Harry Potter woke up to the scent of bacon and eggs wafting up to his room. He bolted up quickly it was his eleventh birthday. He jumped up like any ten year old would and ran quickly down stairs jumping on each of them.

'The birthday boy's up!' James said to his son ruffling Harry's messy black hair, 'how'd you sleep kid?'

'Well,' he said thinking hard, 'it was hard to sleep at first, you know because I was so excited, but then when I fell asleep at about midnight I dunno because the next thing I knew I was awake and I could smell bacon and eggs,' he said eager to answer his father.

'Well do you want to open your presents first?' James said leading him to the kitchen, he then looked around adding, 'so where's the birthday girl?'

'Yup!' Harry said answering the present question. There was a pile of presents on the kitchen table, waiting for him to open them.

'Harry, that's Chloe's. See it has her name on it,' James said pointing to the card.

'Oh,' he said dropping the present.

'I'm here!' Chloe yelled running down the stairs, her dark brown hair in a loose ponytail. 'Don't start without me!'

'Happy Birthday Chlo-bo!' James said hugging his daughter, 'now Harry, might I point out, to miss out on another episode of last years kafuffle yours are on that side of the table and Chloe, yours are there,' he indicated to the masking tape line across the table.

Chloe and swapped sides of the table, 'there's a surprise at the bottom of them all,'

Harry opened the largest one he could get his hands on, he ripped the wrapping off it, he shouted, 'you got her! You got her!' It was the white owl he picked out last weekend, 'you got… I'll think of a name later!' he said throwing the wrapping paper on the floor.

Chloe opened her large present, it was a basket with cushions in it, her face slightly fell, but then a small tabby kitten curled around her feet, she shrieked with joy, 'DUCK! You got Duck!' She had chosen it last weekend as well and had been deciding on names all week.

'Duck?' James laughed, 'what are you going to call your owl Harry?'

'Er, Hedwig, I'll call her Hedwig,' James laughed at that too, his kids were nuts.

When finally after unwrapping all their presents at top speed they found two envelopes Harry looked at his curiously, it was addressed to him.

Mr H. Potter

The Attic / Second Room

Godric's Hollow


'OH MY GOD! THE HOGWARTS LETTERS ARE HERE!' Harry yelled running around the house. Chloe franticly tore open her letter that was addressed to:

Miss C. Potter

The Attic / First Room

Godric's Hollow


She tore open the envelope, almost ripping the letter in half before reading it.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards)

Dear Miss Potter,

We are pleased to inform that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all the necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

'Oh no!' Chloe looked like she was about to cry.

'What is it?' James asked a little concerned that perhaps she wanted to be home schooled.

'We have to reply by today, it's too late!' Chloe started crying.

'Oh, don't worry about that, I sent the owl the other day, so it's alright, the letters arrived about two weeks ago, I thought I'd show them to you on your birthday though, so I sent the reply ages ago.' Chloe brightened up.

'Can we have breakfast now? I'm starving,' Harry moaned he had already let Hedwig out and she was currently flapping around the living room.

'Yeah help yourself,' James said pointing to the kitchen.

'What? No waiter?' Chloe asked acting repulsed.

'Your lucky I even cooked,' James said.

'I think we're lucky Dad knows how to cook,' Harry said taking two pieces of bacon and one egg, 'hey pancakes!'

'I know! Choc Chip! As per my request,' Chloe said grinning half way through her second one.

'Ok, but only three,' Harry said grinning.

'Pig,' Chloe said beginning this morning's banter.

'Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I recall you were the one rolling in the mud last week,' Harry said pointedly.

'I wasn't rolling I was having a mud fight with Nick around the corner, and so where you,' Chloe replied.

Nick was their Muggle friend who Chloe and Harry were friends with at their old Muggle school, he lived near them so they caught the bus together and after school helped each other with their homework. He had been very upset when he discovered that Harry and Chloe where off to boarding school up North.

'Well I wasn't the one so eager to get in the mud in the first place.'

'Yeah neither was I, it was Nick,' Chloe said. 'Can we go to Diagon Alley today?'

'Yes, I was planning for us to go today anyway,' James said. 'I have some Quidditch gear to pick up.'

'Can I get a new broomstick? Because I wanna play Quidditch,' Harry asked.

'You know I want to say yes but I don't want you expelled in your first term, wait till Christmas,' James said.

'Aww, come on, please?'

'Now, now you're starting to sound like your cousin Dudley,' James said.

