This takes place after Opal Incident in Artemis Fowl where he is 13, and during Harry's Sixth year. I am changing it so that the things that happened in the sixth book won't be appearing in this fanfiction.

And of course, neither Harry Potter or Artemis Fowl belong to me.

Fingers tapped madly across the keyboard in a dark room where only one figure stood. It was clear to tell he wasn't quite human, the horse body probably gave that away. It was hard to tell though, because the room was so dark and the only light came from a computer screen which reflected on the young centaur's face. "Blast.." he cursed under his breath and pounded his fists on the side of his desk.

The action seemed to trigger something as the enclosed room flickered with light and everything became clear. Foaly sighed and rubbed his exhausted eyes and sunk back into his specially designed chair made just for him.

Things have been calm lately… pleasantly so; despite the fact that Holly was gone, not to mention Commander Root. They were both such good officers and the closest people in his heart….at least one of them was still alive. A slow smile threatened to crack over his work-exhausted face, but he stopped. He couldn't let his mind wander to pleasant thoughts. He needed to get back to work…what he had discovered.. was big, very big. So big it didn't make much sense and he had devoted all his time to try and figure it out. It was almost to impossible to believe.

He had grown thin from the effort and pale as well. Even his once glorious fur was loosing its shine as he devoted all his time to researching and learning more. He hadn't left his specially designed office for anything but few bathroom breaks and when near starvation drove him to leave; nor did he let anyone in. He had to keep his work secret until he was one hundred percent sure. He didn't want to look like a fool after all.

But this assignment struck him at a personal level that drew him to work like never before.

There was a group of centaurs, a fairly large group living above ground… with the mud men of all people! A whole herd seemed to of made a home in a heavily wooded forest somewhere in Scotland. This work could have been made all the easier if his equipment would stop having frequent crashes. But whenever he tried to get a close group at this herd, all he ever received was static. Something was blocking his technology- fairy technology!

It took a lot to do that, something no mud man could do.

Was it Artemis…? Was this another scheme for gol- No. He is different now. He even had his memories back and he had helped the people to many times. To think that would be offensive. Artemis was their friend now.

But that was the only answer that might have made sense. Foaly hated to do it, he hated to leave Haven and go above ground but… this was his people! Just like the goblins fought fiercely for one another and a dwarf will always be there for another dwarf, Foaly felt that he had some duty to his fellow kind. He may have been different from others but this was, like he realized long ago when the first troubling piece of information reached him, this was big. He had to bring them underground before they were found. Not just for their sake, but for all of Fairy folk.

The centaur sighed and rubbed his eyes. He was smart enough though, not to do this on his own. He was going to need some help and he was going to get that help from one of the few people he trusted. Ex-Captain Holly Short.

He waited for a moment as he tried to come in contact with the now very busy female elf. She never seemed to be home or at her new office anymore. She always had a case, which was good; she was doing well with herself. But that didn't stop Foaly from missing her. Now and then she would call with a favor. He treasured those few phone calls and could probably recite every word they shared from memory. They distracted him from the problems he was facing now. What could possibly be blocking out Fairy technology!

A familiar face appeared on his computer screen and Foaly frowned in dismay. He had seen this all to many times. "Hello, you have reached Holly Short. My associates and I are not here at the moment, please leave a message and a call back number so we can get to your case as soon as possible. And if this is the LEP, my answer is no like always. I'm not coming back. " Her pre-recorded message went to darkness followed by a beep. Foaly sighed and began to leave his own message.

"I don't have much that I want to say, not in private. But this is urgent, probably more urgent then when he first met Artemis." He paused and ran his hands over his eyes, blinking to try to keep awake. He needed a nap, and a good meal. He looked horrible and he knew it. He was working himself to death- he just hoped that when Holly saw this she wouldn't worry. He rocked back and forth nervously and looked back to the screen, his eyes determined and tired…oh so very tired.

"I can't wait for you… I wish you could have helped me. But this is driving me insane. I have to go solve this myself then. It shouldn't be…to dangerous. Call me back. I might not of left above surface yet." He chewed his bottom lip for a moment, wondering if it was safe to share any more information. Then he felt like slapping himself. This was Holly! Of course it was, she would never betray him.

