Hollow Bastion Fan Fiction Academy

By: Rain Urameshi

Chapter 0: A Meeting in Darkness

"I'm sorry for calling this meeting, but we have important things to discuss."

Silence hung in the darkened room for a few moments.

"I am… intending to begin rewriting the adventures of the students at this facility, Headmaster."

"You don't say?"

"Too much time has elapsed between what is already written and the changes that canon has undergone. The curriculum has to be rethought to accommodate both these changes to canon and the… wave of bad fan-fiction that now overwhelms the fan base."

"Rain, be glad that YOU'RE not the one writing all this."

"Please be quiet, Ranko. Rain, what… exactly has happened to the fan base?"

"The are obsessed with 'yaoi' and tend to disregard canon as a whole. They also do not seem to understand the fact that Nobodies just do not have Hearts. I have lost count of all the trash that has accumulated regarding Nobodies falling in love with one another."

"Well, certainly within AU it can be forgiven, Rain Harada."

"Unfortunately, I am speaking of offences that take place with canon restrictions still in place."

"… …"

"It is truly that bad, Headmaster."

"Hey—we can't forget that people almost ALWAYS leave out the Disney characters!"

"Yes, that is another trend. It is truly saddening to know that the majority of the fan base thinks so little of the Disney characters."

"… … Rain, I give full permission for your Author to begin rewriting the chronicles of this academy."

"Thank you, Headmaster Nomura. I shall notify her immediately."

"Ranko, have the memories of the students been wiped clean?"

"Yeah, they have--the Department of Implausible Crossovers sent in Agent Nozaki to denueralize them. The students no longer remember any of their time here, and each has been to the point in time that they were taken from."


"Rain... what are you going to do when it comes time to..."

"... we will see when that time comes, my Weaver and Chronicler. Now, I suggest you start recruiting."

"... Yes, ma'am."