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Retroville's resident Boy Genius James Isaac Neutron frowned slightly as he looked up from his recent non-working invention to find his two friends, Carl Wheezer and Sheen Estevez, poking around his lab.

"Uh… guys? You might not want to – NO!" Jimmy yelled, as Sheen, in heated sudden conversation with Carl over Ultra Lord and the sudden comment of a Llama Sidekick, pushed Carl backwards angrily.

Carl had bumped a shelf, knocking down some extensive vials of unmarked liquids; some clear, some thickly gooish like, and others seeming to have no liquid at all, but when shaken, turned dangerous shades of red, green, and blue.

Jimmy quickly bent over and picked up the vials. Most of them had begun to shake, under pressure. He quickly threw them into the containment chamber, and closed it.

Sheen smiled dumbly, but happily, as he counted off on his fingers.

"And five… four… three… two… ONE!" he said, jumping up at the count of one just as a large explosion made the lab shake.

"Oh man… those were important science records of alien substances!"

Inventions fell off the shelves and onto the floor, and as Carl was teetering from the explosion, trying to stay upright, he tripped over Jimmy's Shrink Ray. It hit Sheen with a burst of blue electrical light, and then Sheen's tinny voice erupted from the floor, apparently in hysterics.

"Carl! What the heck didja do that for! I didn't need to be shrank! Or is that shrunk? Shrunked? Shranked? Shrinked?" The tiny Sheen could be seen with his chin on the palm of his right hand, pondering this deep and meaningful question.

Jimmy got up and shook his head as Carl was apologizing to Sheen. "I'm sorry, Sheen!" he was saying, "it was an accident! Honest! That explosion made me trip over the Shrink Ray…"

"A likely story!" called Sheen's tinny voice rather suspiciously. "You dirty rat! Wanted to bump me off, eh?"

"No, no, nothing like that!" Carl said, near tears, as he sniffled. He suddenly looked at Jimmy questioningly. "What does 'bump him off' mean, Jim?"

Jimmy gave an exasperated sigh. "It meant, back in the older days of Gangsters, to kill someone. It's what they used to threaten. 'Talk or I'll bump ya off, see?'"

Carl nodded with a strange look on his face, as if he still didn't quite understand. Jimmy picked up the Shrink Ray and pressed the Growth button. In a flash of yellow light, Sheen's form steadily grew from the floor.

With that done and well, Carl and Sheen began to help their friend pick up what dropped in the lab.

Judy Neutron's face suddenly appeared on VOX's large computer monitor. "Jimmy, hurry up or you'll be late for school!"

"Gas planets!" Jimmy muttered, quickly gathering up all his things from his desk, including his new invention, and stuffing them in his bag. "I'm going right now, Mom!" Running out the door, Carl and Sheen grabbed theirs' and ran out after him.

"Hey Jimmy. In a fight between Bonzilla – the REAL Bonzilla, not the ten-inch-tall one – and Ultra Lord, who would win?" Sheen asked, admiring one of his Ultra Lord action figures as they followed James at a run towards Lindbergh Elementary.

The boy genius groaned inwardly and chose not to answer that question as they raced up the steps and down the hall, skidding into Ms. Fowl's class room just as the late bell rang. All three heaved a sigh of relief in unison.

Opening his desk to look for something, he suddenly became aware of a female-like presence staring at him from the desk to his left. He irksomely put the top of his desk back in place and threw a glare at his neighboring scholar, the ever-annoying Cynthia Vortex.

She gave a fake look of disappointment. "Oh, darn, Libby… I was hoping that King Cranium might ACTUALLY make it before the first bell!" she cracked, and she and Libby broke up into fits of laughter.

"You know what, Vortex? Just because you have a perfect attendance record doesn't mean that I have to do the same!" he shot back, as Sheen nodded in the desk behind him.

"Yeah Libby. If Ultra Lord were late for class, you wouldn't be laughing," the Ultra Lord fanatic boy said, staring at her with his big eyes.

Libby's eye twitched as she replaced the usual attire for her head; her headphones, blaring music from the Men Pretending To Be Boys' new CD, I Think Only Of U.

Cindy smiled mockingly. "Now now, Neutron, don't get mad because I'm so much better than you…"

"Oh yeah, Vortex? Name ONE instance."

"Do you forget so soon the Lindbergh Elementary Team Sport Assembly? Which, oh yes, my team smoked yours in every competition!" she said, getting on her knees on her chair, her left hand resting forcefully on her desk as she leaned out across the aisle.

Jimmy did the same, their faces dangerously close. "Might I remind you, Vortex, that in every competition, you used sneaking tricks to win!" he sniped, baring his teeth like an angry dog.

