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Eric's P.O.V.

Eric Cartman slowly opened his eyes. Sun was leaking in from a sky light above him. He blinked rapidly and then noticed two almost identical figures above him. They were leaning over him watching him carefully.

"Godammit…what time is it?" he asked huskily.

"5:30 AM." A figure replied.

"Then what the fuck are you doing here?" Eric hissed.

"We need to see the sun." The other figure replied.

"At 5:30? I don't think so assholes, so if you'll just…

"Errrrrrrrrriccccccc" whined the first figure. "Obviously you forgot, we are supposed to be young. Young people are supposed to get up early, and then we're supposed to run and greet the sun, we already missed saying good morning…"

"God, you guys are such fags." He glowered. Now that he was up, what was the point in going back to bed?

The three boys took bikes down the street. Hardly anyone was awake yet, only them and part of the sun. Eric couldn't help feeling happy. Even if it was so early. He and his friends dumped their bikes carelessly on the side of the road and ran up the hill just in time to see the rest of the sun rise. As it did Eric looked over at his two friends, not figures anymore in the bright light.

Kyle and Stan were grinning happily…looking dorky in Eric's opinion. They then looked at each other and their smiles disappeared. Eric didn't get why. They didn't hate each other, they hated him! But this frown was more of a…not getting what you want frown. Eric often used this kind of frown when his mom wouldn't buy extra cheesy poofs or when she wouldn't get him a special toy.

What weren't they getting that they wanted? Each other? Duh, Eric thought. No way! That would make them dirty little faggots…and he laughed the thought off. But it stuck in the back of his head for days, months, and even years. Even as they both got girlfriends, even as they grew apart and changed, even as they headed off for separate colleges without anything but a careless good bye. Eric still felt that something had been said with that "Not getting what I want frown." He never could quite forget it.

Stan's P.O.V.

When you're twenty-five, finishing college up, and starting to get job interviews life is very, very hard. That's why Stan needed a damn break. He was sick of Denver, he was sick of loud cars, he was sick of rude people, and most of all he was sick of Ruby, his loud ass, bitchy girlfriend, who he only stuck with because she was the hottest girl in
Denver. He knew what he had to do.

He has avoided his home town for the past seven years, having his parents and sister come up to visit him. Now he was filled with regret thinking of his friends and family who he had blown off. Now he was going to South Park to visit them. Would they even remember him? Would they care? Did they still live there anyway? Mostly when he thought of friends he thought of Kyle. His best friend who he had basically removed from his life. It was because he had had feelings for his friend that friends really shouldn't have for each other. A very long time ago he had told his friend about them, and Kyle had been, well as a under statement…shocked. Not in a grossed out way but a I get what you mean way. They discussed it a realized the best thing to do would be to get over it. Let it go. Maybe stop seeing each other so much and the feelings will disappear.

That had seemed to work for Kyle, but not so much for Stan. He fell more and more for his friend the less he saw of him.

Now he was going back to where he and Kyle had grown up together. Was his friend still even there?

"When will you be back?" Ruby asked.

"Whenever." Stan responded. Then to apologize for being so cold he leaned up and kissed his girlfriend tenderly. "See you baby, I'll miss you."

That, of course, was a lie but…

He had more things to worry about as he headed towards his home town.

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