Mainly angst on Elestra's part and fluffiness on Flauvic's part. Originally was going to be called Unwritten (had a nice little part where Elestra threatened to make Flauvic's future unwritten) but am instead going with the current title. Takes place after Beauty, Flauvic and Elestra are married. Enjoy.


"Yes, dear?"

"I want more chocolate."

"That will be your fourth helping today, are you sure you don't want some tea?"

"Are you trying to say something about my weight!"


"Because it's your fault. You should know that. It's all your fault."

"What is my fault?"

"This! Your act, your child, your line! It's all your FAULT!"

"Oh, that hurts."

"Wipe that smile off your face, Flower - I want chocolate."

"I don't think you've called me that colorful nickname for quite some time."

"I'll call you worse things that all of Merindar will hear if you don't get me chocolate."

"What has it been? Twenty-six years since your Uncle came up with that?"

"Flauvic, if you value your life, and dignity, in any way that your mind can conceive of you will bring your wife chocolate."

"Is that a threat?"

"It's a promise. And don't doubt Oria's ability to pull through on that promise. My sister will help me. Now, chocolate!"

"Yes, dear."

"What is this?"

"Tea. It will help calm your nerves."

"I want more chocolate - and are you saying that I'm tense? Because if you are remember that I'm the one carrying your demon spawn that ceases to kick me in the middle of the night when YOU tickle my stomach and wake IT up."

"I refuse to refer to our child as an 'it'. And the tickling? I couldn't resist-"

"Resist, Flauvic...Or else."

"Are you going to finish that sentence, dear?"

"Your death would make a nice end to it."

"Sweet, we've gone over this. My taking you hostage was a scenario that shall never take place again."

"Yes, it was in your proposal, remember? 'I'll love you forever, I'll protect you from anyone and anything, I pledge myself to you from this day on. And in no way will I try to dethrone your parents, or your brother when he becomes king. I will also promise to never plot against anyone in your family again now that I've found myself in love with you.'-"

"I'm touched. You memorized it."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Did not. And I don't even know why I helped you escape. Should've just let my father kill you."

"You don't know why when you're laying there, married to me, are Marquise of Merindar, eight months pregnant with our child?"

"It's still your fault."

"El, why don't I take you for a walk? You always liked those."

"Before I became a goose. Flauvic, I'm pregnant. Walking doesn't apply to me. Now, I waddle."

"That is not true. Geese are at most three feet in height. You are what? Just north of five feet? You bear no resemblance to a goose what so ever."

"Good. Now get me more chocolate."


"Don't 'El' me, Flauvic. I've been carrying your child for eight months, and have dealt with all of the pain and sleepless nights and cramps and-"


"Chocolate. NOW!"

"Yes, dear."