Chapter 1-Welcome To My Life

Normally, I try to steer clear of stereotypical trends, but yet, I find myself writing inside of a silly book and recording the inner workings of my mind. A diary. Yes, I, Lily Evans, am writing in a diary. The thought of it is absolutely mortifying, but here I am.

It feels awkwardly uncomfortable writing inside an empty book. What do you even know about me? Why should I pour out my soul into a complete stranger? I suppose I should start off with introducing myself and filling you in on why I have to write in a silly diary.

I'm Lily. My name's not exactly unordinary, but it's not common. Let's just say it fits me well. I'm neither dull nor extraordinary; I'm simply me. I am your average fourteen year old girl with red hair and green eyes. I also happen to be a witch. Now, I know what you're thinking, a witch? Yes, a witch. They exist so get used to it. I attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and am going to enter my fourth year.

Hogwarts is like a second home to me. I've grown in more ways than I can even imagine by attending that school. Unlike most of the students, I'm from a Muggle family. Not one of my relatives has a bit of magic in them, which makes me sort of rare. For the first couple years of my life, the fact that I am Muggleborn upset me. I felt like I had something to prove to everyone. I still get harassed, but now, I've learned to stand up for myself. Bravery is not to be taken lightly.

My parents were thrilled, maybe a bit shocked, when they found out the news. They've always known I was a bit different and that I would go on to do great things. For that, I love them so much. My sister, Petunia, has always had a problem with it. Her and I have never truly been close, but after my years at Hogwarts, we're extremely distant. During the summer, she tries with all her might to make my life hell. That is partly the reason why I'm writing in this blasted diary.

My mum bought me this book after a particularly nasty comment from Petunia that involved the words, "freak", "freak", and even more original, "freak." Yes, she doesn't exactly embrace her creative side too often. Anyways, mum felt that it wasn't right for me to always bite my tongue and that writing down my feelings would be a constructive outlet for my sadness/hurt/anger/etc.

What she doesn't know is that what Petunia says doesn't bother me. In fact, I've grown used to it. I don't think I'm a freak, so why should I care that she thinks I am? Secretly, I think that Petunia wishes she could go to Hogwarts as well. She's always been interested in rarities and Hogwarts is quite unusual in the Muggle world.

Hogwarts is indeed my passion, as well as my schoolwork. I prefer sitting down to a good Potions assignment to detention any day. A lot of people in my house, which happens to be Gryffindor, don't really understand me very well. Let's take Sirius Black for example. Sirius is a fellow fourth year and is known for his uncanny ability to completely neglect the rules. He has no desire to even lift a book and can't stand being in the presence of someone who can. Yet, he's from a pureblood wizarding family and doesn't find everything as fascinating as I do.

Every aspect of the wizarding world intrigues me. Every single class I take is a new learning experience. I particularly enjoy Charms and Potions, most likely because I've been told I have natural ability. Professor Slughorn, the Potions teacher, reckons I could go on to become an Auror at the Ministry of Magic. I had to look up what an Auror was after this comment, but once I started reading, I couldn't stop. Aurors have such dangerous and demanding jobs, but it's truly wonderful to read about the process of becoming one.

My best friend, Holly Spinnet, has absolutely no interest in becoming an Auror. Her brother, Neal, is a professional Quidditch player and Holly has every intention of following in his footsteps. I love watching Quidditch, but there is no way I could do what Holly does. A rare fact about myself is that I am terribly afraid of heights. I am entirely satisfied by simply watching from the stands. And preferably not looking down.

I miss Holly. She is the only person at Hogwarts I can say truly understands me. Actually, well, I don't think she understands me. I'm a bit of an odd duck, I guess. What I should have said was that she's the only person who comes even remotely close to understanding me. We have our disagreements, but she understands the person that I am. If it wasn't for her, I don't know how I would have survived the first couple of years at Hogwarts. She never once felt any sort of prejudice against me because of my bloodline, which is usually an uncommon thing. I knew from the first day I met her that she was a friend worth keeping.

I guess we're not exactly strangers anymore. I suppose it might be useful to have someone to confide in. With summer ending and the school year approaching, there is sure to be times when I'll need that assuring feeling of having someone to talk to. I guess mum wasn't completely wrong about this diary idea. But, on a side note, she was wrong about cuffing the sleeves of my robes. No matter what era, it will never be fashionable.

Until next time,

Lily Evans.