Chapter 44 If you'd just realize

The Cohen Residence

Alex tried to stifle a yawn as she sat next to Ryan and Theresa. The bride and groom had departed around 10:00p.m. to start their honeymoon and as soon as the last guest had been ushered out the door Sandy had rushed to the hospital with the reassurance that Alex and Ryan would keep an eye on things. Currently the two blondes were nursing beers while watching the cleaning staff, they had just finished moving the gifts into Trey's old room while Theresa was checking in with the nanny to see that Javier was still sound asleep.

"What do you think Summer had?" Theresa asked as she plopped down in the chair next to Ryan as he continued to stare off half asleep. Ryan chuckled and took a sip of his beer, while both women looked at him curiously.

"What's so funny?" Alex asked. Ryan shrugged and said "I was just wondering what the odds were that Summer killed or maimed my brother while in labor were."

Both women snickered at the thought. "Oh God help the boy!" Theresa said laughing. "Amen!" Alex and Ryan said as they clanked their beer bottles together before draining them.

Alex covered up another yawn before standing up and tossing her now empty bottle into one of the recycle bins. "Well kiddies its time for me to head out." She said grabbing her jacket. "You can crash here if you want Alex." Ryan offered. "I mean I am pretty sure Riss will be coming back here later on. I know she wants to see you Al." Theresa added. The blonde just gave her a sad smile before heading out.

The Hospital

Marissa stared at Kirsten, her heart pounding as she waited for something, anything. A brilliant smile spread across the older woman's face "It's a girl!" Marissa let out a squeal of delight as she wrapped her boss in a hug, the two women practically jumping up and down while tears of joy rolled down their faces. Just as they were calming down the elevators across from the waiting room dinged and opened, revealing a grinning Sandy and a wobbly Seth. "Congratulations daddy! You have a beautiful baby girl!"

Marissa watched on, half expecting Seth to faint again. Surprisingly the boy didn't, although he did still have the whole deer-caught-in-headlights look. "A g-girl?" he managed to stutter out.

"Yes. A girl. 6 pounds 8 ounces. They are cleaning her up and are warming her up a bit while they get Summer squared away. "At the mention of his ex Seth paled.

"How is Summer?" he asked quietly. Sandy gave the boy's shoulder a squeeze before Kirsten engulfed her son in a reassuring hug. "She's going to be fine. She was a real trooper, but for now she just needs some rest." Giving Seth a kiss on his cheek she chuckled. "Jodie on the other hand will be wearing a splint on her hand for the next couple of weeks." Just then the brunette surfer came out of the room escorted by a nurse. Spying the father of her girlfriend's daughter she stopped.

"Sum is knocked out and the princess is in the process of a mini spa day. I am going to go have the bones in my hand reset. Again." She growled at Seth who had the good sense to cower. "DO NOT LEAVE HER ALONE! And by her I mean Summer." Jodie growled at Seth, who had the good sense to agree quickly.

The Latina followed the nurse into the elevator, heading for the radiology department. Seth turned back towards Summer's room, nodding to Marissa and his parents he slowly made his way to the room looking very much like a condemned man heading for the electric chair. "I'm going to call Ryan and let him know he has a niece." Sandy said and then wandered off in search of a cell phone signal.

Marissa let out a sigh before threading her fingers through her hair and collapsing in one of the chairs in the waiting room, her bride's maids dress making a swishing sound as she did. "What a week!" She said, almost to herself.

Kirsten smiled, sitting next to her and placing an arm around her shoulders. "And you have been wonderful. I'm just sorry you missed Alex." The brunette girl smiled at the mention of her blonde lover. "You know, if you leave now, you might still be able to catch her." Kirsten gave Marissa a knowing smile before saying "You could both use a little happiness in your lives, Marissa. Just try to meet each other halfway and it will workout." The girl grinned at the blonde woman before engulfing her in a hug and hurrying towards the elevator.

"Where's she off to?" Sandy asked as he wrapped his arms around his wife. Kirsten snuggled into Sandy's arms. "She's gone to get her girl."

"But Ryan said Alex has already left the house."

