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Commit Your Crime

Chapter Four: Tell Me a Story

Sitting numbly in the chair in the dimly lit suite, Lisa felt as if she had woken up to a living nightmare. The nameless man stood by the door, the pistol having been returned to him upon reaching the room. Jackson was examining the room, his compliments falling on deaf ears as Lisa mentally beat herself.

'Two weeks, TWO WEEKS and he's back! How could I have been so stupid?'

"Loss for words, Leese? I'm quite honored my presence has had such impact on you!"

"Go to hell," Lisa snapped,

Chuckling lightly, Jackson was now standing by the table where the wine and glasses had been set. Picking up the bottle, he examined the label. Smiling to her, he tapped the bottle. "I think we should drink to this lovely little reunion, don't you agree?"


"Are you sure?" He pulled the wrapper off the top and picked up the cork-puller. "I'm afraid it's a bit too late to get you a BayBreeze."

Her fists clenched against the seat cushion, she could only glare at her source of torment. Smiling at her silence, Jackson went ahead and poured two glasses anyway. Sipping his, he crossed over and held out the other one to her. "Go on; I haven't drugged it."

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, she remained defiant. This quiet standoff lasted a few seconds, ending when Jackson shrugged his shoulders and set the glass down on the coffee table. Taking his place at the couch, he smirked as he settled himself in. Drapping his arm over the back and his left leg crossed over his other one, he watched Lisa over the rim of the glass as he drank from it.

Gathering up the courage to, Lisa looked right at Jackson. "What do you want? Wasn't messing with me on the plane enough?"

"Of course not," he answered simply, swirling the contents in his glass, holding the top of it with his fingertips. "I keep my promises, yes?" Leaning forward, his smirk playing at his lips. "I'm here for you Leese, don't you remember my promise?"

'All too well.' She thought bitterly, shivering slightly under his piercing gaze.

"But….I must say, I'm very disappointed in you."

Lisa blinked once in confusion. "W-what?"

The smile disappearing from his face, his voice no longer held the light-hearted sarcasm; instead it was cold and rather distant. "If you had just done what I had told, then we both could have gone our separate ways without incident."

"Excuse me?"

Sipping the wine, he chose to ignore this. "See, now that things haven't gone according to the plan by my client, they're rather upset, Leese. And believe you me, it is not a very pretty thing to have them pissed at you."


Frowning, he raised an eyebrow. "Slow tonight, aren't we? Maybe it's a good thing you're not drinking…" He was rewarded with a scowl from her. "Because you fucked everything up, they're pissed and want me to clean up the mess you made."

"You're going to try and kill Keefe again, aren't you?"

"Amazing, were you able to figure that all by yourself, Leese?"

"Fuck you, Jackson."

"You did, remember? At least…that's what the stewardesses believed."

Lisa would have given anything to wipe that smirk off his face, her anger boiling inside of her as he continued to play cat-mouse with her. Scowling, she refused to respond to the bait he had set out for her.

Uncrossing his legs, he sipped the wine before continuing on. "Anyway, yes Ill be doing just that. And you, my dear, are going to help me."

"And what, pray tell, makes you even think I'd help you? Going to threaten my father, again? If so, then you're getting very lazy and repetitive."

"Of course not," he answered, setting his glass down. Resting against the couch back again, he answered bluntly, "You don't help, then you're dead. And I don't mean by my hands. My employees, they'll want to meet you and thank you for your act of cliché heroism. As simple as that. Oh, and they may also kill your father, for insurance. You never know!"

He took great pleasure in watching the color drain from her face. Jackson pressed on. 'However, you help me, then I can guarantee your safety, for the time being."

"What do you mean, 'the time being'?" she demanded at once, her voice shaking hinting her beginning to come close to a breakdown.

"Oh, well, while your with me, I can promise you'll stay safe. But after all this?" Again, he shrugged. "You're on your own. And I do say, if the authorities ever catch wind of it, you won't be able to catch a break on a plea bargain."

Her eyes widened. Did he know that she had…?

"Do we have a deal?"

There was an interruption as the sound of a cell phone rang out. Both speakers turned their hands to Jackson's companion who was fishing inside his pocket and pulling out a silver flip-phone. Opening it, he glanced at Jackson who jerked his head once in a nod. The nameless figure hurried out onto the balcony, closing the glass doors behind him. Lisa watched the man mouth soundlessly into it before she was drawn back by Rippner's voice.

"We have a deal, Leese?"

Eyes flickering back to the other man, she noticed that he was looking at her with wide-eyes before glancing to Jackson and then turning his attention back on his phone. She suddenly yelped in surprise as she felt cold wine splash onto her face and jerking her attention back to Jackson. His eyes were narrowed, scowling rather darkly holding his now empty wine glass.

"I'm waiting!"


"Leese, this really isn't that hard. Just a simple 'yes' from your lovely lips seals the agreement.


The glass door slid open once more, the man stepping back into the room. His cold hazel eyes were looking directly at Jackson. "There's a problem."

"What is it?" Jackson snapped.

Jerking his head in Lisa direction, hazel-eyes answered, "She's done gone and made a deal with the district attourney's office."

At once Jackson's eyes met with Lisa's, a mixture of shock and rising rage brewing within them. "You did what?"

'Okay….he didn't know….' "Yes….I made a deal with the DA."

"To testify against you," finished Hazel-eyes.

"You idiot!" exclaimed Rippner, jumping to his feet and crossing over to grab Lisa by the collar. "I knew you made mistakes, but this is quite possibly the most idiotic stunt you have pulled, Reisert!"

Their faces just centimeters apart, Lisa's eyes had gone wide as she struggled to pull away.

"Anything to get you out of my life and off the streets!" she spat, breaking away and stumbling backwards back into her chair. "You're a raving lunatic!"

Opening his mouth to shout back, Rippner found himself snapping his mouth shut as he heard a soft click of a gun being cocked. Whirling around, his accomplice was point a .22 caliber right at him.

"We can't risk you giving up the company, Rippner."

"Put the gun down," Jackson ordered, still scowling.

"I'm following orders from a new master."

And for the first time ever, as Lisa looked up at Jackson, she could see complete shock and fear on her stalker's face. That, to her, was the most troubling thing for her to witness in the situation.

"Both you and are the woman are to be disposed of. Nothing personal," hazel-eyes added with a shrug. "Just doing my job."

He squeezed the trigger.

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