Harry screwed up his face in disgust, being compared and found similar to Dudley Dursley was one of the greatest insults you could have in the Potter household. Dudley's mother, Harry and Chloe's Aunt Petunia, was their mother Lily's older sister, and was completely anti-magic. The Potters only saw them once a year when they went to their Grandparents place for Christmas. Aunt Petunia always insisted that the Potters be seated at the other end of the table and encouraged Dudley to either pick on Chloe and Harry or to just ignore them.

'Now that was harsh,' Chloe said.

'Sorry Harry but rules are rules as your Mum and good old Remus used to say, although Remus still does…' James furrowed his eyebrows for a second. 'But you have to learn how to fly a broomstick anyway…'

'But I can already fly,' Harry pointed out.

'Well then you'll get top in your class for that,'

'Ahem,' Chloe said.

'Ok, Chloe and Harry will both get top in their class,' James said smiling at his kids. 'How about you two go get changed and then we can go. Washing up's on me today.'

The two kids groaned at one of James' many over used jokes that all fathers seem to forever use. James shook his head smiling and then muttered a spell and the dishes stared to clean themselves.

Harry and Chloe ran up stairs to their attic room before James could crack any more lame jokes. It was large and was divided into four parts, two being bedrooms, one a bathroom and the other a rumpus room. Chloe's room was white with one dark purple swayed effects wall; she had one of those tower windows with the window seats with purple, pink and blue cushions. She rummaged through her wardrobe for some clothes and then quickly did her hair.

Harry's room was extremely messy, it was painted white and blue, supporting his favourite Quidditch team, Tutshill Tornadoes, who his father was the captain for, for the past ten years, ever since he quit as an Aurora. Harry chucked on whatever he found on his floor and quickly ran downstairs.

'Harry, can't you at least try to do something with your hair? That goes for you to James,' Chloe said using her father's name, in a tone that reminded James exactly of Lily. Chloe handed Harry a comb.

'Chloe, don't do that, you sound exactly like your mother, and if you have too at least call me Dad,' James said sighing taking the comb off Harry. Chloe smirked at him and James shook his head at her, 'that attitude of yours will be the death of you, you know kid?'

'Come on lets just go, let's go!' Chloe said tugging on James' arm.

'Right then, over to the fireplace, you go first Chloe,' James said.

Chloe stepped into the fireplace, threw the floo powder on the floor of the fire place and clearly said 'Diagon Alley!' Harry followed her, then James apparated.

'James! Ova 'ere!' A large man with a mass of tangly dark hair. 'Haven't seen you lot in a long while. The kids are all grown up!'

'Hagrid!' James beamed walking over to him, 'what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at Hogwarts?'

'School business, you?' Hagrid replied looking down at Chloe and Harry who were just getting over shock at the size of the man, if in fact he was a man, neither were quite sure.

'Taking Chloe and Harry to get their school stuff,' James replied. They walked outside to the dustbins and opening the doorway into Diagon Alley.

'Well, I better let you go, they look anxious to get their things, see ya 'round James. Chloe, Harry, I'll see you at school then,' Hagrid waved as they went their separate ways.

'So, what are we should we get first?' James asked.

'Quidditch,' was all Harry could make out.

'Uniforms it is then,' James said smirking. Harry and Chloe looked at him dumbstruck. 'Well you do want to get the boring stuff knocked over in the first hour or so before you get to the good stuff don't you?'

'No not really,' Chloe said.

'Look, kid, if there's one thing I've learnt in life it's to get the boring stuff done quickly in about two minutes so then you have two hours to do the fun stuff,' James said looking at his kids in his serious face. 'So what do you say to that?'

'Can we have some ice cream?' Harry asked after a lot of thought.

'Look, how about we go and get your uniforms and then we'll get some ice cream seeing as you're a messy eater and will probably spill it everywhere,' James said leading Harry and Chloe to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, to get their uniforms. In the store there was already a pale blonde boy being pinned up. 'How about while you get your uniforms, and I'll meet you in Quality Quidditch Supplies, eh?'

Chloe's eye's bore into him as if too say, 'your going too leave us to get school uniforms so you can go look at pictures of yourself?' But all she said was, 'fine,' and Harry just looked pissed off.

'Hogwarts dears?' Madam Malkin asked.

'Mmhm,' Chloe replied.

'Right this way, we're always busy this time of year, another boy your age is getting pinned up right now…' she kept going on about all sorts of people who were in the shop and why, the majority of them being non-surprisingly for Hogwarts. Harry went first as Chloe wandered over to look at Quidditch robes.

'Hullo,' the blonde boy said, 'first year Hogwarts too?'

'Yeah,' Harry replied.

