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Commit Your Crime

A Red-Eye Fanfiction

Prologue: Never a Lie

Switching the lights on as she dropped her keys onto the side table, Lisa ran a hand through her hair as she breathed a sighed of relief to be home. Unbuttoning her jacket, she draped it over the back of the couch as she entered her apartment. Pulling off her heels, resting them by the closet the hotel manager dropped her purse unceremoniously onto the kitchen counter before beginning her hunt through the refrigerator for something to eat.

"Now where did I put that fruit salad…" she muttered to herself, pushing aside the milk.

After a few more seconds of search, she found herself to be triumphant. Pulling the plastic container out, Lisa snatched a fork from the drawer and settled herself on the couch. Folding her legs beneath her and nibbling on a piece of honeydew, she picked up the remote and turned the television on.

No sooner was she settled when the telephone decided to ring.

Her eyes flicking onto the clock, her eyebrows narrowed for a moment. 'Who could be calling at this hour?' Setting her food down, she leaned forward to pick the phone up off of the coffee table.



Leaning back, a small smile settled on her lips. "Hey Cynthia." Picking her salad back up and setting it on her lap, she listened to her friend bombard her with question after question.

Lisa Risert had not shown up at Lux-Atlantic Hotel that day, thus leaving Cynthia in charge. The reason?

"Yah, the meeting went well," Lisa explained, before popping a strawberry slice into her mouth. "Long, but at least now everything's settled. My lawyer managed to help me get the charges dropped."

"In return for your testimony against that Rippner man?"

"Exactly. I agreed to it in a heartbeat." Another piece of honeydew along with a grape in her mouth as she continued. "I'm just glad that this trial won't be too long; they're saying Jackson is going to be released from the hospital into police custody in a week."

"I am just so sorry you had to go through that hell!"

Smiling fondly, Lisa shook her head a bit. "You couldn't have done anything to prevent it, Cynthia. There's no need to apologize."

"Will you be coming back tomorrow; because if you need another day, I can handle things myself here. Haven't had too many comment cards as of late…"

Covering her mouth to stifle her laugh, Lisa answered, "No, no. I'll be back in the morning. My lawyer can handle the rest of the details and call me when I need to come in to hold up my end of the deal." Looking back at the clock at the clock as she yawned, rubbed her eyes sleepily. "Listen, I'm going to turn in, in a bit. I can fill you in the rest of what happened when I see you."

"Sure thing, Lisa. Get some rest!"

"I will. 'Night Cynthia."

It was odd.

After she hung up, despite the television being on, things seemed to fell silent and alone. Her hand still holding the fork, she stared down at it to see her reflection on it.

Yes, it had been a long day. When she had arrived at the meeting she found her lawyer, Abigail Stevens, and Florida District Attorney Christopher Groban waiting for her in the conference room. After going through several documents that gave her a headache, she came to understand that she was going to be charged with Carjacking and first degree Manslaughter after what had happened two weeks previous.

That certainly did not do wonders for her already aching head.

Her attorney, though, explained that if she were to agree to testify against Jackson Rippner. They needed her to confirm that he was in the conspiracy to kill Keefe and his family. Also, Stevens had moved to add two counts of Assault and Attempted Murder to the list, on Lisa's behalf.

Yes, it looked as if Jackson would be locked away for quite some time.

But this did not help to ease the suspicion gnawing at her mind. For the past two weeks, she avoided all trips that involved taking a plane. She had yet to touch a Bay or Seabreeze. Before going to bed, she would go around and close, lock and pull down the shades of every window plus locking the doors.

"He isn't there…" she would tell herself as she drew the curtains shut. "He's in the hospital…"

And yet, she couldn't help but feel that his steel-blue eyes were still on her with ever passing moment. His voice still rang in her mind as she bit her lip in worry.

"When we get out of this, I may have to steal you."

Shivering, she closed her eyes. She knew that he never lied.

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