Title: Hostages

Summary: Brian and Michael are in their local bank when it is held up. Sex, violence and m/m slash.

Ben, Justin, Debbie, Emmett and Teddy were waiting outside for news. All of them were huddled together. Ben was panicking openly, but Debbie was quiet. Justin merely stood there, looking at everything like it was a dream. Emmett and Teddy held each other silently.

"Have you heard anything yet?" Melanie and Lynnsey arrived, embracing Debbie, and then Ben, Justin, Teddy and Emmett.

"SWAT have just gone in" Debbie said, her voice flat. "They've raided the bank and someone has been shot inside. They've blocked off the street, and they are making us wait."

"I'm so sorry" Lynnsey said sympathetically. "Melanie and I heard about this on the news. Luckily, our babysitter was watching the news too and came right on over."

Debbie nodded, she seemed exhausted. Justin and Ben were standing protectively on her right and left.

"No-one's come out yet. Apparantly there are loads of hostages. Its bad. Really bad." Teddy seemed to be breaking inside. Emmett held onto him for dear life.

Debbie shook her head. "Mikey will be fine."

Ben sobbed and shook his head desperately. "How on earth can you know that?"

Debbie gave a small smile. "He's with Brian. He won't let anything happen to Mikey. Never has."

Brian looked up and around himself. He squinted as a blanket was tossed over the pair of them, and saw men in police uniforms milling around.

A stretcher carried the dead bodies of the kidnappers away.

Michael shifted in his arms a little. Brian looked into Michael's face - he was exhausted. Little dark rings were under his eyes and his face was pale with shock.

They were still skin-to-skin, and Brian was holding onto Michael protectively. His hand was touching Michael's pale face. He leant down and kissed Michael's mouth.

Michael was trembling. His lips were quivering and Brian deepened the kiss between them until he felt Michael relax and stop shaking. No-one was watching them. Everything was chaotic around them. They seemed to have been forgotten by the world.

"Its always been just the two of us, hasn't it Mikey?" Brian asked.

Michael smiled and closed his eyes. Within moments he had fallen asleep on Brian's shoulder.

The two men were taken to the waiting ambulance outside. Draped in the blanket, Michael clung to Brian, and Brian held onto Michael. They seemed as one being, and wouldn't allow themselves to be separated.

"Thank God! You two are alive!" Debbie ran up to them and flung her arms around them both. Brian winced. "What the fuck has happened to you?"

Brian grimaced. "Shot in the arm. Apart from that, we're both fine."

"Don't give me the 'we're both fine' crap, Brian Kinney. Michael's as white as a sheet. What did they do to you?" Debbie placed her hands on her hip, looking worriedly at Michael, and then back at Brian.

"Michael?" Ben asked. He reached out to enfold Michael in his arms.

Michael cringed and moved away.

"Michael!" Ben cried, trying to take him into his arms.

"Fuck off." Brian shouted, shoving Ben away roughly with his good arm.

"What happened to you in there?" Justin asked softly. "Are you all right Brian?"

Brian was shaking. He definitely didn't want the attention of all his friends. He didn't want anyone to touch him. Anyone but Michael.

"I said fuck off. All of you. Michael's in shock. Back off." Brian pushed past all of them, and took Michael to the ambulance. They sat on a stretcher together, Michael still pressed against his heart.

"Fuck. If I've given you anything ..." Brian muttered under his breath.

"Don't say that" Michael said softly, tracing Brian's face with his fingers. His voice was barely audible. "I don't care, Brian."

"I care, Michael. I care more than you know." Brian smiled sadly at Michael, kissing his forehead.

"I love you." Michael whispered. His eyes were closing again. The trauma of the day had taken its toll, and he was worn.

"I love you too, Michael. For now and forever. Always. Just you and me. Is that what you want?" Brian gently asked, but Michael was already asleep in his arms.

"I need to see Michael" Ben shouted into the phone. "What the fuck are you doing with him? He's been over at your loft for a week now."

"Ben, Michael isn't ready to see you yet." Brian said calmly. "He's not ready to see anyone but Debs."

"And you, of course. Always has to be you, Brian!"

"Always has and always will be." Brian chuckled into the telephone.

"When will he be ready to speak to me?" Ben asked sarcastically.

"How the fuck should I know that? Ben, he's not spoken to anyone since the hold-up. Not you, not Emmett, not Teddy. No-one!"

"What am I supposed to do then?" Ben asked desperately. "Just wait around and hope that he calls me?"

Brian looked over to Michael lying on the bed naked. Michael was smiling at him. "I wouldn't wait around if I were you. I think Michael has, other things on his mind at the moment."

Brian cut Ben off and disconnected the phone. He sauntered over to Michael, smiling, and lay by his side. "I can't believe you still let me touch you after all that."

Michael pulled Brian down for a kiss. Their lips met tenderly as Brian lay atop Michael, moving in a gentle rythmn to make him aroused.

"It wasn't your fault, Brian." Michael said with certainty. "Your the only person I've ever really trusted. I can't imagine not having you touch me." He smiled a cheeky smile, moving beneath Brian and bucking a little. "I couldn't imagine you not coming inside me, loving me. I just don't want anything else."

Brian sighed a little. "You will have to face the outside world eventually, Mikey. That means Ben too."

Michael smiled and nodded. "But not yet, right?"

Brian shook his head and grinned. "Not right now. I have plans for you."

Michael smiled. "Love you, Brian."

Brian leant down and whispered into Michael's ear. "I love you too, Mikey."

Then two became one.