Chapter Eleven

The next morning, the house was once again full of chattering voices and by the time Harry made it to the kitchen, the table was already full, and much of the food had vanished.

"Here you go, Harry, dear," Molly said, walking swiftly around the table with a plate already full of food. "I've saved you some breakfast."

Harry smiled gratefully and started to tuck in rapidly. Around him, conversation continued and it was only when nearly all his food had gone that he finally looked up to see Remus watching him. There was a slight smile on his lips.

"Do you think you could have eaten that a little faster?" he asked.

"Probably," Harry replied, a light smile crossing his features before eating the rest of his breakfast in a few seconds. Remus' jaw dropped slightly, amazement crossing his features.

"I'll never understand how you do that," Remus told him, his own breakfast forgotten. He pushed it aside with an elegant wave of his hand. "Anyway, what are your plans for the day?"

"Well yesterday Fred and George –"

He was cut off suddenly by the scraping of chairs and a hush fell over the kitchen when Harry stopped speaking.

"Ah, thank you for reminding us, Harry!" Fred said jovially, clearing the table with a wave of his wand.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen," George said, taking over, "we come before you today with an idea—"

"Nay, a vision!"

"A vision of wonder!"

"A vision of pure—"

"Will you two imbeciles just shut up and get on with it," Severus snapped at them.

Like the day before, Fred emptied out a previously unseen bag onto the table, and a dozen or so pastries tumbled out, one in front of each person.

"What are these?" Arthur asked his son, turning one between his fingers.

"Pure perfection!" George exclaimed enthusiastically. The rest of the group continued to stare at him expectantly. "Well, you remember the Polyjuice Pastries I was showing you yesterday?" he asked, turning to Harry, Tonks and Kingsley. "Well, these are a great improvement on those. These will blow your mind away!"

The group listened in amazement as the twins went on to explain that the new pastries would not only change them into someone else, but into whoever they wanted.

"So all you have to do is hold the images of who you want to become in your head whilst you swallow and then—"

"Tada, you're someone else!" the other continued.

Severus turned his pastry through his hands, assessing it thoroughly. Next to him, Harry could tell that he was wondering what was inside them, and how they worked. Opposite, Tonks was already unwrapping hers. They all held their pastries in front of them, and ate in unison.

"Oh my god, my stomach!" Tonks gasped, fingers clutching at herself. Beside her, Bill was also gripping his stomach, and Kingsley looked like he was about to be sick. Harry looked around at them all in confusion. He was the only one not in pain, the only one not clutching his stomach. And then he realised what was happening to them all, and his gasp went unnoticed amid their moans and cries of pain. Only Remus remained silent throughout it all.

A couple of minutes later, they all stopped and looked up at each other. For a moment, it was as if time stood still and they all stared. And then Sirius began to laugh hysterically, his voice sounding very different. His hands reached up and mapped his face, running over a nose that had never been broken, and a chin that had never really had the touch of stubble upon it. Seventeen year old Sirius Black laughed again, the sound reverberating around the room. It was contagious and soon everyone was laughing, their slightly higher teenage voices joking and conjuring mirrors for one another.

Harry smiled and laughed along with the rest, looking and feeling the same as before. A younger, more carefree Remus looked over at him and smiled brightly. The sandy hair glinting in the sunlight, and Harry found himself examining the previously older man's face.

If it was strange for Harry to stare across the table at a substantially younger Remus, it was nothing to how strange Remus found staring across at Harry. He flashed Harry a charming smile and got up from the table.

"Come on, Har," he said cheerily, leaving the room.

"Remus?" Harry asked, following Remus into the sitting room. "Are you okay?"

The man in front of him flashed him another heart-stopping smile. "I'm wonderful," he replied, and then looked away somewhat shyly. "I just wanted to have you to myself for a while."

Harry smile, imbuing the man with more confidence. "So what's it like then?"

"What's what like?"

