Chapter 04 – Faithless


The sliding door slid open and loud footsteps were heard as a pale-blonde stepped out, the cool night's breeze hitting his skin.

He shivered, before reaching into his pockets, searching...


He took out his box and lightened it of one cigarette, before replacing it back within his jacket and taking out a lighter in its place.

He need to smoke, relax, and get his thoughts together.

Currently, the objects of his thoughts, (dare I say) obsession, was resting in the guest room, a room which was closer than 15 feet away.

So far yet so close.

He gritted his teeth as he held the cigarette in his hands, trying to push down his mature thoughts back down the gutter that they had come up from.

But, his little predicament did consider the sacrifice occupying the other room.

This complicated matter was revolved around that young boy.

Yet, he could do nothing to change the way things were going, he could not change the direction his Ritsuka was going into...

This all had to happen for a reason.

And suffering was the disadvantage that came along with it.


He was screaming.

All the frustration that he had stacked up blew out of his lungs as he screamed, feeling as if his insides were torn.

No longer was he with his little brother.

He was no longer able to hold his brother, comfort his brother, imagine his brother in such ways one was not allowed to think.

His life was ruined, his ultimate goal snatched away from the palm of his hands without a moment's notice.

Everything was completely ruined...

All because of him.

Seimei screamed even more, grabbing onto a vase and throwing it out the window.

Stray shards of glass flew by his cheek, piercing the skin, revealing the luscious blood within.

He didn't care if he bled to death, he didn't care if he were about to die that moment.

All he wanted was his precious little brother.


The snow crunched underneath the weight of the Fighter, fragile snowflakes melting as they met the pale, warm skin. Soubi ignored the cold that winter was bringing, although it had been rain only moments ago.

He trudged along the wet snow, towards the Aoyagi household, and he heard the screams.

The screams filled with anger, sadness, vengeance...


He knew he was going to regret stepping near the home that once sheltered his Sacrifice, but it was to keep Seimei sane. Seimei needed to be sane, long enough to protect Ritsuka from the events to come.

Unconsciously, his left hand flew up to where the mark was, lying right before his neck.

If necessary, they were going to tolerate each other for one final battle, to save Ritsuka...

All of this pain was worth it...

Because it was to save Ritsuka.


He stared at the door, as if it were a mutant, his screams ceasing to listen to it.

And here, the sharp noise came once again.

-Thunk, thunk-

His eyes widened with hope. Perhaps...

Perhaps, it was his little brother? It was his little one, his love, that was returning to him, awaiting to be embraced by the two arms that were now reaching for the door.

He hesitated, before firmly grasping the brass knob and opened it, to be greeted with a face that he never wanted to see again...

And he screamed.


Soubi could only brace himself, before stepping away just in time to avoid the older Aoyagi. Anger, he had been expecting, but this...?

Hesitantly, he came inside the household as Seimei scurried away.

He looked around and noted how torn apart this place was. He assumed that their mother wasn't home.

That, or the fact that she was the one who caused this, but judging on Seimei's reactions only moments ago, he doubted that.

His eyes narrows as he dangerously avoided a vase that came flying from the hallway, Seimei panting harshly in the direction the vase had come from.

His eyes were disoriented, his arms covered in bloody cuts and ears flicking out of anger.

"What are you doing here! Where is he?

"Where is Ritsuka!"

More vases shattered as they met with the wall, the shards decorating the floor that both of the men stood on.

Suddenly, Seimei lunged at his ex-fighter, grabbing the color of his jacket.

"Answer me! Where is he? Where is my baby brother!"

"He is no longer an infant that cannot watch over himself, Seimei. It seems you have yet to realize this." Soubi said, pinning the other with his eyes.

Seimei let go of his grip out of shock, the words bringing him back to reality with a bitter taste.

He still hasn't let go, but he wouldn't admit it. If he did, he'd lose his baby brother forever. No longer would he be the most important person in Ritsuka's life...

He'd be left behind.

"No..." he started. "he still needs me, Ritsuka still needs me...!

"I won't give him to you!"

Seimei lunged at Soubi once again.

"Stop it, Seimei. Ritsuka's in a very sensitive stage right now, and the Seven Moons are still after hi-"

"Shut up! He doesn't need you to protect him, I can do it on my own!"

Soubi's eyes flashed in anger and he grabbed Seimei's wrists, pinning him to the wall.

"Listen to me!"

His former Sacrifice stopped, stunned by the commanding voice that he had heard.

Never, never has Soubi yelled at him in this way...until now.

"Seimei, I know that you're worried. I know that you hate me, but you need to let all of this go right now. You need to realized that Ritsuka is no longer your baby brother-"

"No, you're wrong. He's Ritsuka, he's my Ritsu-"

"He is not only your Ritsuka anymore! He doesn't belong to you! You fail to realize this and you have no idea what danger you're bringing to him. If he's you're precious brother, work together with me. There are people who're out to get him, who're out to kill him. There are those who are going to destroy his entire being, Seimei!

"You can't do this alone!"

The amber-eyed fighter let go out of the Aoyagi, his breath catching in his throat as he let all of this pile on to the other. He merely watched as Seimei slumped down onto the floor, his back against the wall for support.

Soubi turned, going to the doorway and began to reach for his shoes.


The fighter turned to greet the face of his weary, former sacrifice, seeing a bit of the Seimei he use to know, before smiling bitterly.

"The same organization that sought to kill you is now starting up again, except, they're not the only people out there trying to get him. There's someone else, but the thing that worries me is that...

"I don't know who it is."

Distracted by his own thoughts, the bitter smile replaced with an angry scowl, Soubi turned back towards the door and left Seimei behind, never looking back.

He did his part with informing his former Sacrifice, and now he needed to get a old of the other zeroes.

He needed everyone he could get to save his precious Ritsuka.


Blank, dull eyes opened, filled with fatigue and weariness. A porcelain-colored hand came up and rubbed at them, trying to erase the sleep. Dark ears flicked and a yawn was let out as the figure walked off the bed, stilling as the cool floor met with his feet.

He walked to the window, looking out into the dark, rainy night...


The owner of the name turned around abruptly, his bangs swaying from the sudden movement. He looked back into the room, his eyes searching for what was not there, before turning towards the window again.


"Who's there!" Panic laced the words he spoke and Ritsuka turned back to the bed, slowly backing up to the wall.

When his back had met with the wall behind him, he let out a breath and closed his eyes.

"Come, Ritsuka."

Eyes opened and widened in alarm as he clutched at his arm and tried to identify the shadows of the objects in the darkness.

"Who are you! Answer me!"

Only silence greeted him and the rhythm of the beating rain and howling wind did little comfort him. He wrapped his arms around his legs, bringing his knees close to his chest. Resting his chin on top of his knees, he shuddered from the cold and fear.

Nobody was here with him. Not even the owners of this house, Natsuo and Youji.

Tears gathered at the edges of his eyes and he clenched them tightly, wishing for all of this just to be one thing.

A nightmare.

He wished, silently, for his brother to rescue him, or anybody for that matter. He opened his mouth to speak his brother's name...

"Soubi..." he rasped out.

His eyes widened as he realized the name he had spoken and the tears started to spill.

Suddenly, the windows slammed open, the storm's raindrops creating a puddle on the floor. Ritsuka stoop up, his falling tears forgotten and attempted to fuse together with the wall behind him...

"I've finally got you, Loveless."

And he screamed.

Faithless Chapter 04 – End – 13/03/06 (Please read bottom and know what's going on)


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