"Please! Hank, I beg you!"

"I'm sorry Jean but I can't go out with you," Hank said smugly as he stepped in the kitchen. He obviously wanted to show off. Bobby and Warren where in there eating.

"You're really desperate...I'll go out with you," Bobby said desperately.

"Sorry Bobbo, but I'm not that desperate, plus you're too young for me." Jean smiled.

"Why would you want to go out with Hank," Warren asked?

"Well for one thing, he can actually make an interesting conversation--"

"Thank you," Hank butted in..

--and he's the only one that I know won't make a move or give me some stupid nickname like Barbie or Candy."

"Thank-- Hey! I can too make a move."

"Hey those weren't nicknames, that was there legal names!" Warren knew she was talking about two of his ex-girlfriends.

"I thought the point of going out on a date was to kiss the girl and have mind blowing sex with her." Jean glared at Bobby then at Warren.

"You spend too much time with Warren," Jean said.

"Why do you need a date anyway," Warren asked?

"My friends Seth has this girlfriend who's a bitch and I told her I had a boyfriend so she invited me and him on a double date."

"I'll go with you," Warren offered.

"No thanks, you and I both know that you're gonna make a move."

"No I won't!"

After a few moments of silence Jean got an idea. "Scott!" She ran up the stairs before anyone could protest.

Scott was in his room doing push-ups, shirtless (yummy ). Jean came in his room without knocking.

"Umm," all of a sudden she forgot what she wanted to ask Scott and got very hot.

Scott's hot. What? No way, I did not just go there. I DON'T like Scott...right?

"The least you could do is knock," Scott got up and put his shirt on. "What's up?" He sat on his bed and patted the spot next to him. Jean stopped daydreaming and sat next to him.

I CAN'T like Scott. He's my bestfriend.

"I need to ask you a huge favor."

He's probably gonna say no anyway.


"My friend Seth has this girlfriend, Cindy, who's a total bitch. So she started talking to me and I told her I have a boyfriend...So she invited me and him on a date."

"So," not really understanding how he fit in all this.

"I need you to be my boyfriend...Just for tonight," she quickly added. Scott thought for a minute.

I guess a fake date with Jean is better than nothing at all. Maybe if it goes nicely I could gather up my courage and ask her out on a real one.


"Really?" Scott nodded and Jean made a little squeaking sound and jumped on him to hug him. After a few minute she notice she was basically sitting on his lap and she got up.

"So uh, the date's tonight around eight. Um, we're going to dinner and someplace to dance."

"Uh..okay." Scott didn't fully recover from the fact that when he had Jean in his arms it felt so...right.

"So I'll see you tonight." Jean turned around and almost ran into the wall instead of the door. She blushed and walked out of the room.

7:30 pm

Jean was in a towel rumaging through her closet. She was watching tv when she noticed she only had 45 minutes to get ready for her date, so she ran up the stairs and took a quick shower.

She couldn't find a nice outfit if her life depended on it. Everything was too formal or not nice enough. It was times like these that she wished there was another woman in the house to help.

She kept looking a while longer until she found a pair of baby blue brazilian jeans (the real stretchy kind) and a black top that showed a lot of her cleavage and needed to be tied in the back. She put it on the bed and started taking her towel off when the door opened.

"Sorry," Scott came in without knocking as payback for earlier. He turned around even though Jean already covered herself up and went to the bathroom to find her robe.

"It's okay." She poked his shoulder so he would turn around. "What's up?"

"I wanted to ask you if I looked alright for our date." He was wearing black jeans and a choclate colored button up shirt. She looked him up and down.

Scott' s so cute when he's gets worried--Whoa! don't look there! Her gaze rested on his groin and she blushed and looked at his face.

"Um...you look great."

"Thanks. So do you--uh--I mean the clothes--on the bed. Is that what you're gonna wear?" He pointed tothe baby blue jeans and black top that was still on her bed.

"Uhh, yeah. I guess." They kept stareing at each other in an awkward silence, until Scott broke it.

"So I'll leave you to get dressed." Jean nodded wordlessly. When he closed the door she noticed how stupid she must've looked to him and slapped her forehead.

Outside Jean's Door

Scott banged his head on the wall thinking of how stupid he must've looked to her.

7:53 pm

Jean walked down the stairs, wearing her outfit, a little lipgloss and eyeshadow, and her hoop earrings. She went in the tv room looking for her date. Warren, Bobby, Hank, and Scott were all there talking about something but when she sat next to Scott they all stopped and stared.

"What?" She asked.

"You look really nice, Jean," Hank said, breaking the silence.

"and hot." Bobby said, looking at her as if he were a hungry dog looking at a bone.

"Awww," She stood up and walked to where Bobby was sitting. "coming from you, Boo Boo, that means," she hit him on the head "that means a lot." She liked giving Bobby weird nicknames and hitting him.

"Oww, I'm only saying what these three idiots are thinking. You're a telepath, you should know." Jean sat back down by Scott.

"So," Warren started "are you gonna take care of my little Jeannie?"

"What," Scott looked at him like he was crazy.

"When you get married and move out can I have your room," Hank caught on.

"I call dibs on Scott's car," Bobby understood.

"I don't think this date is such a good idea."

"Why," Hank asked.

"Because food leads to feeling fat which leads to taking off your clothes which leads to sex," Warren answered.

"Can we go out for dessert," Jean asked sarcastically.

"That leads to feeling fat also, which leads to going to the drugstore, aisle 12 sex!."

Bobby and Hank laughed.

"How about coffe," Scott asked.

"That leads to staying awake which leads to--"

"SEX!" Warren, Bobby, and Hank all yelled out in unison.

Jean felt like laughing, she had to admit this was one of their funnier jokes, "Can we go out for water?"

"Why don't you just go do it in the streets," Bobby said.

When her laughter died down she kept talking, "You guys don't have to worry because this is just for tonight. After tonight there won't be anything between us," Jean said, wishing the exact opposite. So was Scott.

"What she said," Scott pointed to Jean. They kept talking until Seth and Cindy showed up.

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