For the last few class periods, there was a rumor of new students. The oldest female was supposed to be worse then Warren Peace himself, but Warren didn't buy it. Not to mention that so far for Warren it was a very bad day. His girlfriend, Elisa Freeze had broken up with him. She was the only one other then his mother who he though cared about him. But it turns out that he was wrong.

Thank God it's lunch. Warren thought angrily to himself as he entered the insanely large cafeteria. He headed to his seat when he saw Will and Layla start to walk up to him.

"Warren are you alright?" Will asked him. Warren didn't even face them.

"Go away." Was all that the young flamethrower said.

"Warren we're your friends. Let us help-" Layla tried to say.

"I don't want or need your help. So get the hell away from me." Warren said in a deadly low tone. Will pulled his girlfriend away from him before another fight happened. They had made a new friend. She was also a freshman. She had light brown skin with green eyes and black hair to her waist. She wore a red halter-top with black slightly baggy pants. Her name was Dawn.

Warren walked up to his table. No one dared to sit there. Though there was the one incident where Layla and the other sidekicks sat there. Even then Warren put a stop to it. No one dared to, until today. There sitting in a chair was a teenaged girl that looked as old as him. She had on a blue trench coat that had a hood.

"Move." Warren said. The girl didn't move in her seat. Warren glared down at her, when he noticed that she was asleep. He shook her shoulder not to kindly. "Move it!" Warren said again. The girl took off her headphones and looked up at him. She had light brown skin with dark green eyes. The female looked up at him clearly annoyed at being woken up.

"What?" She asked as she glared at him.

"Move." Warren almost yelled at her. The teenager sat back in her chair with an amused smirk on her face. She was now awake.

"You have no idea who I am do you?" She asked him.

"No and I don't give a rat's ass! Now get away from my table!" Warren yelled at her. Will and Layla looked at one another worried.

"Your table? Funny, don't remember seeing your name anywhere." She replied reaching for her headphones. Before the girl knew it her headphones where melted to the table. She looked up and saw that Warren's arms were on fire.

"Last chance now move!" Warren yelled. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at them, some students even ran out the cafeteria. Dawn looked worriedly over at them.

"You're going to regret that!" She said. The girl put her hand up in front of Warren and a gust of wind sent him flying across the room. Warren stood back up and relit his arms. The girl looked shocked that he was still standing.

"That was weak." Warren shouted.

The teenager rose from her seat. She had black hair with dark blue, red and green highlights to her shoulders. The girl wore a black t-shirt that said, "Bad Kitty" in blue letters. Her shirt stopped at her waist, though her blue trench coat covered most of it. She had on low back leather pants with a black and silver pyramid studded belt. Two small blue lightning bolts hung from her ears. Her make up consisted of black eye shadow and black lipstick that look surprisingly good on her.

"Yeah, I was going to go easy on you. But you woke me up. By the way, the name is Ice." She said. Her green eyes glazed over cloudy white. Warren had enough stalling and threw a fireball at Ice. She tried to avoid it, but her left arm was caught on fire. Ice ran her hand up and down the flame and smiled.

"Cute, very cute." She said as the red and orange flame ran down to her hand. Ice held the flame in the palm of her hand before it went out. "Alright enough playin around." Ice put her right hand in the air. Above her hand formed a large black storm cloud that flashed lightning. Suddenly everyone heard thunder sound. Everyone, but Ice and Warren looked out the window. The once clear sky was now blackened by storm clouds. "Still wanna take your chances sparky?"

Warren ran at Ice as he threw fireballs at her. Ice sent a blast of ice at Warren. It froze him for about a second.

"It's gonna take more than that to stop me." Warren yelled at her. He was too close for Ice to use any of her attacks without really hurting him so she did the next best thing when Warren punched her in the stomach.

Ice fell the to floor and looked up at Warren with tears in her eyes. "How could you? I'm a girl!" She cried. Warren was taken back by what she had said. For some reason Layla noticed Dawn laugh a little.

"I…um…I didn't mean to…um…" Warren couldn't think of the right thing to say that he extinguished the flames on his arms. Suddenly Ice jumped back up and kicked him across the room again.

She laughed at her sneak attack. "God that works every time." She laughed. Ice then fell to her knees to avoid a fireball that was meant for her head. Everyone felt the ground shake. Layla's eyes widened as she gasped.

"Will we have to stop her! I think she's a Earth Witch." Layla said.

"What's an Earth Witch?" Will asked.

"No time to explain just go and get the principal." Layla told him. Will nodded and flew out the cafeteria.

At this time, Dawn was getting scared. Ice and Warren were on the ground fighting. Right now Ice was on top of Warren and punching him. They were rolling around on the ground still trying to beat one another. Dawn suddenly flew out the room and to the front of the school. She saw two teenaged boys, both African-American.

One had dreadlocks to his shoulder blades and dark brown eyes. He wore a white beater with black baggy pants that went into black combat boots with white laces. His name was Raidon.

