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I Love You

"Moony I love you."

"Excuse me?"

"I, Sirius Black, Love you, Remus Lupin."

"Shut up!"


"Because its not funny!"

"I wasn't joking! I swear!"


"I really do!"



"Shut up."

"I'm serous! I. Love. You."

"I know your Sirius."

"Then why don't you believe me?"

"Sirius, It's a pun."

"Oh, well, even though you're a sarcastic know-it-all, I still love you!"

"So, you're seriously not kidding."

"Not kidding. I swear."


"Just admit it! You louver me!"


"Don't ignore me!"



"SIRIUS! Get off me!"

"You know you liked it."

"(Mutters some thing Sirius couldn't hear.)"



"What was that?"

"I-I … love you to."

"Well, do you think I should snog you again?"





"Sirius, some ones coming. At lest I think so."

"I don't hear anybody."





"Hi prongsie!"

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