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Kenny's POV

The whole scene was in uproar. Cassadi had fainted and only recently woken up. For once, Kenny noted, she looked like absolute shit. Lucinda was sitting by her side, fanning her and trying to whisper comforting things into her ear, but it wasn't helping. Lucinda was just as shook up as Cassadi. Kenny was pretty sure her Botox was failing; her face was becoming rather droopy.

Kyle's parents, on he other hand, were not at all excited. They looked perfectly calm, and as Ike watched Lucinda and Cassadi scrambling around, voices high and squeaky, the adolescent had to cover his mouth to stifle his giggles.

Cassadi's guests, a good portion of the attendees, were talking quickly and quietly. None of them really liked Cassadi or her family, but they were the richest of all, so they had to pretend to be upset…it seemed mandatory.

"Dude…" Eric's round face was serious, but his fat almond eyes were sparkling with excitement. "We should tell them what's going up."

"Down, dumb ass." Kenny corrected. "What's going down." Two elderly ladies seated next to them gasped at Kenny's curse word, but Kenny chose to ignore the old bats.

He approached the podium near the front of set, where at this time, Kyle and Cassadi would be saying their "I do's" if everything had gone as planned.

"Um…attention." Kenny muttered into the connected microphone. "Attention!" he hollered, with more confidence this time.

All the guests turned, surprised to be addressed by such a young, poor looking man.

"Kyle is one of my closest friends. We've known each other for ever, really." Kenny was talking slowly. "I think I might know the reason he left..."

"I know the fucking reason he left!" Cassadi said tearfully. "He ran to that fucking asshole, Stan or whatever. He's a fucking fag! I almost married a fag."

Kenny became aware that Cassadi wasn't upset about Kyle running away, she was upset because he was gay, and that she had fucked someone who was gay.


Kenny had meant for that to be in his mind…but the words formed on his lips as well.


Kyle's parents looked slightly amused, Ike now had his head in his hands, his whole body shaking with laughter. Eric wasn't even trying to hide his laugher, he let it all out. The guests next to him were looking at him disgustedly. They had never seen such scum. Ironically, they had probably never had fun either, Kenny thought. It went hand in hand.

Kenny jumped off the tiny stage, snickering at his own mistake. He grabbed Eric's hand and pulled that fat man out the doors, both collapsing from laugher as soon as the doors shut behind them.

They didn't fit in well with the rich…

And neither did Kyle.


Stan's POV

Stan was a toy. That's what he felt like, a fucking toy that had been broken so many times; he could no longer be fixed.

So his owner had thrown him away for something better.

Something richer, something that cost more.

Cassadi, that horrid wench.

He had told Kenny and Eric he didn't care, it was Kyle's mistake. But honestly, who was paying for Kyle's mistake?

Well, it wasn't Kyle.

And as far as that bastard went, Stan had no idea why he was upset. He had seen how truly awful Kyle was, why would he want that?

He was in love with the old Kyle, the one who no longer existed. He had thought he could bring him back. But he couldn't…that Kyle was dead.

The new Kyle was not only a stupid man whore, he was Cassadi's puppet.

"Stan…are you sure you want to go back to Denver? I don't know if you're ready, you look a little down."

"Yeah, mom it's great…I'm fine. I want to go, really." He set his hand on her shoulder.

"Oh, honey. You're so depressed, I can just tell. Do you wanna talk about it?" She ran her hand through her only son's hair; it was already messy from being neglected.

"No, I…" he wanted to tell her, but reenacting the seen would be too painful, besides, he would have to explain his gay feelings, although for some reason he felt his mom already knew. "I'm fine."

Sharon stood on her toes to kiss her son's cheek, and then turned his head ever so slighly she could whisper in his ear.

"Kyle will come around, just you watch."

She did know.

And it made him feel ten times better to know she was on his side.


Kyle's POV

He couldn't make himself think, he was too excited and happy.

"So you're going to Colorado?" Asked the pretty flight attendant as he stepped up to show her his ticket.

"That's what the ticket says, right?" He said grinning; he could tell she was trying to flirt with him.


"I'm going to visit my lover." He answered casually.

"She's very lucky." The attendant flashed him a very toothy white smile.

"I'm very lucky to have him." Kyle corrected politely.

The flight attendant's eyes got wide, and she blushed.

"Have a nice flight sir." She spoke rather fast.

"I will thanks!" He chuckled to himself. Poor girl, he really was a dickhead.


"Hi Mrs. Marsh…is Stan here?"

"Kyle! Whatever are you doing here sweetheart! You're supposed to be on your honeymoon!"

Kyle sighed. "You can't have a honeymoon without a wedding."

"Oh, did she dump you sweetie?" Sharon looked sad for him.

"No, actually. I walked out on her. She wasn't…right for me." Kyle didn't know if Sharon knew who the right one was yet.

"Well, I'm sorry to say Stan recently packed up and headed back to Denver, and I don't know if he's in the mood for company…um, especially yours."

So she did know.

