Note: Yu-Gi-Oh does not belong to me, nor do its characters.

Brown Eyes, White Angel

Scene 1

Yami Marik walks into a room to see Ryou in bed with Bakura. Bakura runs away. Y. Marik shoots Ryou.

In a refuge of blood his body lies

The light gone from his handsome brown eyes

Shot by his lover he lays there and dies

Penitence (sp?) for cheating with another guy

While Dark Marik cries up to the sky

Then sees what he's done and sits down to cry

Scene 2

Funeral All are crying, and Y. Marik is absent. Bakura is especially mad.

A white haired angel is laid down

All look for the lover with a perpetual frown

And look back at the Yami whose tears flow 'round.

Remembering those shut eyes once shown bright brown

Scene 3

In one vengeful blow Bakura seals Marik, Yami Marik himself in the shadow releam.

The vengeful lover's fate comes quick

Former ally's anger lies on thick

A blast into darkness where none can think

He knows his own power will go in a wink

An act of madness of on the brink

But he must do or himself be charged

With three demons gone and an angel too

Balance is restored until its time for something new