"Oh dear."

Summer's hospital room

Seth quietly walked into the room and slowly making his way towards his resting ex, being sure to keep his eyes focused on the woman on the bed and not the surroundings after a near disastrous run-in with a cart carrying some rather ghastly looking things being wheeled out. He braved a glance to the corner of the room where the nurses and techs were tending to his daughter. 'MY daughter….I have a daughter' he thought, feeling tears come to his eyes as he gently moved a strand from Summer's sweat covered forehead. As he gazed at her sleeping face he was hit with the realization that, though she was slightly puffy and flushed from the strain of giving birth, she was the most beautiful he had ever seen her. Just then one of the nurses came over carrying the baby, tightly swaddled in her receiving blanket and sporting a cute pink beanie.

"Hi…are you Dad?" she asked. He could only nod as his gaze was fixed on the tiny, scrunched up face peeking out at him. "Would you like to hold her?" At those words his head snapped up.

"I..I..What if I break her, or drop her….I" He took a break "I don't know how." The nurse smiled.

"Relax. I'll show you." She said. "Sharon, can you help me show Dad how to hold baby." Sharon nodded and came over, positioning Seth's arms correctly before Millie placed the baby in his arms. "Like this and just make sure you support her head. See, your doing just fine! A natural." With that the nurses went back to cleaning up, leaving Seth alone with his daughter and Summer.

After a long couple of minutes he tore his gaze away from the baby in his arms and looked at the sleeping Summer. "Thank-you." He said quietly, tears rolling down his cheeks. "I promise not to ever let her down."

"You better not." Summer said, tired eyes blinking open to the sight of father and daughter. Seth smiled and returned his gaze to the tiny person that would forever have him wrapped around her little finger. "Did you decide on a name?" he asked quietly.

"Sara Jade Cohen Roberts. I wanted to have Jodie's last name in there, but she said it wouldn't be right. So I chose Jade to represent her mama." Cohen nodded.

"We could still sneak Ramirez in if you want. Jodie is just as much a parent to her as I am." Summer gave a tired laugh.

"Sara Jade Cohen Ramirez Roberts….Has a ring to it but I wouldn't want her to hate us when she starts school and has to learn to write that." Seth laughed loudly, startling the baby who let out a little whimper before waling loudly.

"Ohh sweetie, Daddy's sorry. Please don't cry." He cooed gently rocking her as he did. When she didn't calm he looked at Summer with scared eyes.

"Here…let me try." She said. Slowly adjusting her sore body and reaching her arms out for the baby. Seth gingerly transferred the infant to her mother's waiting arms and was mystified when she immediately stopped fussing.

"No fair." He pouted before settling down and watching two of the three most important women in his life.

The Cohen House

"Night Kevin, thanks for the ride!" Marissa called back to the limo driver as she jumped out of the vehicle and quickly made her way into the house. The brunette had been surprised when she had exited the hospital to find Kevin and the limo still waiting.

"Hello, miss." He said politely, tipping his cap to her.

"You're still here?!" she asked incredulously. He nodded.

"Ms. Kelly said I wasn't to leave until I was certain I was no longer needed." Opening the back door for her and gesturing for her to get in. "Your chariot, milady." Marissa giggled and shook her head. "I'll ride up front with you if that's okay."

Volchok grinned and shut the rear door before opening the front passenger door. "As you wish."

Marissa skidded to a halt when she caught sight of Ryan and Theresa huddled in a corner as the workers continued to buzz around, completing final chores. The brunette girl took a second to watch as the blonde boy gently played with the Latina's hand. "Hey guys!" She regretfully called out.

"What'd she have?" Theresa excitedly asked as she engulfed the girl in a hug.

"A girl!" Marissa said with a smile. "Both mom and baby are doing fine."

"Yeah…but how are mama and dad?" Ryan smirked.

Marissa chuckled "Seth fainted twice and missed the birth completely. I didn't get to talk to Jodie, but on the drive there I am fairly certain Summer broke a couple of mama's fingers.

