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A few miles outside of Domino city a familiar girl appeared. An eerie dark blue light had surrounded her and now began to fade. Navy eyes looked out among the soulless land as her silvery-white wavy hair blew behind her. A fuku adorned her body. The skirt was a misty dark blue along with the collar. Her boots went up to her knees and were black along with her bows, choker, and gloves. The stone in her tiara caught the sun's light. It was an Alexandrite.

A silver staff with a black eight pointed star at the top was clutched in her right hand. This area would suit her purpose jut fine. No roads or houses were anywhere near her, and the city was a safe distance away. There were no animals either, and once the fighting started the birds would quickly leave. Raising her staff to the sky she prepared to chant the spell required for a summoning of spirits.

"I am the Keeper of Souls! By the power given to me, I will bring back two of the worlds tainted spirits." she cried. "Dartz, Moray, Come forth now! And be amongst the living again!"

A few feet away from her two circles of shadows formed on the ground. After a moment the shadows rose up and took the form of people. One was a long blue haired man with one golden eye and one blue. The other was all bandaged up and had chains attached to his wrists and ankles. His one visible green eye darted around, taking in his surroundings. Both stopped their searching when they came upon the girl.

She just smirked. "Hi yah! And welcome back to the living world. My name is Spirit of the Dead, or Spirit if you will."

"You mean we're alive again?" Dartz asked. At this she rolled her navy eyes.

"No, this is hell. Sorry but the flames have been out for awhile. Of course you're alive you idiots! I brought you back" the two glared at her, but she didn't flinch.

"Why would a senshi bring people like us back?" Moray asked behind his wraps.

His penetrating green eye sent shivers up her spine but she kept her expression the same. "Wow you knew what I was. Points for you. However I didn't bring you back to live. I brought you back so you could die."

"But we were dead."

"I know, but some of my reviewers wanted to kill you themselves so I brought you back for their entertainment."

Moray smirked at her. "You're even more sadistic than me. Lovely." Spirit's eye twitched and she took a step back.

"Ok I'm calling the others before I get raped! Ra-chan help!" a small whirlwind appeared by the girl. Soon it cleared and another female stood there. She had short brown hair and eyes. A black shirt with white petals printed on it clung to her top. Jeans adorned her bottom as well has hiking boots. Two silver rings were on her right hand and a silver necklace with a moon and a star wrapped gracefully around her neck. In her hand was a sword as big as Inuyasha's, and was currently resting on her shoulder.

"You rang Spirit?" the navy eyed girl jumped behind her.

"Moray's creeping me out!"

"Don't worry we'll take care of the freak." came another voice. The group looked to see Vegeta land some feet away, wearing what he usually wore. Crossing his arms he glared at the two men. Soon another guy appeared. He had spiky black-violet hair and violet eyes. He wore a Grim Reaper outfit and held a scythe in his hands.

He quickly ran to Spirit and hugged her, before glaring at the shackled demon. "Don't scare my sister!"

"Wait I thought you were Hotaru's brother?" Dartz said.

Tenshi blinked. "I am?"

"You are in the story baka. But you're actually my brother." Spirit said, sweat-dropping.

"Oh yeah!"

"Hey guys!" another girl appeared with shoulder length brown hair and eyes that had hints of gold. She wore loose blue jeans, a black long sleeved shirt, and brown boots. A red bandana was tied around her forehead. Across her waist and around her ankles were packs filled with daggers. "You didn't start yet did you?"

"They better not have!" came a harsh voice. A teen girl with long raven colored hair in a low ponytail appeared through a violet light. She too wore a fuku but the body suit was black instead of white. The rest resembled much of Saturn's own outfit only this girl had no gloves, and had a violet headband with the symbol for Saturn on it in black. The dangerous glaive in her hand also had a black blade.

"Shadow! Be nice!" a girl said coming out from behind her. She had elbow length straight black hair and deep brown eyes. Her outfit was simple just a pair of jeans and a black shirt. Around her neck was a silver necklace and she had a matching anklet.

Spirit smiled at them. "Good now everyone's here! Well you all can get to work. Me and Saturn's Spawn are just going to watch like last time."

"Lazies." Vegeta muttered. The two glared at him.

Ra looked over. "Vegeta be nice or I'll tell Bulma and kill you in one of my other fics again." the prince grumbled under his breathe.

"This is insane! You people don't even know who you're dealing with!" Dartz cried.

"I do! I do!" Tenshi said raising his hand. Then a sinister smirk appeared on his face. "Two seriously dead men."

Spirit covered her face. "Crap. I forgot he wanted to pay Dartz back for beating the shit out of him and Hotaru. This won't be pretty. . . Candy?" she said offering a variety of sweets to Saturn S.

"Sure!" both pulled out two lawn chairs and sat back. Ready for the show.

Moray was still smirking. The chains fell off him and he straightened up to his full height, which was about six ft. the only one coming close was Tenshi who was about five ft eight. The demon savagely ripped away the wraps around his head. Black short hair jutted out in all directions and his other eye opened. When he grinned sharp, filed teeth flashed. They were tinted red from blood.

Harpy turned to Spirit. "Question. Why did you bring him back? None of us voted for him."

"Um...I did." Saturn S said shyly. The group glared at her.

"Guys relax. I was going to bring him back anyways. I felt he didn't have enough screen time. And the only time he even fought was the chap he ended up dying in. So deal with it."

Moray grinned at her. "My dept is to you then my dear."

"AHHH! Kill Him!" Spirit said flinching away.

"I agree!" Ra said, then jumped up and brought her sword down on him. The demon just jumped back out of the way. He then quickly avoided a blast from Vegeta. Harpy and Tenshi went to fight Dartz while Shadow just stood there.

