Wind, Fire, and Water

Disclaimer: I don't own Sky High or any of the characters, blah blah... you know the drill.

"When I tell you to, you will step onto the platform and state your name and power followed by a demonstration. Is that CLEAR!" Coach Boomer's voice pushed the first row of freshmen back a few feet.

Everything went as it always did. The kids who were deemed to have hero type powers were put into the hero class, and the other kids which Boomer deemed to have less useful powers were put into the sidekick class.

When everyone was had been classified the gym was filled with a low tone of grumbling.

"Quiet down you whiner-babies!" Coach Boomer yelled. "There's still one left." The freshmen looked around amongst themselves, having been certain that there wasn't anyone left.

"You in the back! Front and Center!" The freshmen all parted as a girl with long white hair made her way up next to Boomer.

"Name and power… hey, you look a little old to be a freshman. Oh wait, you're that transfer student aren't you? He glanced at his clipboard. "Fatima Moore, sophomore. Well, let's see what you've got."

A/N: Yeah, I know it's really short, but I'm just trying to figure out how this site works. (first time posting up here) There will be familiar faces in the next chapter I promise!