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"You can't!"

"You're lying right?"

She shook her head, small droplets falling from her face. Her green eyes showed sadness, showed that she didn't want to do it. But she had no choice; it was her parent's wishes. She couldn't say anything about it; she couldn't do anything about it…

Sakura looked out the window as the car sped along the highway crossing the bridge. The sun was shining across the water making it sparkle. The weather was betraying them. It was too cheerful for today. It seemed as if it were happy for this day.

She sighed as she looked away from the window. It was quite. Her parents were sitting at the front of the car and she was alone at the back. Trailing behind them were her friends wishing to see her for the last time.

"Sakura," the message began. "In a weeks time we will be coming back home. Pack up your things. We're moving."

The shock of that message made her shake. She was shocked. For once when she thought she would stay in one place, but she was wrong.

"You're father has decided to open another business."

She just stood there numbly. The words were floating around in her head.

"We'll be moving, but this time…"

When she had told her friends they were shocked beyond belief.

"We can still visit you right Sakura?" Naruto asked.

"I mean, it can't be too far right?"

The girl just stood there, rooted to the spot unable to do anything. Slowly she lifted her head up.

"No…" she whispered.


"It's not far isn't it?"

"We can still come right?"

"We're going farther this time…"

"Tell us, Sakura!" they pleaded.

"To America." she choked out as her body shook with sobs.

The stood there motionless. America? America…It was far…very far… She turned her head to Sasuke. He too was standing there not moving. He looked at her with an unreadable expression and took off.


Their eyes were wide when they saw the boy run off. But unknown to them were his tears.

"Sakura, we're here." her mother's soft voice called out to her.

Sakura nodded and got out of the car. Her father had already opened up the trunk and pulled out their luggage. Their other things would be shipped over after they had settled in.

"You're father has decided to open a new business in New York."

That's right. Her father had wanted to go overseas with his business before. His wish had finally come true. The loud sounds of engines roared above their heads. Their hair whipped around their faces as the wind blew.

The girl turned around as her friends followed them. A look of sadness once again washed onto her face. They gave her a smile telling her that it was alright and not to worry.

'Not to worry…'

The entered the large building as the doors slid open. People were walking around, finding their right check-in areas. The sound of rolling bags clicking and the voices through the intercom surrounded the area. Even though it was quite noisy in there, it seemed as if their ears were plugged. (I get that feeling…)

Sakura walked over to her parents as her father began to speak with the woman that worked behind the counter of the check-in area. The woman was typing and then took their passports. She glanced at each person briefly and handed it back to Sakura's father. After a few more minutes, they were checked-in and ready to go.

"Sakura." her Dad's deep voice rumbled out.


"We still have another hour before we should really get going. Why don't you and your friends eat a bit over at the café."

Sakura turned her head around and spotted a small little shop. This would be the last time she would ever see them, so this time she would cherish every moment they would have forever.

As they sat in the little shop, it was silent. It seemed a bit depressing but none seemed to want to talk.

"Sakura, we're really going to miss you…" Tenten finally spoke up.

"Me too." Sakura said as she looked at the girl.

"We can always talk on the phone, email and messenger too."

"Don't forget the snail mail!"

They smiled as Naruto added some humor. It helped the gloomy atmosphere, but something was still amiss.

"Do you remember the first day you came to Konoha High Sakura?"

Sakura giggled and nodded her head.

"Who wouldn't? I was nearly trampled to death by your fan girls!"

They all laughed and began to reminisce about the past. About the time (Random fillers, something's I put here will be parts that never happened in the story) when the bread in the oven in the school's Home Ec. room had exploded in Ino's face. Or the time when Neji 'accidentally' fell in the boys washroom toilet. God knows what had happened there but from what the girls heard, Neji was trying to reach for something and he wasn't tall enough. Since there were no chairs around the toilet was the next best thing. He had gotten the item but then slipped with a loud thunk and his foot was stuck in there and his body was sprawled out on the floor.

The mood had certainly lightened up. It was as if Sakura wasn't leaving and like it was old times. But still something was missing… Sakura looked at them and smiled. Yes, there was something missing, or rather someone. Her smile faltered and once again she looked downwards.

For the effect, start playing Yubiwa by Maaya Sakamoto now.
"It's okay Sakura. He'll be here."

"Even though he's a bastard, he'll still come."

She nodded her head but still, there was a nagging thought in the back of her mind that he wouldn't be there.

(Guess whooo!)

"Dammit!" he shouted as the boy slammed his fist onto the steering wheel.

Again he looked at the clock in his car. There was only fifteen minutes left. She would be gone soon after that. The traffic was unbearable as his car had been stuck there for at least an hour. The cars in front didn't seem to move, everything was at a stand still.

"Dammit all!"

"I'm leaving for America…"

"Don't leave yet Sakura. Not yet, not until I get there." he said quietly as he clutched a small black box in his other hand.