Harry laughed. "Remus, are you daft? You've been turned into a teenager for an unknown length of time, and you're wondering what I'm talking about?"

Remus blushed faintly, and Harry took pity on him. He took a step towards Remus, closing some of the distance between them. Remus felt something inside him flutter when Harry rested a hand on his shoulder.

"So, Rem?"

"Oh," he said, his eyes widening slightly. "Well, it's weird, I guess." He smiled again. Harry noticed he'd done quite a lot of that when he'd been younger. "My emotions seem to be up and down already, and it's only been about ten minutes." He shrugged apologetically.

"You do seem more confident, though," Harry pointed out.

"That's a bit on and off too," Remus told him. "I felt really confident once I'd just eaten that pastry but since then, I feel a bit awkward and shy really."

"Wow, it's like you're a real teenager!" Harry grinned. "Hey, I wonder if you're younger than me now?"

"I hope not. That's pushing the boundaries of weird a bit too far for my liking, I think," Remus replied.

Before Harry had a chance to respond, the door burst open and a grinning Sirius waltzed in. A strange emotion crossed over Remus' face upon his entry, but then it had gone before Harry had chance to look more closely.

Remus was vaguely aware that Harry and Sirius were chattering on about something, but he wasn't paying attention. He couldn't take his mind off the young man standing next to him; the object of his affections. He found it far easier to admit his feelings to himself in this young body, and before he knew it, Remus discovered himself planning a conversation with himself in which he confessed his feelings to him. He frowned when he realised what he'd been thinking about, and then resolved to absolve all such thoughts of Harry from his mind henceforth.

When he actually started to pay attention to his surroundings, Remus realised that many of the house's occupants had joined them in the room.

"What's wrong, wolf?" a sneering voice asked to the side of him, "Forgotten where you are? The boy you're dating is a bit distracting, I imagine."

Remus spun around, his eyes flashing dangerously, and for a moment Severus recoiled. Harry reached out and pulled him back before – before what? Remus didn't know what it was he would have done, all he knew was that his blood was pounding fiercely in his ears and he'd wanted to destroy Severus. Destroy him for speaking about Harry like that. And then suddenly he was staring into the eyes of the boy he'd been trying to protect. Confusion and worry shimmered there for a moment, and Remus didn't think he could take looking at them for any longer.

There was a strange pause in the room, and then Harry said something and Sirius laughed brightly. Remus wasn't really paying attention to what was going on around him, and found himself with Tonks chattering to him rapidly, and Harry had moved away with Sirius. He moved away from her and took up a book he'd been reading a couple of days before, only to find that it wasn't nearly so interesting as he was sure it had been before. Remus looked around, his eyes searching for Harry, finding him chattering animatedly to Sirius, who was sitting in one of the comfier chairs.

"Afraid that he's stealing your young lover from you, wolf?" Snape sneered from next to him and Remus saw cruel amusement in his eyes. He glanced over at Harry and watched as Sirius pulled him into his lap. He was overwhelmed with a feeling of nausea and threw his book down onto the coffee table; he had long since stopped pretending to read it. His thoughts briefly wandered to Harry and whether he would even notice he'd gone, let alone care as he stormed from the room. Snape would be laughing at him, Remus was certain of that if nothing else.

He almost flew up the stairs and, had he been paying attention to his surroundings, he would have known that his accidental magic had become out of control: levitating him up the stairs, setting a nearby tapestry alight and locking his door. Remus never touched his wand once. Within moments of entering the room he had kicked off his shoes and had thrown himself face down onto his bed, face buried in the pillow. A crack from behind him some moments later made him jump and Remus knew without turning around that Harry was there. Harry had followed him when he had been so upset and the slightest of smiles touched his lips. He felt foolish now; he had allowed himself to become so upset over nothing and Harry had come after him anyway. Perhaps it was worth it just for that.

