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Story Starts:

"What? Ghoon-Ham, how do you know her?" asked Tae in confusion.

"Who are you and how do you know Hyun-Ki?" shouted Ga-Woon (a/n – I'm sorry, its been a while since I read Kill Me Kiss Me so I'm not sure if Ga-Woon met Ghoon-Ham or not. Sorry!)

"My name is Ghoon-Ham Che you faggot, remember it well." Tae, Kun, and Ga-Woon paused. They now knew who he was, one of the most dangerous gang leaders in Korea, the one who took down Jung-Woo so easily and fought Kai. Ghoon-Ham ignored the three's reaction and helped Que-Min up as he started to shout at her.

"What the hell are you thinking! Taking on Hyun-Ki like that!" he said to Que-Min.

"What! Who the hell is Hyun-Ki! Why the hell should I not take her on!" retorted Que-Min.

"Hyun-Ki's one of the most deadly fighters in the South! She took out one of the best gangs and nearly killed the leader!" shouted a very worried Ghoon-Ham

"What are you talking about?" replied a bewildered Que-Min.

"You don't know anything!" yelled Ghoon-Ham.

While Ghoon-Ham and Que-Min were battling it out like an old married couple, Kun, Ga-Woon, and Tae stood in the background watching with faces like that showed annoyance (Kun), confused (Ga-Woon), and in a way interested (Tae).

"They must have a…confusing relation ship," commented Tae.

"Yeah..." replied Ga-Woon "a very sucky one too,"

Kun stayed silent for a while then said, "They fight like you two,"

"HEY!" shouted Tae and Ga-Woon in harmony.

Kun rolled his eyes and concentrated back on to the couple's argument, not that it was even interesting at all.

"-But I nearly finished her off!" explained Que-Min

"Weren't you nearly killed before they came?" Ghoon-Ham mentioned.

"Well err no! I still had a chance at winning!" Que-Min knew her chances were slim to nothing.

"Liar, you know you were already beaten when Hyun-Ki was fighting." Ghoon-Ham snorted. Que-Min had lost this argument.

"I thought so, now let's go!" commanded Ghoon-Ham as he dragged Que-Min by the sleeve of her shirt, arguing as they left the park.

After a few seconds of silence the three's, Ga-Woon's, Tae's, and Kun's, attention was pulled towards Dae. Her body was beaten up pretty badly. As Que-Min and Ghoon-Ham were now out of site Ga-Woon picked up Dae's body carefully.

"We have to take her home." commanded Ga-Woon. The sky suddenly started to shadow over with dark wisps of grey clouds. It shrouded the city.

"But your house is too far to get to." said Kun. Thunder pounded the grey board that no longer had splashes of sun in it.

"So is mine." added Tae. The three all looked at each other trying to figure out where to place Dae for her to heal.

"I know where!" shouted Tae full of optimism. Tae just suddenly ran off ahead to lead them there, leaving the two boys in the dust.

"Come on you two!" Kun and Ga-Woon had carried Dae's body while following in pursuit.

Ga-Woon and Kun soon caught up with Tae's fast running. The rain was starting to shower on them as they continued to turn at sidewalks and crossed the slippery streets.

"Damn! If we don't get Dae somewhere to rest then she'll catch a cold!" thought Ga-Woon. With in a couple of minutes they had arrived at an apartment complex.

It was a simple and small one from what Ga-Woon and Kun can tell from the outside. Tae started to ring the door bell like crazy hoping for some one to answer.

"Let's just hope he's home." she said all worried.

"HE?" shouted Ga-Woon but Tae acted as if she didn't hear him and waited for someone to answer the door.

"Yes?" said a low groggy voice as the door slightly opened. When the door was completely open, standing in through it was Jung-Woo!

"Jung-Woo can we come in?" said Tae quickly.

"There's no time for that!" said Ga-Woon when Ga-Woon saw Dae's cheeks tinting a faint red. He, followed by Kun, barged into the home, not waiting around for an answer. As they came in they laid Dae's now pale body on the couch with her still unconscious in the cozy and warm den. Ga-Woon took off his school jacket and laid it on top of his cousin as a blanket.

"What is this about and what's wrong with her?" asked Jung-Woo with a straw in his mouth unconcerned and uncaring of the situation.

"It's a long story." said Tae.

