Let Me Know When I've Done Wrong

A/N: So here is my chapter about the Mighty Boy Wonder. For the longest times I thought of Robin only in the form of 'Batman and Robin'. You know the sidekick role. Then when I heard about the show, I thought he'd be a lot like Batman, a little too stodgy, a little too strict, and a little too extreme. And in some ways he is. But then there are other ways where Robin has managed to separate himself from the Dark Knight. Enough babbling woman, get to the story! All right, all right here it is.

I liked it; being evil, being the bad guy for once. Being Red X. After a while the hero bit becomes tired, redundant, monotonous. It never really changes: you stop the bad guy, save the world and then go home so you can do it all again tomorrow. But it scares me that I enjoyed being the villain. Scares me more than I care to admit.

Oh sure I apologized to the team. Told them that I had become Red X simply to get to Slade. Told them that I had to do it, in order to stop the madman threatening our city, our lives. And that was the truth. Most of the truth anyway. The rest of the reason I kept to myself. I just couldn't tell them the other reasons for donning that Red X costume.

Red X was someone I will never be. Red X was a threat to the powers that watch the city he was powerful. He was truly fearless. And why was that? Because for Red X there was no line between good and evil. There was no belief that world is strictly black and white. He lived in the world in between, in the gray area of life. He could do what he pleased when he pleased. He was free. From everything.

There was no team to rely on him for every single idea, every plan, and every attack. There was no challenging every word he said, every move he made. There was no team to watch out for, to responsible for. He didn't have to worry that something he missed or said may have alienated a team member, may have set them careening out of control. He didn't have to worry about trusting someone only to have that someone betray the team. He didn't have to worry about the possibility that someone he cared for may be hurt. He didn't have to stop and worry about everyone agreeing with his plan of action. He didn't have to worry about anyone, but himself.

Red X also didn't have this imposing mentor in his history. He didn't have to worry that maybe he wasn't a good as his mentor. That maybe he would never be as good as said mentor. That he would always be in his mentors shadow. That he would someday disappoint his mentor. That he would someday disgrace his mentors name, his family's name, and his own name. Red X had none of that in his past. He was free from all of these chains, all of these bonds.

That's why I enjoyed being Red X. I enjoyed the freedom. I enjoyed not having to worry, not having to care about anyone or anything else. I just had to worry about me. There was no telling me that I was wrong or that maybe they knew better than me. There was no one to hold me back, hold me down. I was free to do anything I wanted. I know it sounds selfish, and I know that it's wrong but I can't help it.

Sometimes I find myself wondering what it would be like to become Red X again. What would it be like to don the costume again? What it would be like to have my run of the city again. What it would be like to be able to do whatever I wanted. And then I get rabbit-kicked back into reality. I am Robin. I was once Batman's sidekick. I am now the leader of the Teen Titans. I fight for truth, justice and all things good in the world. I am a good guy. I am a good guy.

A/N: So there it folks. I chose to go with the Robin liking being Red X theme. I mean come on you all know that you wondered how Robin really felt about being the bad guy. So now a question for you all: Should I make this the last chapter? Or should I continue? I considered doing pieces about the Titans East but not sure how in-depth they would be. Honestly the only characters I would be able to successfully cover would be Bumblebee, Aqualad and possibly Speedy. But let me know what you think okay. The ball is now in your court.