It was a tragedy, a pure, surreal, utter tragedy. Kyo stood next to Yuki just staring into the fire. The night had started out pleasantly with Tohru suggesting spending a night out camping by the lake. The pair had agreed thinking that it would be good to be out of the house while Yuki's older brother spent the night. Tohru had gone off to take a bath leaving the picture of her mother next to the fire to keep her warm.

That's when it all started to spiral out of control. Yuki made a soft comment about the smell from a skunk that was downwind, which Kyo wrongly interpreted as a dive against him and took a swing at Yuki. Yuki ducked under Kyo's punch and then drove his fist into Kyo's stomach, which caused him to spin down to the ground knocking Tohru's mother's picture into the fire. Kyo was getting up to go back to fighting with Yuki when both of them noticed the smell of burning chemicals, with dread in their eyes they turned just in time to see Kyoko's smiling face disappear in flames. As that image burned into their minds they heard a soft splash as Tohru splashed water on her face, and in that instant they knew beyond any doubt that they had killed the only thing Tohru had left. They had hammered the final nail in Kyoko's coffin with their childish fighting. Rather then run away they stood still in shock and disbelief at what happened in a manner of seconds. Tohru had asked them many times to not fight anymore but they couldn't stop it anymore then one could stop the rain, but for some reason this one act seemed to halt their bickering and made it seem unimportant. They knew, that they had just doomed Tohru's smile to extinction.

Making her way back to the camp Tohru looked at the two Sohma's standing their as though statues. "Hey guys, what's up? I'm sorry for taking so long…"