'My fathers next door buying my books and my mother's up the street looking at wands. Then I'm going to drag them off to look at racing brooms. I don't see why first years aren't allowed their own brooms though, I'll probably bully father into buying me one though and sneak it in some how…'

Harry wondered why the boy was telling him his life story. He could already tell he wasn't going to like this boy very much, he reminded him of his cousin Dudley.

'Have you got your own broom?' the boy asked.

'Yeah, but I'm getting a new one for my birthday next year,' Harry replied.

'Play Quidditch at all?'

'Just mucking around stuff. I wanna play properly, but first years aren't allowed.'

'I play Quidditch, father says it's a crime if they don't pick me for my house, and I must say, I agree. Know what house you'll be in yet?'

Harry thought this was an extremely dumb question seeing most people didn't know what they'd be in until they were sorted, 'nup.'

'Well, no one really knows until they get there,' so not all blondes are dumb Harry thought, most of the time anyway, 'but I know I'll be in Slytherin, all our family have been… imagine if they put me in Hufflepuff, I'd leave, wouldn't you?'

Harry wished the boy would shut up, anyone who was in Slytherin was no good, he had been brought up by this belief all his life, and everyone in that house became dark wizards or witches. He personally thought he would leave if he was placed in Slytherin.

'I say look at that man!' The boy said. Hagrid was standing outside waving at him. Harry waved back and so did Chloe on the other side of the room.

'That's Hagrid, he works at Hogwarts,'

'Oh, he's like a servant isn't he?' Harry was extremely tempted to hit him he was annoying him so much.

'He's the gamekeeper,' Harry came to the conclusion he didn't like the boy at all.

'Yes, exactly. I heard he's a sort of savage… lives in a hut in the school grounds and every now and then he gets drunk, and tries to do magic but sets fire to his bed.'

'I think he's brilliant,' Harry said coldly wishing he knew more about the man to back up his point, Chloe came over as a girl on the other side of the room left and started getting her clothes fitted.

'Do you?' said the boy with a slight sneer, 'why is he with you, where are your parents?'

'He's not with me, my dad's looking at Quidditch gear, robe fitting bores him,' Harry replied coldly again.

'Oh, he is our kind aren't they?'

'Well how many Quidditch players are muggles? And yes they are our kind.'

The boy continued on ignoring Harry, 'I really don't think they should let the other sort in, do you? They're not the same; they've never been brought up to know our ways. Some of them have never even heard of Hogwarts until they got their letter, imagine. I think they should keep in just the old wizarding families. What's your surname anyway?'

'That's done my dear,' Harry delighted with an excuse to get away from the boy, and he hopped down and waited for Chloe who seemed to have found a much more normal person to talk to.


Chloe looked at all the Quidditch Robes, she already had her own Tutshill jersey and robes because of her dad, she loved Quidditch, her favourite position being Beater, but then she only really liked it at home because she liked to aim Bludger's at Harry's head. Chloe saw Harry being measured up, he was talking to a pale blonde boy, Harry had this look of great annoyance on his face, all Chloe did was laugh, she looked outside and Hagrid was there waving at them, Chloe waved back as she was called over by a witch to have her robes fitted.

She climbed up on the stool and looked over at the girl next to her, 'hi, I'm Chloe Potter, you starting at Hogwarts too?' Chloe asked introducing herself, she liked meeting new people.

'Yes,' said the girl nervously, she had bushy brown hair and brown eyes, Chloe thought she could be really pretty if she made an attempt at her appearance, 'I'm Hermione Granger,'

'You sound nervous,' Chloe said speaking before she thought about what she was saying, which probably made Hermione a lot more nervous.

'Well, yes, because you see, my parents aren't magic, and I had no idea that the magical world existed until I got my letter, I was so surprised, my parents thought it was a joke at first, but then we found it was all real, it was so exciting,' Hermione said trying to sound calm and collected.

'Cool, my mum was Muggle born – Muggles are non-magic people – and she was like you, she got accepted, and she was so surprised, her sister hates magic, calls all of us freaks, my dad say's it's because she's jealous, but you know. Well my mum and dad used to be Aurora's – they're like the wizard army/police, they fight dark wizards – my mum died fighting against You-Know-Who, so she's a hero, and now my dad play's Seeker for the Tutshill Tornadoes- it's a Quidditch team, played on brooms, don't worry, you'll see when you get to Hogwarts, so where are your parents?' Chloe said all this at about 100 miles an hour none of her sentences making much sense.

'Um, they're on this tour thing of Diagon Alley, all us, erm, Muggles was it? Well all the Muggle students have a special day for coming, at the moment the parents are all sitting in the Leaky Cauldron with a witch and wizard, I think they might teach at Hogwarts, I don't know, but they're getting filled in on everything,' Hermione replied, 'where are yours? I mean your dad?'

