A.N.: Due to a couple complaints I'm going to change this story just a smidge...Elie still exists, she still is sixteen, and insane. She is still a genius but I'm going back to my other crime she witnessed. As for her with the FBI, I made a mistake with typing. I'm fixing it in the story. I'm sorry if this upsets my other readers, you can drop me a line and I'll change it back.

Don walked with a calm exterior into the supervisor's office. On the inside though he was mentally going over the last fifty cases he and his team had been doing. He had no idea why he had been called up, but he didn't want to take the chance that it was because he and his team had done something wrong. He was just at forty when the supervisor told him to sit down. Agent Writ had been the supervisor for only a few weeks and already a serious case was in his lap. Observing the agent in front of him, he knew he was the best one for the job.

"It's nice to meet you, Agent Eppes," Writ started out friendly, "I just finished your report on the fraud case and I'm quite impressed."

"Thank you, sir," Don replied in a business like tone.

Writ smiled within himself. Agent Eppes had a direct and focused attitude. It was perfect.

Not letting Don see his true reaction, however, Writ continued, "I find it ingenious to use your brother for the case. Charlie, isn't it?"

Don nodded curtly.

"Well, he is a great asset to fall back on," Writ said watching for a reaction. When none came he continued, "But enough beating around the bush. Agent Eppes, Don, do you know why you're here?"

"No," Don replied frankly, "But I'm guessing it's not to go over case files or talk about Charlie's help."

Writ nodded, "True, it's not."

"Was a complaint filed against my team then?" Don voiced his largest worry.

"Oh, no. No, not at all," Writ replied, "No. The truth is the FBI has run into a small problem."

Don looked at him questioningly.

"You see we finally have a case against a big time drug dealer in the LA area," Writ explained, "We have him on a charge of kidnapping and bribery. But the defense has only one witness."

"Who you want us to put in protective custody," Don replied seeing where this was going.

Writ smiled nervously.

"Ah, I'm afraid it's a little more complicated than that, Agent Eppes," Writ replied, "You see she's already been in protective custody. Two teams have already had her in hiding and twice there have been close calls."

"How close?"

"I believe one agent was hit with pepper spray during an exit because of a fire alarm and a large man was seen approaching our witness at the second."

"So someone's been leaking information on where the witness is hiding," Don said.

"Exactly," Writ replied, "Which is why I want to put her in your custody."

"I'm glad you think my team can handle this case, but with all due respect," Don replied, "What makes you think that my team will do better than the others."

"No,no, no," Writ exclaimed, shaking his head, "I'm not talking about your team protecting her."

"Then what do you need my team for?" Don said, "If we're not going to protect her?"

"I don't want your team, Agent Eppes," Writ emphasised, "I want you to protect her!"

"Me!" Don exclaimed, suddenly realizing what Writ meant, "You can't be serious."

"I am, Agent Eppes," Writ answered gravely, "Very serious. This witness is the only thing standing between the drug lord and freedom. If we can't keep her safe then this man will walk and will use his influences in more dangerous businesses."

"But why me?" Don said, "And since when is it policy to have one agent protect a witness."

"Circumstances change," Writ replied, "Look at your record. You're fully capable of doing this. And besides...well, maybe you should meet Ms. Linda."

Before Don could reply, Writ buzzed the secretary. A second later the door opened. Don turned around and got the suprise of his life. Standing there was gangly girl of medium height. Her black hair was straight and her brown eyes stared meaningfully at him. If Don didn't know any better he could have sworn the girl could have been his sister.

"Elie," Writ greeted warmly, as he stood up to shake the girl's hand.

"Hello, Agent Writ, again," the young woman replied, giving his hand a quick shake, "I'm guessing this is the agent you were telling me about."

Don watched her tilt her head less than an inch, looking at him with a curious stare. He'd seen that look before but he couldn't place from where. Standing up he walked over and offered his hand to the young woman.

"Nice to meet you, Ms. Linda," he greeted professionally.

"Oh, please," the young woman answered brashly, "Call me Elie. I dislike the Ms. Linda crap."

Don was caught off guard by the statement. Writ, however, frowned as though he wasn't suprised.

Finding his voice Don asked, "Just how old are you Ms...Elie?"

"Sixteen," the girl replied, a self-satisfied smirk on her face, "And insane."

"Elie is a code breaker and hacker," Writ explained, "She's helped a friend of hers who we hired for a consult. Elie is a natural born genius."

Don looked at him. For a moment annoyance flashed through his eyes.

Directing his attention back to Elie he asked, "So how did you get involved in this investigation?"

He noticed Elie grow uncomfortable. Glancing at Writ she said, "One of my teachers was kidnapped. We were working and a couple guys barged into the room. My teacher told them to get out but they grabbed him and..." she paused, "I managed to get under a desk and make it to the window."

"Is there anything you can tell me..."Don started but was cut off by Writ saying, "The secretary will show you the way out, Elie. Agent Eppes will meet you in the board room."

The teenager shrugged and headed for the door. Don thought he heard her mumble about the good this would do.

Turning to face Writ he exclaimed, "How am I suppose to help her if I don't know what the case is about!"

"Agent Eppes, this situation is delicate. And under control."

"You just said that there have been close calls!"

"And Ms. Linda handled them perfectly well."

"She's sixteen..."

"And a fully capable and proficient youn woman."

"Why me," Don asked, "Even if I were to take this assignment I don't have much room for her."

Writ sighed, "I suspected you'd say that and I'm taking the liberty of having you take her to your family home," at Don's outraged look he continued, "I believe it would be safer if it looked as though she were part of your family. If you didn't notice she bears a stricking resemblance to you."

"I did notice," Don replied, "But what about the safety of my dad and brother? Why should their safety be put on a limb for this case?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell you that," Writ replied, "But you have no need to worry about their safety. We will have teams stationed around your home."

Don frowned, "I still don't see why I was asked to do this assignment."

"Because it's your job."