The other had his hair in cornrows and dark green eyes. He wore a green beater with black baggy pants that went into black combat boots with green laces. His name was Lance.

"Raidon, Lance!" Dawn yelled the two boys looked up from their books and looked at her.

"What do-" Lance started.

"You want?" Raidon finished.

"Ice kind of got into a fight with a flame thrower." Dawn said. They two boys grabbed their backpacks and flew inside.

By the time they got in Ice was back on top of Warren. Lance pulled Ice off of Warren and threw her over to Raidon who held her from trying to beat up Warren. Lance put his knuckle under Ice's chin to make her look at him.

"Ice, knock it off! What the hell did Cole tell you about fighting?" Lance told her. Ice sighed and stopped struggling.

"I didn't even start it." Ice shot back at Lance. Lance turned around and glared down at Warren, who was getting back up with a little help from Layla. Raidon made sure that Lance now held Ice, just incase she would try to start the fight again. He got in Warren's face.

"If you lay another hand on her…they will never find your body." Raidon said as lightning flashed in his eyes. Just then Will came in with Principal Powers. She glared at them, partly because she heard Raidon's threat.

"Who exactly was fighting here?" Powers asked.

"It was her and Warren." Layla told the principal.

"Ice, Warren and Raidon, come with me." She said. Ice and Raidon rolled their eyes and did as they were told, as did Warren. On the way out he saw Elisa hanging on another guy, making him scowl.

They walked into the detention room. "As one of you know, this room neutralizes your powers. Raidon you will be in here for twenty minuets, while Ice and Warren, will be here until around four." Powers said then left the insanely light room. Ice glared at Warren.

"You know this is all your fault." Ice said.

"All I asked you to do was move. You were at my table." Warren said.

"Wait, a sec. Aren't you Warren as in Warren Peace?" Raidon asked. Warren asked.

"So this is the guy that everyone was warning us about." Ice said as she kept on talking. After a minute Warren looked at Raidon.

"Does she always do this?" Warren asked. Raidon nodded at him.

"Yeah, though after almost 16 years of it, you learn to tune her out." Raidon replied. Ice glared at him.

"You know, if I could use my powers right now, you wouldn't have the 'equipment' that makes you male." Ice told him as Raidon closed their legs. Warren tried not to laugh.

After a few minutes Powers came back into the room and Raidon left with a small glare at Warren. Warren looked at Ice and sighed.

"Sorry bout your headphones." He said. Ice looked at him.

"Don't worry about it, I took them from Raidon. Name's Ice." She replied.

"You took your boyfriend's headphones?" Warren asked her. Ice started to laugh at what he said.

"He ain't my boyfriend, he's my older brother along with his twin Lance." Ice replied. "So what was your malfunction?"

"Broke up with my girlfriend." He sighed.

"Oh, good luck with that." Ice told him. Warren looked at Ice weirdly. "What?"

"Aren't you scared of me?" Warren asked. Ice just smiled at him.

"Should I be?" She asked him as she got a binder out of her black and blue backpack. Warren looked at her shocked, before reaching into his backpack. He pulled out his book and started to read while, Ice started to write.

Soon Principal Powers came in. "You may now leave. There is a buss to take you to home." Warren and Ice walked out of the school and got on the buss. It took off into the air, shortly landed and a few minutes later it stopped. Both Warren and Ice got off the buss.

They saw a man in his early twenties sitting on a bench. He had light brown skin with light green eyes and black hair back in cornrows. His black trench coat covered his shirt, but showed his blue jeans. He stood up when he saw Ice get off.

"I'm so screwed." Ice whispered looking at the taller man. Warren looked down at her confused as the bus left. The man in front of them crossed his arms. His eyes darkened till the point they were almost black.

"Ice." He said in a low tone.

"Hi, what are you doin here?" Ice asked him nervously. Warren didn't know what to do. Should he let Ice face him alone or should he leave?

"Funny thing really, your principal called me…apparently you got into a fight, when I told you to not get into any fights today!" He stated.

"Cole, for once it wasn't my fault! I didn't start the fight." Ice told him.

"Ice, don't you dare lie to me!" Cole said intensifying his voice.

"I'm not lying, I didn't start that fight!" Ice replied.

"She's not lying to you. I started it." Warren spoke up. Ice looked at him shocked, as did Cole.

"What?" Cole asked.

"I started the fight, it wasn't Ice's fault." Warren said once more. Cole sighed and his eyes turned back to green. He unfolded his arms.

"Sorry baby sis." He apologized.

"Forget it. Later War." Ice said as she and her brother began to walk away. Warren nodded and started to read his book as he walked, when he turned around.

"HEY, THE NAME'S WARREN NOT WAR!" He yelled at her. Ice looked over her shoulder back at him.

"Alright, bye War." She replied. Warren glared at her, but then shook his head as he walked to the Paper Lantern, since he lived with his mother in the apartment above it.

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