"There's a herd above ground somewhere in Scotland." And he hung up. Ok, so maybe not as much as he could have added but he was a very paranoid creature.

That would be quite a message for her to go and read. He just hoped… so strongly hoped she would worry. But now… oh right now he just needed a nap. Nearly collapsing in his chair he folded his hands on his desk and pillowed his head in them, falling asleep.

He had a feeling he would need all the energy he could get. Maybe he should have tried Artemis…but the thought was gone and he was fast asleep a moment later.

It was a month into their term by now and all the students were well submerged in their growing mass of homework. They were on N.E.W.T level now, and that was something not to be taken lightly. Hermoine was probably taking the greatest strain from this, as was to be expected, but even Harry and Ron had buckled down a bit.

A bit.

"A bit" meaning that though it was their free period, they were not spending the extra time going over the goblin wars like Hermoine was currently doing but wandering the castle. Both Harry and Ron felt that they deserved the break and though they had no true destination, they were enjoying themselves just… talking outside of the Gryffindor common room which was covered in a thick tension of stress and urgency. Especially when one drew too close to Hermoine.

Perhaps they should see Hagrid. He had by now forgiven them for not taking his course to the N.E.W.T. level, though he tended to grow a bit testy when they go for periods of time without visiting. They haven't visited in a week, so one was over due. Ron brought up the idea to Harry after a stretch of silence.

Harry turned his head to look out the window to what looked like a pleasant warm day. "Sounds good to me. I'll enjoy the walk there." He said to his friend and the two changed their direction to head outside.

They came across an unexpected, though welcomed, surprise. It wasn't everyday that you saw the centaur teacher out of his room and in the halls. He preferred to stay in his quarters and seeing the way it was enchanted no one could really blame him for being a hermit.

And being shunned by the only family you ever had was tough as well.

"Greetings Firenze!" Harry said with a wide grin on his face. He liked this Professor, much more then that old bat. She held no true skill, but for the few unexpected and uncontrolled trances she would sometime slip into. But Harry didn't much like the outcome of those either.

"Stop it! It's a nice day I mustn't think of things like that right now!" Harry cursed himself silently as Firenze gave the two young students a greeting each.

"What are you doing, you don't normal leave your room?" Ron asked. Unlike Harry, Ron didn't feel as close of a connection with Firenze. But maybe when Firenze saved Ron from a unicorn killer and blood drinker he would feel closer to the centaur.

Firenze smiled at them both and took a step to the side and backwards so he was facing them, the movements of his tail being the only sign of the irritation he felt. "I'm afraid that that is my business to keep. " he said, smiling at them pleasantly so they wouldn't feel to put out.

Their smiles still dropped lightly. "Ah…ok. Sorry for asking Professor." Harry said, giving him the proper term he deserved now. "We'll be on our way then." Ron said giving him a smile as Harry and Ron side stepped the uneasy centaur and walked around him and made the rest of the trip to Hagrid's hut.

Firenze sighed and ran his hand through his hair to brush the loose strands out of his face. The stars have been acting oddly, enough to disturb him enough to drive him out of his close quarters. What he really would have loved was to seek council with the other centaurs and ask what they saw in the stars.

But that wasn't possible now.

Two worlds were going to meet, never before being aware of the other. It was an oddity, and Firenze thought it meant that maybe the muggles would finally learn of their existence. But no, what the stars were saying was that neither civilization knew of the other and the magical world certainly knew of the muggle world. Even a few muggles knew of the magical world!

This was a race that no one he could ever talk to will know about. He was the only one here who had a faint inkling of his existence. But all he knew was that another type of people existed- how, where, and why he didn't know. He didn't know what they where, or how they came to be. He knew nothing except that they were going to meet unexpectedly. Because… because of the centaurs.

Will this be good or bad? What will come of this…. Who will be harmed!

So many questions in the young centaur's head, and no one he could ask. Not even Dumbledore. He couldn't even seek council in his own kind that lived but a hair's length away in the nearby forest.

He rubbed his hand along his hairless cheek, watching the outdoors. He saw Harry and Ron slip into Hagrid's hut which was placed so close to the home he once knew. He took a deep breath and sighed. "Change is in the air..." he murmured uncomfortably and turned and began to walk back to his classroom and room, the soft clip-clop of his hooves echoing through the desolate hall.