Cindy barked a laugh. "Is that what you call winning, Nerdtron? 'Cause if it is, then everybody does it. Everybody but you, that is!"

Ms. Fowl suddenly interrupted, and Jimmy and Cindy suddenly realized that the whole class was staring at them attentively, soaking up every word and cutting remark made by the duo.

"Might I sta-a-a-art the class now, chi-i-i-ildren?" she squawked, looking apprehensively at the pair, who now muttered inaudible remarks as they settled back in their respective chairs.

"Tha-a-a-ank you."

The day proceeded without further incident. At recess, Jimmy continued to tinker with his new invention, the AniMorph 5000. By the end of the break, he had almost finished it; all that was left was to test it and check for errors in its programming.

When asked about it by his ever-present friends and, although Jimmy didn't consider them that way, guinea pigs, Jimmy went on to explain that the AniMorph 5000, to simply put it, could easily morph the human body into its quadruped double.

When receiving stares from even his most simply put scientific explanation, Jimmy heaved a sigh.

"Well, simply put, it can transform you into your animal counterpart…"

He didn't get to finish his sentence. Sheen cut him off, grabbing it.

"Awesome Jimmy! It can turn me into a tiger, a fierce tiger, and then I'll get blessed with superpowers from Ultra Lord and become his orange striped sidekick!" Sheen exclaimed, holding it up to the sunlight with a large, childish light in his eyes.

Jimmy snatched it back irritably. "No, Sheen, it's not tested yet. We'll need to find a willing subject to test it on and –"

At that direct moment, the annoying female interlopers appeared without want or warning. "You mean a guinea pig? You can forget us, Neutron, because, do we look stupid?"

Libby's hand suddenly shot up in the air. "Ohh, oh, pick me!"

Cindy contained a snicker and said, "Yes Libby?"

"NO!" Libby burst, and they both broke into laughter again. The ear-rupturing laughter that all three boys had become accustomed to.

Jimmy threw them both a glare. "Who said I'd ask you?" he said, his voice dripping with poison as he turned back to his invention, tightening a screw to hold the right side of the box together.

"There. It's done. I figure I can test it later tonight, at the lab." He looked at Carl and Sheen. "Are you guys up to it?" They smiled incomprehensively and nodded.

Cindy and Libby exchanged some whispering, then burst out laughing. "We'll come too, Nerdtron. But," Cindy said, pointing a finger in his face, "We're not going to be your guinea pigs. We're going to watch it purely for," she broke here with a derisive snort of laughter, and the two girls burst into fits of giggling, "Scientific," she giggled and snorted, "Learning."

Three hours later after school, the kids were gathered around the lab's small table set up next to the containment area, which was still black and smoking from earlier that morning.

With a flourish Jimmy presented the machine. "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the AniMorph 5000! The best way to get in touch with your wilder side." He gave a sly smile. "It's also great fun at parties."

After giving a thoroughly detailed explanation of how the contraption worked, the only one looking seriously interested by the end of the sermon was Cindy. She, apparently, had been able to follow most of it.

"So this thing can turn people into animals?" she said, staring at him like he was nuts.

"Well, technically speaking, yes."

"But you still can't talk if you get turned into one."

"No… but you do get to keep your brain, therefore being able to think like a human being in the very least. I think."

Carl, who had begun to fall asleep, placed his hand on the table. It was steadily inching towards the box, as Jimmy and Cindy began a heated argument over the fact, as Cindy said it, that Neutron might actually be smarter as a dog or cat or whatever annoying animal James was inside.

Bickering still, neither of the pair noticed when Carl unknowingly pressed a particularly large button on the AniMorph.

Ominous words scrolled across the screen;

AniMorph 5000 – On - Operational

Target – Sighted

Target – Fixed

Target – Classified

The words appeared across the screen in flashing bright yellow letters;

Commence AniMorph?

"Oh yeah, Neutron?"


Jimmy Neutron voice Recognized

AniMorph Commenced

A bright flash or purple light filled the room, blinding its audience.

AniMorph Complete

Subject is now morphed.


A/N: Well, I give complete credit of the idea of this fanfiction to Todd Strasser's books, Help! I'm Trapped in Obedience School! and Help! I'm Trapped in Obedience School Again!. They were a few of the favorite books I had when I was younger. I'm only thirteen, yes, but I read adult-type books. Novels, trilogys, and that sort of thing.

I know that most of you will be looking at the name of the invention and saying, 'Hey! I recognize that name.' And I'm sorry for the pun about it, but I thought that 'AniMorph' fit well with the invention. I take no credit for the making of the name, which is the title of K. A. Applegate's sixty-six book series, 'Animorphs'. So I deeply apologize to any of you who might be offended.