"Sakura, there's ten minutes left…"


Time was running out. He still hadn't shown up.

"We should head back now…"

"But Saku-"

"If he doesn't want to come then…"

"Sakura! We know him better than anyone else! I know he'll come! We know he'll come!" Naruto snapped.

She was taken back. Naruto had never snapped at anyone before…Her face hardened and she shook her head.

"If he was going to come he'd be here right now."

She got up and quietly they each paid their share. As the walked back to the check-in it was quiet again. No chatter, no murmurs, no nothing. Sakura stopped abruptly and then turned around. Her eyes were no longer sparkling with life but now dulled. She seemed to be tearing apart on the inside. She needed comfort even if it was just for a few seconds before she went.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be."

"I don't want to leave."

"We know."

"We don't want you to go either.

"I want to have a choice."

The other girls walked up towards her with tears streaming down their eyes.

"We know. We want one too."

Their tears kept coming down their cheeks as each gave her a hug. The boys then gave her a hug to but with a grim look on their faces.

"We'll miss you Sakura."

"We love you so much."

Sakura began to hiccough as she cried harder. Her parents were now approaching her. It was almost time go.

"Sakura, we need to go now."

"But can't I-"

"I'm sorry, but we have to go."

"Please just five more-"

"Sakura, we've given you an hour. That should have been enough time!"

"Dad! Please! Just five more! Nothing over five! Please!"


"Please Taka, just let her."

He looked over next to his wife and sighed.

"Alright, five minutes. That's it."

They turned away and walked a few steps away from them. They needed all the time they could get. They needed time for Sasuke to arrive. He needed it.

He was speeding. There was so little time left. He could almost see it now. More and more planes were seen in the blue sky. He could almost see it. Only a few more minutes and he would be there. Just a few more and he would be able to see her for one last time.
"Sakura, let's go. Five minutes is up."


"No. You said five minutes. Nothing over it. We need to go."


"We thought he would come Sakura…" Hinata whispered as she tried to hold back her tears.

"I know."

"But he loves you…"


"Let's go Sakura!"

She nodded and gave her friends one last hug and bid her farewells. Slowly she turned around and began to walk. Her heart was broken. Inside, she was tearing apart. She tried to stop herself again from crying. But she couldn't. He wasn't here to comfort her.

He frantically began to look for signs of pink hair but saw none. Cursing he began to run, looking over the heads of people. He ran over to the check-in stations hoping to just get on last glimpse of her even if he couldn't say good-bye to her…or give her what was inside the box.

As the seconds and minutes ticked by, he was losing hope. He wasn't quick enough. Wasn't fast enough. All he could do now was wander around aimlessly hoping to just bump into her. But then…


She heard her name being called. It sounded familiar too, the voice. Slowly she turned her head around. Her eyes widened at the sight. It was Sasuke, running towards her with a fierce look in his eyes.

"Sakura!" he called out again.

He lips tilted up into a smile as she watched him. Her feet started to move her forward towards him. Everyone was smiling and grinning.

"I told you he'd come!"

"Sakura…" he panted as he reached her.

Sakura's father turned around and found his daughter no longer trailing behind them. He was about to open his mouth and shout at her until he felt his wife's hand on his arm.

"Let her. A few minutes more won't hurt."

He nodded.

"You came…"


"You're late…"

"I know."


"I'm sorry."

"I'm leaving…"

"Promise me."

She looked up at him confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Promise me you'll come back. Promise me you won't forget me. Promise me that you'll always be mine and I will always be yours."


"Promise me that you'll love me…"

He pulled a small black box out of his coat pocket. Sasuke clicked it open and inside was a small white gold band with small crystals imbedded into it. The crystals formed a small cherry blossom. She smiled as he lifted the ring out of its velvet cushions.

"Promise me…" he whispered to her quietly.

A single tear rolled down her cheek.

"I promise. I promise you my heart, my love, my soul."

"I love you."

He slipped the ring onto her left ring finger.

"I love you too."

They had made promises to each other, binding themselves together. He smiled softly and pulled her into a tight hug. It was as if she had become undone again because at that moment she broke down again into sobs. But this time they weren't of sadness but of happiness. It was like something had been fulfilled in her.

"I love you." she said again.

He lowered his head and placed a soft kiss on her lips. It was a short kiss but it was one of love and one of anguish for the day.

"Come back."

"I will."

They broke apart unwillingly.

"Sakura, it's time to go."

"I know. Just one last thing."

"We'll miss you Sakura."

"Visit us!"

"Call us when you get there okay?"

"Don't forget us."

Sakura smiled and nodded her head and once again gave her friends one last hug. When she got to Sasuke, she looked up at him and smiled and pecked his lips. He smirked and pulled her into his arms again and deepened that simple kiss to something more.

"Let's go Sakura." her father said gruffly.

She smiled as she lowered her head. Giving one last smile she turned around and began the start of her new life…

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