Shinseki clapped her ands and embraced Yanagi. "We'll be together again! I missed you very much!"

"Oh, right," Tokiya sighed. "After two years away, tell me, does Shinseki look like me?" Tokya asked.

"I thought she only got your hair. She's got my features, though."

Tokiya waved it aside. "But still, you can see that she looks like me," he insisted.

"Yeah, right. Quite like that. But admit that she looks like her mother."

"Say, that is true," Tokiya admitted, sighing to show signs of giving up in a discussion that didn't even start.

Tokiya smirked as she turned to the woman who was smiling sweetly. "You really surprise me with your sudden arrival."

"Well, do I?" the woman replied, turning towards the silver-haired. "It's alright. I supposed that's the reason why you like me."

"Love's got no reason, but I admit, that's why I like you, Fuuko," Tokiya admitted as he held her hand and proceeded back to their home with their daughter, Shinseki.

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