"Poor Jodie!" Theresa exclaimed. Marissa nodded her agreement as Ryan could only look on, slack jawed. "Yeah, but she was a real trooper and even though I know she had to be dying she stuck by Summer." Marissa said with a smile. "I'm so glad Summer found her."

"I can't believe my brother is such a wuss!" Ryan groaned.

"How was the reception?" Marissa asked "I hope Kaitlin wasn't too mad."

"No, she was fine. She said to text, not call, but text the details." Ryan reassured her. "Your mom actually read your speech."

"Oh God, tell me she didn't make it about her!" Marissa almost begged.

"No, she actually did pretty good." Ryan said, sounding slightly perplexed.

Marissa let out a sigh of relief. "So did I miss anything exciting?" Theresa smirked and looked at Ryan. "Oh just Ryan pulling his white knight routine on Alex."

"If anyone acted like a white knight it was Javy." Ryan denied.

"Oh come on. You are the one that had that idiot guard fired for manhandling Al!" Theresa gushed while Ryan blushed. Marissa frowned at what she was hearing.

"What do you mean a guard manhandled her?" Theresa looked at the frown that resided on the lanky brunette's lips and had to keep from smiling.

The Latina shrugged and smiled. "Oh, Alex just lost her invitation and an overzealous guard was trying to drag her away when Javier spotted her, which got Ryan's attention. And like a white knight he went to her rescue." Theresa snickered. "I don't know who was more surprised, Alex or Ryan." Ryan just rolled his eyes at his son's mother before turning his attention back to Marissa.

"She wasn't hurt, was she?" Marissa asked quietly.

"No. In fact you just missed her." Ryan says nonchalantly. "I was just going to call and leave a message at her hotel because she for got her purse." He added holding up the item in question, yawning for effect. Marissa's eyes lit up.

"I can take care of that for you if you want. I mean, I'm sure that she would want to know about the baby anyways." Marissa said, trying to keep the excitement from showing, before giving up and grinning like an idiot. "You wouldn't happen to know what hotel she is staying at would you?"

"She's at the Avalon, suite 604." Theresa said with a smile. "Tell her she better have her behind here on time tomorrow." Marissa chuckled.

"I'll see what I can do." The lanky brunette said before bidding the two goodnight and heading for her car, a single thought in her mind. As she navigated through the empty streets of Newport, making her way towards the freeway that would take her to L.A. and the blonde she longed to see, she was quietly serenaded by her radio. Suddenly the words she heard reached her, Marissa couldn't help but smile at how appropriate it was.

Take time to realize

That your warmth is crashing down on in

Take time to realize that I am on your side

Didn't I, didn't I tell you

As the melody continued to flow through her speakers, a plan formed and she knew exactly what she had to do. Slipping on her Bluetooth she dialed information and waited, hoping she wasn't too late.

Los Angeles

Alex tossed her jacket onto the foot of the bed. Today, she realized, was possibly one of the worst days in recent memory. First she had lost the invitation and now she had forgotten her purse. Thankfully the staff had recognized her and had immediately given her an extra key. She made a bee line for the bar and grabbed a beer. She had always found it funny that for all her wealth, she still enjoyed the refreshing bitterness of a good beer over the fanciest mixed drinks.

The surfer returned to the balcony off her suite and stared out at the sleeping city. Part of her missed her home, the warm humid air, her nice private beach, and the moon glittering off the waves. But a bigger part of her had felt so empty and alone since Marissa had returned to Los Angeles. Alex growled in frustration and got up, quickly striding over to the t.v. and turning it on. She watched the screen for a couple of minutes before rolling her eyes and going to grab another beer.

The surfer seemed to be plagued by restlessness. Her mind running in circles, going through all the what ifs and if onlys. Sighing in frustration she shut off the t.v. and headed for the bathroom, hoping that a nice hot bath would quiet her racing mind. Alex stripped out of the rest of her suit, letting it drop carelessly to the floor, before shutting off the tap and sliding into the warm water. She let out a light moan, feeling the tension and stress of the day begin to seep out of her body. She never noticed the soft knocking coming from the living room of her suite.