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Lights! Camera! …Action?

Cindy's emerald eyes grazed the ship's large metallic exterior, looking for an easy, unnoticeable place to land. She flipped out the landing gears, powered down the engine to a low whine, and settled onto the top of the ship with the merest thump.

Carl and Sheen were looking rather hesitant at getting out on the rocket, but after yet another threatening gesture from Cindy, they climbed out, although very reluctantly. After this, they were going to be sure that no matter WHAT the situation, they wouldn't go anywhere with Cindy.

Cindy looked around abit and found a hatch which they could enter through. Sliding as quietly as possible inside, Sheen closed the hatch behind them, opened his mouth to make a remark, and found Cindy's face dangerously close to his. He buttoned it.

"Thank you," she whispered, not really looking like she meant it. Tension grew heavy in the air like so much fog, almost so thick that you could smell it. Carl peered around the edge, looked back and nodded. He held up two fingers. Cindy held it back with a questioning look. Carl nodded again.

Jimmy was there, and so was the villainess; but, according to Carl's sign language (which took several minutes to figure out in itself), it seemed as if the villainess was ready to get rid of the boy genius. Cindy's eyes half closed, and her eyelids twitched.

"Why do I bother myself with Neutron?" she whispered inwardly to herself. Sheen and Carl just looked at her and shrugged. All three took a deep breath and tumbled into the open space.

"FREEZE, TURKEY!" Sheen screeched, at the head of the little group. The startled villainess just stared at the boy with wonderment.

"How did you…? Where did you kids come from?" It took her a few moments to recognize Sheen and Carl before she gave a growling laugh. "Hahaha. Come to rescue Little Jimmy?" she said, chortling her good fortune. She got to destroy Neutron AND his little friends! "Oh look. You brought Neutron's girlfriend too!"

Cindy bristled. "He's not my boyfriend, lady, but you'd better let him go, or else!"

Nharyssalyn laughed. "Or else what. You'll glare me to death? Oh, dear girl, I'm shaking in my shoes." The woman pulled out a laser blaster out of her belt loop and fired at the kids. They moved just in time, a large black hole being blasted in the metal floor of the ship.

Nharyssalyn growled now. "Why you little –" she ducked low and Cindy went flying over her head, having aimed a kick at her. Cindy tumbled, regained her footing, and created a Tai Chi stance.

She whirled around in a flash of blonde hair and managed to give the villainess a good kick in the shoulder, making her stagger. Sheen lunged at her legs, managing to trip her as Carl landed on her back.

"Oww…" he said, rubbing his back, "my spine… that hurts."

The villainess shoved Carl off, rushing over to the control panel. She closed her fist and prepared to smash a red button on the control panel. Cindy deflected her arm and got an inside kick, pushing the woman over.

Jimmy, being quiet in shock up until now, began furious chewing upon the cable that held him. Sheen came over, studied the rope, looked at Jimmy's attempts, and pushed him away from the rope. "Here. Let me get that for you." Sheen took the cable, wiped the dog spit off, and bit down on it. The cable snapped.

At the sound of the cable snapping, Nharyssalyn, Carl, Cindy, and Jimmy all looked at Sheen in wonderment. The dog's eyes were popping open. He barked loudly, shocking everyone back into the reality of what was going on.

The dog snarled loudly and leapt at Nharyssalyn, who screeched loudly and horribly and flung out an arm to put the dog off it's course. Jimmy flew back and hit the wall, out like a light.

"JIMMY!" screamed Sheen, Carl, and Cindy. Nharyssalyn took advantage of this and jammed her fist down on a large round green button on the console.


As the sequence began to count down from five minutes, Nharyssalyn shoved the kids aside and ran to the escape pod. With some beeps and a loud whoosh, she was gone.

Cindy pulled the beaker out of the corridor they had left it at and rushed over to the unconscious mutt laying on the floor. Tipping the beaker into the dog's mouth, she shook the dog's head, praying that it would wake up. The dog's form slowly began to recede as the antidote took effect, and Cindy jumped back as with a bright flash Jimmy Neutron's body suddenly jumped up.

"YES!" he screamed to the world. "I'm… I'm me again! No more dog hair!"

Before she even had time to think about it Cindy had flung herself into Jimmy's arms and mashed her lips down upon his. Two seconds passed before both of their eyes popped open and they both jerked from each other. Cindy spat on the ground and wiped her mouth off. Jimmy said nothing, but his eyes were still wide.

Carl and Sheen of course had seen nothing, but were looking at the controls interestedly. Jimmy and Cindy grabbed the both of them and hauled them out, having but one minute left before the ship exploded. As a loud, booming TEN echoed in their ears, Jimmy started up the rocket, whispering to himself. The boosters kicked in full flame and off they went.

Three seconds passed before the ship exploded in a giant fiery ball, pieces of metal flying by the group but none actually hitting them. They all cheered and rejoiced on their way back into the atmosphere.

Back home and safely on the ground outside Jimmy's clubhouse, all five were standing in a circle. Libby had finally joined them, after demanding forcefully where they had been and why they didn't include her.

Jimmy and Cindy took over explaining, but both looked at each other when it came to the part about what Cindy had done. They both nodded to each other and told Libby none of this, Cindy looking away when Jimmy skipped it. Libby sighed to herself.

I know they did something, she thought, smiling inwardly, pretending to smile to Jimmy, but I'll let them play their little game.

After the other three had left, deserting Jimmy and Cindy to talk to each other about what happened, Cindy rubbed her foot in the dirt and wouldn't meet Jimmy's eyes.

"Look, about what happened up there – "

"Lemme guess, Vortex. You were all wrapped up in the moment and weren't thinking?"

Her face turned to a snarl as she looked up at him. "Who said I wasn't thinking?"

His face broke into a devilish grin. "You mean you did that on purpose?"

She turned scarlet. "NO! Why would I – Why would you even ASSUME – "

"You said it, Vortex, not me. Maybe you should think before you say things. Oh yeah, that's right! You can't, because you don't have a brain."

"What about yours? Was it YOU who gave you a cure? Was it? Was it YOU who slaved for five hours trying to make you normal again just to be treated this way?"

They went on and on, and as Carl, Sheen, and Libby watched from behind the hedges on Carl's lawn where it crossed over to Jimmy's, Carl and Sheen smiled and turned to Libby, who was grinning widely.

"Back to themselves… uh-gain…" she sighed slightly, but retained her smile. "It's so nice, isn't it?"

All three watched as the two of them went to continue their arguing in Jimmy's clubhouse. Jimmy admitted them in, and the clubhouse door closed behind them. Silence ensued for five seconds before screams and yells erupted from the clubhouse, and Sheen and Carl's faces lit up with remembrance.

"Should we have reminded them about Mr. Whiskers in the clubhouse?" Carl asked softly, his eyes wide.

Sheen thought about it. "Naw."

All three walked away.

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