The Dating Game.

By Patriot for Christ.

Disclaimer: I do not own Logan/Wolverine, Matt Murdock, or Elektra Natchios. All the other characters are most likely ones that I came up with myself.

Chapter 1

Scene takes place thirteen years after Anamarie has been born. A whole mess of new mutants are at the school… Anamarie, or Marie as she likes to be called, is sitting in a classroom.

Anamarie sat there. She seemed quite bored. She looked around, wondering what time it was. Then she remembered, she had a clock in her desk. She opened it up to reveal the time: 1:47. Thirteen more minutes until class, and school ended for the day.

Thirteen minutes later, Marie got up and headed out of the classroom. She headed towards her locker, but was stopped on the way.

Four girls surrounded her.

"Hey, Marie. What do you have today?" one of them laughed.

Another girl stared at her. Her eyes grew red with flames, and her body started to glow.

"Will you quit bothering me!" Marie grunted.

Another one stared at her. A long finger stretched and seemed to turn into rock. It poked her throat, and Marie started to bleed.

"I said stop it!" she screamed.

The last on stared at her. She obviously was the leader of the four. She grabbed Marie and ripped her backpack off of her and started digging in it.

Marie's blood trickled down her neck, onto her shirt. "Great!" she yelled, "Another shirt ruined!"

"Too bad you can't do anything about it… Other than heal!" the leader laughed.

"Why I ought to-" Marie said, but she was cut off. Her dad stood there, looking at the four girls. Then he turned his attention towards his daughter. He saw the blood on her shirt.

"That's two hours of detention!" he yelled at the four girls. He ripped the backpack out of the one girls hand and stuffed it next to his daughter.

"You're totally unfair, Mr. Logan!" one of the girls whined.

"I am? This is the third time this month you've made fun of my daughter. This is the fourth time this month you have injured my daughter. I gave you warnings, but you didn't listen. Now head off to detention!"

With that, the four girls walked down the hallway, moping as the shuffled away.

"Marie, this is the last straw! You need to stand up for yourself!" Logan lectured his daughter.

"Yeah dad, easy for you to say." Marie complained. "My only ability is to heal. And that's probably all I'll ever have."

"Well, that doesn't mean you can't fight them off!"

"What am I supposed to do? Become a ninja?" Marie joked.

"Actually, I've looked into that. I've signed you up with one of the best teachers around. His name is: Alexander Murdock. He's the son of Elektra Natchios-Matt Murdock's husband. You know, the lawyer?"

Marie nodded. "Well, I supposed it'd be better than nothing." and with that, she walked off.

As she was walking down the hallway, she was approached by a young man, most likely around the age of 14.

She continued walking. He followed. This continued for about two minutes until she turned around and stared at him.

"Is there something I can help you with?" she asked him. Her eyes seemed to shine.

"Yeah, I don't know if you know me or not, but…"

Marie continued walking. It looked as if this boy was trying to begin a conversation. She wanted nothing other than to leave.

"Wait," he said, grabbing at her arm, "I'm Matt."

She turned around, almost expecting for a follow up.

"I have the ability to shoot vines from the back of my hand. You've probably seen me in gym." he nodded his head.

Marie stared at him.

"Okay, maybe not." Matt said. "Anyways, I was wondering if you'd like to go and see a movie with me and some of my friends. You can bring a friend or two along if you'd like."

Marie smiled. "Sorry, I have a lot of work today. Maybe some other time." with that, she bolted down the hallway.

That night, Marie was sent to the ninja training teacher, Alexander Murdock. She was to begin lessons right away, or that's what her father had said.

When she got to the large wooden house, she stepped inside and looked around. It looked ninja style. It was beautiful.

All of the sudden, a black figure dropped out of nowhere and lunged strait at her. Quickly, she jumped aside and watched as the figure went through the open doorway, and crashed onto the wooden steps outside.

"I see that your fast." the figure said, bounding back into the room. "That is good."

"Yeah, well…" she stuttered.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Marie." the man said, taking off his mask and taking a quick bow.

She did the same thing. "The pleasure's all mine." she smiled.

"Okay, now on to the training!" he said. They moved onto the training, and stayed that way until late into the night.

The next day, during recess, Marie was over at the playground, just walking around. She was bored stiff.

The four girls approached her once more.

"Look here, you're daddy's not here to protect you!" the leader giggled.

"Go away!" Marie glared.

"Not until you show us your real abilities. That is, if you have any!" she laughed. The others joined in.

"Fine!" Marie muttered. She knew she didn't have any yet, of course.

"Ooooo! Did you… All of the sudden become a real mutant?" one of them laughed.

Marie stood there, just waiting to see what they would do. She seemed to be reaching a boiling point with these four girls.

One of them push her backwards, then another, and then another, and so it continued. Until finally, Marie burst. She grabbed their leader and slammed her onto the ground in front of a basketball hoop. The ground shook when she threw the girl. The basketball hoop shattered into a million tiny pieces.

"Oh… Oh… Okay, no need to-" one of the girls stuttered. But before she could finish, Marie grabbed her leg and flipped her backwards onto the grassy area surrounding the court. She grabbed the other two and kicked them backwards before they could escape. They fell to the ground with two large grunts.

"Don't you ever bother me again!" she screamed.