Chapter Nine

Meeting his eyes, she began to try and explain. "Look, Jack thought that…" she faltered as she saw his jaw clench and his hands grip the edge of the bed. "It's just that, before, it wasn't what it looked like."

"What, and Jack thought it would be a good idea for you to come and tell me that?" Sarcasm wasn't something she associated with the Doctor, but he'd obviously picked the skill up somewhere.

"No, that's what actually happened.Jack thought it was important you should know." He nodded, obviously waiting for her to leave and looking thoroughly unconvinced. She wasn't quite finished; that he could think she would lie to him, about anything but especially about something so obviously important, was unraveling a deep coil of anger within her. "You really think I'd fool around with someone I'd only just met?"

"It doesn't really matter what I think, does it? It matters what you do. Rose, I've been around a while, I know exactly what I saw, and that's fine. Just don't come running to me when it turns out that he's another Adam."

She felt like giving him a good slap. His obvious anger seemed to indicate that Jack's theories had some truth to them. She persevered, knowing this was too important to let go; she had to make him believe her. "We were just mucking about." Okay, maybe that didn't come out right.

He leapt to his feet, stalking around the room briefly before throwing himself back down. She tried again. "I didn't mean it like that. Just, give me a sec." She gathered her thoughts, trying to plan how to clearly spell out what had happened. "We weren't doing anything, we were just chatting and we had…a disagreement and it sort of ended up with him pinning me to the bed." Something unfathomable moved deep in his eyes; it would have been frightening if she's been anyone other than Rose.

She hurriedly rushed to finish, opting to be blunt in order to prevent any more misunderstandings. "But it had nothing to do with sex or anything like it, okay?" Uh uh, she thought, it did have something to do with sex, just not sex with Jack.

Closing her eyes she began to think she shouldn't have gone for blunt. She'd put the word out there and it seemed to be settling over the two of them, the weird vibe between them taking on a distinctly darker feel. She closed her eyes tight, hoping that when she opened them he wouldn't be looking at her like that, dark eyes clouded and stormy with anger and still with that indefinable something in their depths.

She couldn't sit there in the Doctor's room with her eyes shut. Opening them, she saw his gaze hadn't changed. The anger she'd let go started to seep back into her, fuelled by the tingling of nerves traveling up her spine. She'd told him what had happened, she'd never lied to him before, ever.

Clenching her hands in the cloth of the jumper, she ground out, "Why am I even explaining myself to you?" Tilting her head sideways and peering at him through a fall of blonde hair, she felt suddenly calm. "Why do you even care? You've got no right to be looking into who I sleep with."

His jaw tightened and she could see the muscles jump under his skin. But she didn't stop – something had hold of her now, driving her to keep pushing him. She had to know if Jack was right. "You're not my boyfriend either so you've got no excuse to be acting like this; like," she leaned forward, emphasizing her words, "like you're jealous."

His face was suddenly wiped clean, empty, no emotion showing except in his eyes. They were still dark but they'd changed and she knew she'd hit the right chord. Oh god. Jack had been right.

"Is that it? You're jealous?" Her voice was curious, calm; a direct counterpoint to the waves of emotion she could feel rolling over her body like heat. She was answered by silence. "Why?" She kept pushing, unable and unwilling to let it go.

Holding her gaze, trapping her, he attempted to convince her of his sincerity. "I'm jealous? I don't know what you're talking about." He could lie with his voice, but his eyes were screaming the truth, his body unconsciously leaning towards her. Was this it then? Was this the point where she found out how he felt and made a mad dash for the nearest planet? Why was she doing this? Faintly, in the back of his mind, it finally registered that maybe she had been telling the truth, maybe there was nothing between her and Jack and he'd over-reacted.

"Come on," she asked, teasingly, deliberately light, her eyes dancing. "What could possibly make a Time Lord jealous of a petty little ape?"

"Rose…" It was a warning and it sounded like one, coming out as a deep growl. If she just walked away right now, they could pretend it never happened.

She shivered, her instincts screaming at her. Hollering at her to get out, to run, that this had just become dangerous. But she pitted her certainty, her belief and her trust against her instincts and stayed where she was.

"Why won't you just tell me? I wanna know."

He swallowed, and the tingle up her spine turned into a shiver. This was rapidly spiraling out of her control; the emotions, the intensity between them tangible as they stared at each other in silence. The possibility now seemed a probability, that he saw something in her he responded to, that drew him in. He'd growled at her, actually growled, a primal passionate sound. His eyes had never been a darker shade of blue. She realized she was staring at him, tongue trapped between her teeth. His gaze sharpened, focusing on it.

Rose opened her mouth to say something, anything, whatever came into her head. She wanted a reaction, wanted to force this stalemate they seemed to be locked in. Suddenly he was up and with three stride was standing at his door, holding it open. His voice harsh and strained, he snapped, "This conversation's over. Get out."

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