Coda: Sayids Quartet

Sayid's Lips


She thought about kissing him way too often. She was thinking about kissing him right now, on the mouth. Maybe she had been in the heat or the jungle for too long. She needed to get her priorities straight. There were important matters that needed attention- if only she could remember what they were.

Umm…yes, Sayids lips. He had great lips, they were so nicely framed by his beard, and she loved watching the curve of his mouth as he enunciated each word so beautifully.

Sometimes his words worked in combinations and said things that she wanted to hear. Other times he said nothing and she liked that if it meant his lips were doing something else. Right now, he was talking and the words were not working at all. What was it that he was talking to her about? Transceivers, transformers, transmissions, trans…something? He could get so excited about a pile of electronic junk.

Did he really believe she understood all that engineering terminology? She continued to nod as if she did. She zeroed in on his lips once again as he did that half smile thing he did so often. Actually he didn't do it often enough, to her liking.

She remembered how his lips felt that night during the surprise picnic he planned. They were just the slightest bit chapped or maybe sunburned; just the most delightful bit of warm when she explored them with her fingertips. Then his lips brushed her fingers, her hand…her mouth. Yes, at last, her mouth with those lips. They pressed against hers with a wonderful, squirm inducing pressure and a promise of things to come. And finally, ever so gently his tongue, his sweet soft tongue entered her mouth, tangling with hers. She could feel his breath. She needed his breath because hers had been taken away.

She made out with him like they were high school students on summer vacation. They were on a beach after all, complete with a beach blanket and torchlight. It was actually nice to enjoy his lips knowing that's where it ended. Well, she considered it nice. She had been content to kiss him for hours, and he at least was willing to kiss along, for the time being, hoping.

She guessed he hoped for a lot of things on that beach blanket. She doubted that any of those hopes included the abrupt end of their little vacation the very next morning, and the arrival of Shannon, the grief stricken psycho-bitch. She didn't want to revisit that time, when his lips were a line of pain as she screamed at him to just get away from her and he did. No, she didn't like remembering those tight lips. She blinked away that image and refocused on the now and his enticing lips.

Would he ever even attempt to kiss her again, after what she'd done? No, the next move would be hers. She would tell him that his were the only lips she wanted, the only lips that could awaken her from the slumber that was her life before. She would have to kiss him with the promise of better things to come. Yes, she would have to kiss his lips soon. It was a high priority.