YAY! They finally started a Loveless category, and since it's one of my all time favorite shounen-ai anime, I've thought about writing a story for this one. It'll be (planned for) 10 chapters and the storyline is after episode 12 (for those who haven't seen it, there will be spoilers in this story).

Of course, there will be Soubi x Ritsuka, but, I've thought about Seimei x Ritsuka too. (Please, don't look at me like that... Even if it is incest, it's interestingly cute. Besides, for those who know Naruto, look at all the ItachixSasuke fans (I only go for platonic) and all those NejixHinata fans!)

Disclaimer: Loveless is not mine... My art isn't even that close to being good.

Warnings: Anything that may cause you to be squeamish, including mature scenes, cursing, violence, crude humor, etc.

And now, on with the story!

Faithless Prologue:


"A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your gardens." – Country Studios 1999


A raven-haired boy, about the age of 16 continued to shudder, hearing the screaming coming from downstairs. He could clearly see, in his head, his mentally ill mother breaking the plates and vases on top of another person's head, blaming this all on him, cursing him for being alive.


Seimei didn't die. He was alive, and about 3 years ago, he came back within the Aoyagi house. His mother was in shock at first, but welcomed him with open arms, and lovingly caressed his cheek and brushed his hair.

She had her lost son back, and no longer would she cry upon his altar, covered with those white lilies, which symbolized his crude death.

However, now, that false 'mother-to-son' relationship had ended.

Seimei had caught his mother during one of the days that she went into a random fit of rage. He looked in horror as he saw how much blood Ritsuka was losing, due to the shattered glass that was stuck in his skin, and the continuous screaming coming from the mad woman and it drove him to the edge.

He had backhanded her, yelling at her for abusing her son in this way.

Ritsuka just stood there, and besides the physical wounds that were bleeding, he was hurt more because of the mental wounds that would forever bleed and never heal.

Ritsuka's mother was shocked at her son, and immediately lashed out at him for defending the 'imposter'.

Their relationship had vanished, and Seimei had brought Ritsuka into his room to treat his wounds before going out to see his mother again.

And the screaming started all over again.

Ritsuka only closed his eyes, trying to prevent his tears from falling, and covered himself with a blanket, only wishing for one person to save him from this hell.

That one person that disappeared with a smile, and (he knew) was never going to return.


ChibiChidori's nonsense

Yes, since this is a prologue, it is very short, but it shows you a glimpse of what's happening so far.

Abused Ritsuka, heroic Seimei, missing Soubi. All expected, but I hope that you will stick around for more, because it's going to get very interesting. :smile: I honestly hope you liked the prologue! The first chapter is going to come within the next 2 weeks, (not 45 days, because this was a short prologue and first chapters should always come early anyway).

Thanks to QianYun for BETAing this chapter!

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