"Remus?" It was Harry and Remus felt a fluttering sensation in his stomach that he hadn't felt in a very long time. Hormones had flooded his body and he blamed the Weasley twins for this; he was thinking like some kind of love-struck teenager. Remus bit his lip as Harry moved over to him and didn't turn to look at the young man who approached. Suddenly he didn't want Harry to know how stupid he'd been. He was a grown man! He was twenty years older than Harry! What was he thinking?! There were so many reasons that he should just bury his feelings and Harry would never know.

"Are you okay?" Harry had spoken again and this time Remus turned to look at him. Reason suddenly melted away. "What's going on with you, Rem?"

Remus bit his lip again, aware that Harry had moved closer to him. Suddenly he was pleading that Harry wouldn't touch him. He didn't know how much control he had at that moment and he was definitely going to do something stupid unless he was stopped. It was like the reversal of the way things had begun between them so long ago. He realised that he had yet to speak a word to Harry. His mouth opened and shut again once or twice which only caused Harry's eyebrow to raise questioningly.

"I just..." Remus began and stared at Harry as he shifted so he was sitting beside him on the bed. He was kind enough and warm hearted but he couldn't read Remus' mind and put his thoughts into words which was ideally what he needed right then. Remus was losing it... he was going to do something stupid. Really stupid and irreversible. Harry pressed his hand over his own which lay still on the bed and Remus stared across at Harry's lips.

Harry had absolutely no idea what was going on here. Remus was behaving ridiculously, or so he thought. He had fled the room for no reason, although he had seen a particularly nasty smirk present on Snape's face just before he had apparated up to Remus, giving him chance to get to his room of course. He just wasn't talking at all, and that certainly wasn't like Remus. He seemed to be excellent at communication and had amazing people skills, yet Remus was tongue-tied and appeared unable to hold eye-contact with Harry.

"You just...?" Harry prompted and moved a little closer. They were facing now and Remus was clearly worried about something. It was odd staring at the man who had been in his late thirties only hours before. He was Harry's age now and in the back of Harry's mind there was some satisfaction with that fact.

Harry had no idea where it came from but one moment he was sat, staring into Remus's eyes and the next he was pinned to the bed, Remus's mouth desperately ravishing his own. This was an interesting development. Harry should be stopping this; Remus clearly wasn't capable of thinking properly and rationally in his new, hormone-infused teenage body so he should be the adult here... Except he didn't want to be the adult. He was having quite enough fun as it was.

'Oh my god... you have to stop!' Remus's mind screamed at him as his hands roved Harry's body. Remus's hands had let go of Harry's wrists as soon as he knew he wasn't going to be pushed off and onto the floor and were enjoying every inch of skin they found, wandering up Harry's chest under his shirt. Stopping was not an option now, his mind was too far gone and he was too delirious... Harry's skin, Harry's body, Harry's mouth... His. It was all his and Remus could make it so. He would make it so. No one other than him would touch Harry again.

His moan was lost in Harry's mouth and he pressed down against him, seeking more contact. At the same time he could feel Harry pushing up against him. This was all way too much and Remus was suddenly very warm indeed.

'Hello... Kissing Remus here!' some dim part of Harry's mind was screaming as his tongue continued to duel. It was becoming difficult to breathe however and he knew that he had to pull away. His head slipped to the side and he gasped for air and heard Remus do so next to him. His eyes remained closed and his lips were cruelly brushing against Remus'.

"Oh my god..." Remus murmured softly. His eyes opened slowly and saw Harry looking... beautiful. His soft lips were swollen from HIS kisses and the amazing eyes Remus knew he possessed were hidden behind eyelids which fluttered open at his words. Remus pulled away, afraid of what could happen if he didn't but Harry wrapped an arm round his waist and Remus felt his breath catch in his throat.