'Well,' Chloe began launching into it like it was an epic tale. 'My dad's supposed to be here with us but he couldn't be bothered to hang around watching us get our robes so he wandered over to Quality Quidditch Supplies, just across the street there. It's really annoying cause he left me and Harry in this boring old place – ow!' Chloe yelped as one of the needles pining her robes together pined her in the arm Hermione laughed.

'Is Harry your brother?' Hermione asked.

'Yeah, my twin, kinda unfortunate, he's that loser over there looking sick to death of that kid he's talking too,' Chloe said indicating over to the other side of the room with her head.

'You're done love,' the witch who was fixing up Hermione's robes said, Hermione got down from the stool.

'Well, see ya on the train, bye,' Hermione's parents had just turned up and they paid for her robes and she left the shop, Harry had finished by now and had taken Chloe's spot over near the Quidditch robes, finally after minutes of being bored, Chloe was released and James came to pay for their robes.

'Well, I already have a friend, her name's Hermione Granger, she's Muggle, and really nice, but she has really thick hair and big teeth, so it's lucky she has a friend like me,' Chloe said smiling.

'That's good, just try and not say things like that to her face though, she may not like it. But at least you wont be a loner like Harry,' James said innocently.

'Hey! I met someone, I think I already have an enemy,' Harry said proudly.

'Well that's better than a friend, I had Snivellus, whose real name is Severus Snape, and now you have…' James said proudly waiting for Harry to add the blonde boy's name.

'Well he didn't say his name, but from what I could tell, I think he might be a Malfoy, blonde hair, pale skin, rat sort of face…and stuck up, and he hopes to be in Slytherin,' Harry replied.

'Ah, excellent choice, now there's the bookshop, and don't mention the ice cream because you'll get kicked out of the shop for having food in there and spilling it, trust me, I know,' James had a look on his face like he was remembering back to his time in Hogwarts.

'Can't we get wands first? Cause then as soon as we get books we can start hexing each other,' Harry said.

'Er, not just yet,' James said as they went to get their books. 'And no hexing in public.'

And as soon as that was done Harry was right back to asking about wands and ice cream.

'So, do you want to get your wands now?' James asked.

'Yup!' Chloe said, she had been dying to get a wand ever since she learnt how talk.

'Well your not getting one, tough luck we're going home,' James said seriously. Chloe looked like she was going to explode, 'you do realise that was a joke right?'

The Potter's walked into Ollivanders to get their wands, they were met by an old man who they found just slightly creepy, Mr Ollivander, 'ah, James Potter, I wondered when I might see you next, mahogany, eleven inches, pliable, if I remember correctly?'

'It still amazes me how you remember all that,' James replied shaking his head.

Mr Ollivander smiled and looked down at Harry and Chloe, he had silvery eyes which scared them both, 'now which one shall we start with?'

'Ooh me!' Chloe said jumping forward, Ollivander measured her up and then disappeared into the vast amount of shelves.

'Try this one, nine inches, flexible, Beachwood and dragon heartstring,' Ollivander handed her the wand, Chloe waved it a little too enthusiastically causing a number of sparks to shoot out and jump all over the room, 'no, no, let's see, ah, willow, swishy like your mothers, eleven inches, unicorn hair,' Chloe waved the wand just as enthusiastically as the last time, but this time a number of red and gold lights poured out the end, 'ah, perfect, well, Harry your turn,'

Chloe beamed that she had found her wand so quickly, believing that it would mean she was intelligent. Harry took a lot longer however, Ollivander seemed interested in Harry's scar, the one that had been shaped when the twins where one year old, Voldemort had tried to kill Harry, but of course the killing curse did not work for some odd reason. Ten minutes and about a million wands later Harry finally found his wand, holly and phoenix feather, eleven inches, supple Ollivander had said.

'Curious, curious,' Ollivander muttered.

'Umm, excuse me, but what's curious?' Harry asked slightly confused.

Ollivander's silvery eyes flitted over Harry's face, 'the phoenix that gave the feather for your wand gave only one other feather, it's curious to see that the brother of this wand gave you that scar,' Harry backed away, Chloe snorted, and James nudged her to be quiet.

'Alright,' James began quietly. 'We should get going now.'

He hurried over to the counter to pay for the wands so that they could get out of Ollivanders quickly. James didn't want to worry Harry about the whole wand thing, so he bought him ice cream and pretended it was his idea before heading home.

hope you liked my changes.

Lily's dead, it works better that way.