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Hotaru sighed for like the hundredth time that day. Haruka and Michiru were out doing who knew what and Setsuna was staying at the Gates of Time this week. Her brother, Tenshi, also wasn't there. He had to go back to the river Styx for more training. This left the 17 year old at home, alone, again. It didn't really bother her though, it wasn't like she was scared of being alone. No, it was more like she was bored out of her mind.

The house was quiet aside from her tiger, Titan's, snores at the foot of her bed. All of her lamps were on, giving her room a serene look to it. Thunder sounded outside as grey clouds filled the sky. Of course the weather man had been wrong again. Getting off her bed she walked over to the window and opened it. A cool wind brushed her face as she stared out at the street. Lightning flashed in the distance and she smiled. She loved storms.

Quietly she climbed onto the window sill and sat with her legs dangling out. The thunder roared again and the rain soon followed it. It came down gently at first, but soon began to beat down on the roofs and street. It's sweat smell drifted all around and Hotaru inhaled it. Something wet nudged her hand and she turned to see Titan there. Apparently the thunder had woken him up.

"Princess Hotaru, can we go to Rei's temple? I need to speak with Deimos and Phobos about the up coming of Crystal Tokyo." he asked.

"Alright. I at least get to talk with Rei then, if she's not to busy." Hotaru got up and grabbed her purple jacket. The two walked outside into the rain and started for the temple. It was a good thing it was raining, otherwise it would have been a bad thing for Titan to be walking around in the open.

Soon the two arrived at the temple and went up the many steps. Rei was sitting outside with her two Crows, admiring the rain. It wasn't long before she spotted them and got up. Phobos, Deimos, and Titan soon disappeared, leaving the two girls to talk. Hotaru and Rei stepped out of the rain, and under the porch roof.

"So Hotaru, how are things with everyone gone? Are Haruka and Michiru still on tour." she asked. Hotaru nodded.

"Yeah, they don't have a concert or anything right now so they're probably seeing the sights over in America."

"They are so lucky. I would love to visit there, or anywhere outside of Japan." Hotaru nodded. Though she lived with them, she rarely got to go with them on their tours. Mostly it was because she had school, or there would be no one to watch her. Even though she was 16 they still treated her like she was 12.

"Say Rei, why don't we plan a trip somewhere?" Hotaru suggested. Rei knocked her on her head lightly.

"You're forgetting. A trip costs money which neither of use have. And don't say you do cause you know your account is only for emergencies only."

"Oh yeah. Well, then we can plan for next summer then, and earn the money before then."

"We'll talk about that in the next senshi meeting. Then the others can come with us." Rei told her, and she nodded.

Suddenly a flash of lighting hit very close by. The ground even shook with it's effect. The girls gasped and quickly rose. Thunder immediately sounded with it. Their guardians came over to check if they were all right. They were reassuring them when they saw smoke coming from the bottom of the steps. They peered over and saw a huge crater there.

"Did the lightning do that?" Hotaru asked.

" I think so...man that was scary." the violet eyed girl nodded. Both jumped when another flash of lighting came and the booming sound of thunder. This storm didn't feel natural to them. Quickly the two ran into the temple and into the fire room. Maybe Rei could find out what was causing the storm, plus they no longer wanted to be outside.


Tenshi parked hismotorcycle at the bottom of the temple steps. Taking off his helmet he combed his fingers through his long spiked black hair. He had a rattail in the back that reach a little past his shoulders. Violet eyes looked up at the stormy clouds, then soon found the crater in the street. He whistled and got off his bike.

He sensed his sister in the temple and started up the steps. Boy was she going to be surprised when she saw him. Technically he wasn't supposed to return for another three days. However something big had changed that. Well..it might not be big to some but it was big to him. Still he couldn't wait to tell her and Rei the "big news".

"Prince Tenshi? What are you doing here?" Tenshi looked down to see Titan staring up at him.

"Oh hi Titan. I came here...for...damn it I forgot! What was I here for?" he began to panic.

Hotaru then came out of the temple to see who was yelling. "Tenshi? Why are you back so soon?"

"I...don't...know...Why am I here? Is it my birthday?" he asked himself. Hotaru had a huge teardrop on her head. With a sigh she walked over to her twin and lead him inside the temple. He just happily followed her, forgetting all about the thing he wanted to tell her.

She lead him into the fire room that had Rei and her guardians. The raven haired girl looked up at him in surprise, while her two crows just waited to see what would happen. "Tenshi I though you were coming back tomorrow." Rei said. Tenshi just looked around the room in awe.

Hotaru sighed. "He doesn't remember why he's here. Tenshi just sit down and don't touch anything. I have something to tell you."

Tenshi stared at her wide eyed. "You're Pregnant!" that earned him a hard hit on the back of his head from her.

"No you idiot, I'm not! Just sit down and shut up for a minute." Tenshi quickly did as he was told, afraid she would hit him again. "Tenshi Rei just had a vision in the fire. She saw me, herself, and you, we were at some kind of tournament. Other people were around but she couldn't make out what they looked like. Then the sky grew dark and a strange human looking demon appeared."

Rei took over from there, "it was some kind of Demon God, he asked about some items called the Millennium Items. He also mentioned something about the King of games."

"King of Games?...that sounds familiar.." Tenshi said looking up at the ceiling trying to remember what it was about that title.

"Could that be why you're here Tenshi?" Rei asked. There was a long silence for a moment. Everyone was waiting for Tenshi to reply to this. Finally he looked up at them all.

"No..I don't think it is." the girls sighed in defeat. It was futile to try and make him remember anything. "Wait now I remember! I'm entering the next Duel Monsters tournament and you guys get to come with me to Domino City!"

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