"Just stopping you from running," Harry explained. Remus felt something sink inside him; he wanted it to be more than that. He wanted Harry to hold onto him because Harry wanted to do that, because he needed to. Remus pressed against Harry, tucking his head under his chin as he lay on his chest. He had been running his hands over it moments before and it was tempting... very tempting. That was just Harry all over though, irresistible to the last. Remus felt something stir in him at that and he tilted his lips up to Harry's. Harry moved slightly and they brushed together softly, gently; it was a tantalising taste of what could be. All Remus knew was that he wanted this and he was damned if he was going to be stopped from having Harry as his own.

"I'm not going anywhere," Remus breathed as he stared down at a rather startled Harry and pressed their lips together again. This time Harry tried to struggle but his attempt to escape soon faltered as Remus ran his hands lower and lower...

"Rem ... I ...." he managed to choke out before he gasped and Remus grinned, his eyes lighting up. He felt Harry arch under his touch and covered Harry's mouth with his own as he moaned. He could get used to this, Remus decided as his tongue slipped into Harry's mouth again. Harry's fingers tangled in his hair and Remus felt younger than he had in a very long time, of course some of that could be due to the fact that he was in a body twenty years younger than it ought to have been. "God ... no! We have to stop," Harry gasped and pulled back.

"Angel..." Remus pouted and bent down to capture Harry's lips with his own. Harry moved up as if to kiss him and slipped past him so he was sat up. Remus looked at him in confusion and then indignation as he was pushed down to the bed.

"Sorry, Beautiful, but you left me no choice," Harry grinned.

'He thinks I'm beautiful...?' Remus couldn't help but smile shyly in return. What the hell had got into him?! He was NOT a teenager. He was NOT Harry's age. He could NOT date him. He should certainly not have been kissing him and running his hands... well, everywhere. "I'm sorry, Harry... God, I..."

"I should be the one who's sorry," Harry interrupted before Remus could go into self depreciation mode. "I should have stopped you... You couldn't help it."

"I could have stopped it... I SHOULD have stopped it," Remus muttered as he felt Harry lay down on his chest. He knew that his heart certainly shouldn't have been fluttering the way it was.

"Could you hell have stopped it, Remy," Harry laughed and looked up into the werewolf's indignant eyes. "Oh right... so you were perfectly normal? Not under the influence of a sudden flood of hormones at all?"

Remus didn't answer but smiled slightly. Harry was fine - he wasn't angry with him for losing control and kissing him senseless. Twice. Well, okay, admittedly it had been a little more than kissing. More like groping towards the end but that was entirely irrelevant. The point was that Harry was fine. Fine with the whole thing. And willing to do it again, no doubt... Remus's eyes widened. He really wasn't all right - his thoughts were getting way out of hand and if he didn't get away from Harry soon who knew what could happen.

"If you were perfectly normal I suppose I OUGHT to be slightly worried that the next time I see you, my age or not, you might end up pinning me to the bed," Harry continued sounding rather nonchalant and offhand. Remus laughed and found himself staring down at Harry who was lain against his chest. His lips were beginning to look awfully tempting... Maybe if he just leant down and... Merlin! What was with him?!

Remus pulled away from Harry who remained sprawled on his bed, but with a slight pout on his lips. Making them look even more kissable, Remus thought before wanting to beat his head quite severely on the wall. Remus got to his feet and surveyed himself in the mirror - there was no way in hell he could go down for dinner looking as dishevelled as he did.

"I'm going to go shower before dinner, go make yourself useful somewhere," Remus told him.

"Sure... I'm sure Snape could do with some love, or I could come with you instead?" Harry grinned.

"Mmmm... that would be nice," Remus said and then froze. 'Did I say that outloud?! My god!'

Harry laughed and gave him a quick hug before wandering off down the corridor leaving Remus watching him walk away. Once Harry was out of sight, he turned and went in search of a shower, all the time wondering whether he really would kiss Snape. That thought was usually quickly followed by frustrated thoughts pertaining to when he'd get his own body back. He could only hope it was sometime soon or Merlin only knew what next time would bring...