"Hmm, make it quick Tae," said Jung-Woo as he walked into the near by kitchen and sat down on the chair. The other two, so were still slightly wet followed and sat down while Tae started to go clean up and make some tea for the three boys. With in minutes Ga-Woon, with help from Tae, explained to Jung-Woo the situation. Kun just sat there in silence. The duo told him everything except about Hyun-Ki and that you just passed out from exhaustion after fighting.

"Please Jung-Woo! Can she stay here? Only till tomorrow." begged Tae.

"Why here?" asked Jung-Woo with his usual monotone.

"Have a heart Jung." said Kun trying to not seem to care.

"Yeah Jung, my parents will kill me if they saw her in this condition." said Ga-Woon.

"She only needs to heal and rest till tomorrow." added Tae.

"Yeah, she's tough. Just let her stay here till tomorrow. Me and Kun will come by tomorrow to pick her up." offered Ga-Woon.

At first Jung-Woo went into thought; then he finally said, "Fine. Just don't blame me if she kills you tomorrow, or Ghoon-Ham, this is his place after all." said Jung-Woo.

"Thank You! Thank You!" said Ga-Woon with starry eyes, nearly clinging to Jung-Woo's legs crying in tears.

"Don't be such a drama queen!" said Kun as he punched Ga-Woon on the head.. "We should get going."

Tae thanked Jung-Woo over and over again until she made it to the door way with Jung-Woo following.

"What if she wakes up?" he asked Tae.

"Umm uh, just tell her that...uh..." Tae was trying to think of something or an excuse.

"Just tell her that she passed out and she has to stay here. Add that I couldn't come pick her up at the time. And uh... she can't go home by her self since she will ... uh get lost. Yeah that's it! I'll just tell my mom she has to stay at a friend's house for the night for a project!" said Ga-Woon

"Fine," Jung-Woo sighed with no emotion on his face as usual.

"Thank You Jung-Woo." said Tae as she and the boys left. So now it's only Dae and Jung-Woo. Hours past and Dae still didn't wake up yet, Jung-Woo were in the next room, watching TV, and now it's mid-night.

"Hmm…Ghoon-Ham didn't come home, must be with Que-Min," thought Jung-Woo.

Dae's eyes shot open as she felt a surge of pain in her head, and she started to panic at where she might be.

"Where am I?" she said to herself. "What happened?" When her vision was clear and not a big blur she saw that she was in a dark room. She'd realized that she was finally some where else.

"Where the hell am I?" Dae shouted. She heard footsteps from the other room start to walk into the room that she was in. Dae stood up, trying to find a place to hide. But when she knew that the person was in the same room. So she fell back to couch with her heart racing. When the shadowed stranger turned on the light switch Dae saw it was Jung-Woo looking flat and was chewing on a straw?

"I see your awake." he said. He walked over to where she was. Now her heart is pounding faster than the rain drops that were falling outside were.

"Why the hell is he here? And why is my heart starting to pace faster?" she thought for every step the feminine boy took

He crouched down to Dae and reached his hand out. He placed it on Dae's fore head.

"You don't have a fever anymore." He held out your hand. He rolled her shirt sleeves up. He scanned to make sure the cuts didn't open again and the bruises were ok. By now Dae had a tint of light pink on her cheeks. She felt the heat rise on them too.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" thought Dae frantically.

"Why are you red? Do you have a fever again?" asked Jung-Woo. Dae snapped out of thought.

"Oh no, I'm fine." She turned her head away from him.

"Your cousin told me that you have to stay here because passed out from something." he said trying to remember.

"Oh okay." Dae said "Damn you Ga-Woon!" she thought.

"I'll be in the other room, call me or whatever if you need something."

"Oh okay. Can I use the phone?" she asked.

"Go ahead; it's over in the other room. I barely make calls on it anyways." replied Jung-Woo as he pointed to the next room.

Dae followed Jung-Woo into the next room still lost in thought too busy to hear Jung-Woo said,

"Watch you step-" by then Dae was already falling from where she had tripped on a stair step she didn't see.

"Damn, not again." Dae thought as she was about to brace her self for the impact of the tile. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Jung-Woo had once again caught her, even though Dae barely fell, but this time she didn't fall on him like earlier that day. Dae felt her heart race faster. She was soon paralyzed with embarrassment and shock she didn't notice Jung-Woo lifted her back on her feet. But while doing so in the process he some how managed to, brush his lips against Dae's cheek!

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