Kyle lowered his voice. "Sharon, please, I know I hurt your son…but that was just plain stupidity. I me again, I swear!"

"No, I don't think it would be a good idea." Sharon frowned.

"Please, I have to see him! Jesus Christ, I love him! I'm trying to make it up!"

Sharon stared at him.

"You what..?"

"I LOVE HIM!" Kyle was losing patience. Every moment wasted was a moment Stan was by himself and God only knows what he could accomplish alone.

"Oh..." Sharon's eyes welled up and she hugged the Jew.


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Stan couldn't believe his eyes.


"Hi..." Kyle whispered back.

"What the hell are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to…" Kyle cut him off…

"Let's just not…talk about that."


"Let's just say it…didn't work out."

"Oh, I'm sorry…I guess."

"No you're not." Kyle grinned sheepishly.

Stan frowned. "Listen what do you want?"

"I wanted to apologize…for…you know."

"No, Kyle, I don't."

For being an asshole...and the Cassadi thing." Kyle didn't want to admit this.

"Listen, I have to get up early tomorrow, maybe you should just go before this gets any worse."

"It's bad?"


"No! I came here all the way the fuck from California to talk with you. Getting up early can wait, I think."

"I think not." Stan scowled at him.

"Stan…c'mon. We're going for a walk."

"No! I told you…"

Kyle grabbed his arm and yanked him out the door.



"I don't want to…"

"Want to what Stan? Are you afraid of what's going to happen?"


"With me…now."

"No! I'm not scared of you!"

"Good..." Kyle grabbed his shoulders and slammed Stan into his own front door. It hurt like hell, but when Kyle's lips met with his, the pain felt somewhat like pleasure. Kyle grabbed him around the shoulders and tried to pull him in closer, but Stan finally gained his senses and shoved the other man away.

"Stan…what?" Kyle asked surprised.

"I can't do that..."

"Do what?




A playful smile crossed Kyle's lips.

"I didn't ask you to do me…"

"I can't even trust you, you expect me to be with you?"

The smile faded.

"What? You can trust me…"

"No, I can't."

"Look…I know I hurt your feelings, but I came to make up for it! Cassadi and I are over! For good! She'd never take me back and even if she would I'd never have her…we can be…"

"Happy?" Stan blinked back tears. "You think we'd be happy? Honestly, with your attitude, happy is the last thing…

"Stan…I love you…come on."

"I don't love you…not anymore. Not after I saw what you're capable of doing to me. Please, just go…I need you to leave me alone."

Kyle, unlike Stan, didn't hide the tears.

"So that's it…" He sobbed. "I make a mistake and you don't love me."

Stan pulled in a shaky breath.

"I guess so."

"Can we even be friends?"

"No, no..." Stan broke down at this time as well.

"There's nothing I can do to fix this?"

"No, just go."

It was a break heart scene…two young men, sobbing in the doorway of a Denver apartment building.

"Well, then…" Kyle said with shuddery words. "It was really nice knowing you, sorry things never worked out."



Then Kyle was gone.


Stan woke a couple of nights later screaming for Kyle. He picked up the phone and dialed his home number, hoping the red head would still be home.


"Hey, Kyle?"


"Is Kyle there?"

"Uh...yeah, he's leaving for Boston Monday though, so it's a good thing you called now."


"Yeah, one minute. KYLE!"





"Kyle, its Stan."

The man's voice turned cold.

"Oh….I'm really busy, make it short."

"No hi?"

"I'm not really polite to people who aren't my friends, actually."

"Kyle come on…"

"What is it with you? I try to be nice, you're rude. I try to be rude, you're nice! Make up your mind!

"Whatever, I was thinking…when are you coming home from Boston?"

"Six to Eight weeks, why?" Kyle sounded mildly interested.

"I don't know, we could…like, meet somewhere before you go and hang out. Just us?"

He thought Kyle was going to bring something up about "Not friends" or "Never seeing each other again." Instead there was a pause, and then…

"Ok then."

"Ok, just call me when you get home then?"


"Um, cool…it's going to be nice to see you after so long."


"Yeah you know, seven years."

Kyle almost dropped then phone.

"Stan, it's…"

Then he got the hint.

"Right, seven years. We so much to catch up on! Do you know I almost got married about a week ago?"

"I had no idea!" Stan gasped.

"Yeah! Weird right?"

"She was a real bitch though."

"Oh, that's too bad."

"Well, I'm wasting valuable packing time, tomorrow at two? I can find your place."

"Ok, and Kyle?"


"You'll always be my best friend, and I'll always love you for that, if nothing else…"

Kyle grinned to himself.

"Bye Stan!"


Stan wanted to dance around the room, but he just jumped up excitedly instead.

He was getting a third chance at Kyle.

And the third time is the charm!

The End.

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Kyle had become a different person in Stan's eyes, and Stan didn't want Kyle acting like that, so he decided to start over with him, like he hadn't seen him since high school, because the second time around was just too painful. Kyle was willing to change because he loved Stan, you should get it now.

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