Saturn S glared at her. "Shadow you said you wanted to fight so fight already!"

"No one here is worth fighting except the good guys. If Spirit had brought back Nanashi than that would be different."

"Quit being a whiner and fight. You don't like the ones I brought back, than tough. Besides who said you had to kill them quickly? We want torture remember?" the evil senshi rolled her eyes at the two but decided Moray would be a better opponent.

She jumped in, aiming to slice off the demons arm. However he quickly blocked it with his own sword. "Sorry princess." he said and pushed her back. Shadow landed, but wasn't happy. Nobody calls her that and gets away with it. Moray ducked out of another attack by Vegeta and back flipped out of a wind attack by Ra. The guy wasn't even breaking a sweat.

"SPIRIT! Why is this demon so damned powerful?" Vegeta shouted.

She shrugged. "I thought you guys could use a challenge. Shadow seems to like it." Vegeta looked over his shoulder to see the two locked in battle. Ra stood a few feet away trying to find a good time to either attack or jump in. "Guess you'll have to try a little harder." Vegeta grumbled then went back to the fight.

Harpy ducked out of the way from a blast aimed at her head. She took out her fifth dagger and threw it with blinding speed. It sliced Dartz's right arm and he faltered. Tenshi took this chance took jump up and kick the guy in the chest, sending him to the ground. The Atlantian moved out of the way from another dagger flung by the now golden eyed girl.

He glared over at her. "Annoying pest." Harpy said nothing and charged at him. He heard another pair of footsteps and turned to see Tenshi coming from the opposite way. At the same time the two jumped up and aimed a kick at him. At the last minute Dartz lunged forward out of their way. The two struck the ground instead, kicking up dust and dirt. When the debris settled a crater about a foot deep an two feet in diameter was made where he once stood.

"Damn we're good!" Tenshi cried standing up.

Harpy did the same, a smile on her face. She nodded"If only that had been his head though." Dartz paled and crawled backwards away from the two.

"Where do you think you're going?" the Grim Reaper asked. "This is just pay back for jumping Hotaru and I. You see unlike you. I let my opponents get ready for a fight."

Harpy side stepped away from Tenshi who was cracking his knuckles. "Tenshi calm down. We don't need you going berserk."

"Too late." he whispered. In moments he and Dartz were the center of an anime dust cloud. Cries of pain were heard from inside and every once in awhile the Grim Reapers scythe would swing out widely. The golden eyed girl jumped back out of one swings way.

"Hey! I'm supposed to kill him to you know!"

Tenshi's head poked out. "Then get over here!" with a shrug Harpy jumped in and soon daggers came flying out from every direction. Saturn S and Spirit ducked as one flew over their heads. Soon the dust cleared, revealing a very smug Tenshi and Harpy. Tenshi was cleaning the blood off his weapon while Harpy dusted off her hands. On the ground behind them was a horribly mangled and obviously dead Dartz.

Saturn S and Spirit cheered for them. Harpy smiled and bowed while Tenshi held up the victory sign. However everyone's attention was quickly drawn to the two other girls. "YOU BASTARD!" both Shadow and Ra shouted. Vegeta looked pissed, actually that was an understatement. He was furious.

"What happened?" Spirit asked.

Ra looked over. "Moray licked my cheek!"

"That's nothing. He grabbed my ass!" Shadow shouted. Everyone turned their glaring eyes to the demon. He just smirked smugly at them.

"Spirit I don't remember him being this way in the fic." Saturn S said.

Spirit nodded, "I know. . . . Maybe because the senshi aren't as sadistic as we are, and he happens to like that in women."

"Joy." Harpy said rolling her eyes.

Vegeta shook his fist. "I don't care. I may not like Shadow, and I half mind Ra, but doing something that disgraceful calls fo death."

"Hold on. We want to kill him." Ra said.

The wind was kicking up around her. Shadow nodded as an eerie black glow radiated off her body. Both turned glowing eyes to Moray who now seemed a little frightened. The girl's poured all their power into their weapons and practically flew to him. They swung their weapons and flew past him. Both landed and waited. Moray just stood their wide eyed. After a view more seconds he slide into three pieces on the ground. His body than melted away due to the power.

"All done!"Ra said reverting back to her normal self.

"Ding dong the perverts dead! Which old pervert? The creepy pervert! Ding dong the creepy perverts dead!" Spirit sang happily. "sorry, I started that ever since Beryl died on the show."

Tenshi looked a little unhappy. "Aw this is the end of the fic."

Spirit nodded then thought. "Well we could have a party like last time. I'll even invite some Bishies!"

"Yes!" all the girls minus Shadow cried.

"Hey!" Tenshi and Vegeta shouted.

"Ok Bulma and...Tenshi you don't like any girls."

"Oh yeah. Damn I need to get a girlfriend."

The group suddenly appeared in the same place that the Duelist party was held. Every hot anime guy from all the shows were also there. Music blasted through the speakers and the room was practically vibrating. Colorful lights flashed and streaked across the floor. The group was now in any choice outfit they wanted for the evening.

"Spirit this rocks!" Harpy cried as some of the guys glanced over at them.

Said girl nodded. "Hell yeah it does! Ooh there's Hiei! And Sesshomaru!"

"Bye!" said the rest of the girls as they went into the crowd to find their favorite Bishie. Spirit pouted. "Hey wait for me!"

Tenshi inched over to the scowling Shadow. "So come here often?"

She arched a brow. "Are you hitting on me?"

"Depends. If you're going to horribly kill me then no I'm not hitting on you." rolling her eyes she teleported out of there. Tenshi pouted then went to go see what food was around. The fight was long forgotten as everyone enjoyed the rest of the day.

The End...again.

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