Dirty Little Secret

A/N: The All-American Rejects and their video for the song 'Dirty Little Secret' inspired these stories. Don't ask me how, cause I'm not really sure. BTW this is the first time I've ever tried to do a whole little series of one shots. Some will be (I hope) funny and some a little more serious. I hope they aren't too crappy. The first Titan up is my personal favorite: Beast Boy.

Secrets are dangerous things. They have the power to destroy lives, ruin friendships and even the secret-keepers themselves. Each Titan has a secret like that. The dirty little secrets that threatened to tear them apart.

Beast Boy knew he wasn't like the rest of the team. He knew he wasn't at all useful, or helpful. He had no super-strength, like Starfire did. He wasn't a super-sleuth, like Robin was. And Beast Boy was damn sure that he wasn't a super-computer or in the possession of great mystical powers, a la Cyborg or Raven. The only power he had was the ability to become animals, and most times he usually picked ones that had to real use in battle.
For a while Beast Boy thought he could, at the very least, consider himself the funny man. Ya know the comic relief for when things got too tough or too serious. But over time he'd discovered that the team rarely laughed at his jokes. To be honest more often than not they were laughing at him, not with him. Dude does it suck to be laughed at or what?

Beast Boy knew that the wise choice would be to leave the team. To just go and let some deserving, real super-powered teen take his place. But he just couldn't make himself leave. Something kept him tied to the tower, to the team. He just wasn't sure what.

Actually, he knew what kept him from leaving. The Titans were his family, had been for quite a while now. Leaving the team meant leaving his home, the once place were he felt safe, felt accepted, felt loved.

So even though he knew he was useless, and that staying around did nothing but hold the team back, he refused to go. He just couldn't do it. Instead he kept his feelings of worthlessness to himself, held all the feelings of uselessness inside. He continued his funny guy, always laughing routine, doing everything in his power to make sure that the team never knew his dirty little secret.