Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Set around The Brotherhood, reworking the timeline a little. McKay/Allina. I don't have a transcript or summary to work from so forgive me if some of the details are wrong.

And I am in no way affiliated with MGM, the SciFi channel or anyone affiliated with Stargate. If I were, I'd be writing scripts, not fanfiction. I write for my own pleasure and anyway, I'm a poverty-stricken student, it's not worth suing me over.

Chapter One

Doctor Rodney McKay quite liked Allina, who was helping him find a much-sought after Zero-Point-Module that could hopefully save the city of Atlantis. She looked up to him for his superior intellect and knowledge, which Rodney was used to, but there was something else in her eyes, in her smile, which he definitely was not used to. He didn't understand it, and normally, what he didn't understand, he made an extra effort to learn about. But something that had always stumped Rodney was women, so he decided the best thing to do was ignore it. He had better things to do, anyway. Like find the ZPM.

Allina's advances may have been met with total ignorance by Rodney, but everyone else who had come with him through the gate in search of the ZPM was very much aware of it. John Sheppard made a few jokes about Allina's lack of taste in men, but sent a warning glance at Ford when he tried to do the same. John respected Rodney greatly, which meant he was entitled to make fun of the scientist, but God help anyone else who did it within John's earshot.

After a few hours spent with Allina, Rodney came back to the makeshift camp the Atlantis team had set up and said to no-one in particular he was going to bed. "Who's bed?" John couldn't resist saying, to the smirks of Aidan and Teyla.

Rodney looked at John with a complete lack of comprehension. Had too little sleep or too much testosterone friend his brain, Rodney wondered, because he was speaking gobbledegook.

When it dawned on him that John was referring to Allina's crush on him, he was completely flustered. He wasn't exactly used to having women show attention to him and he didn't know what he was meant to do about it. Even more disconcerting was the fact that Teyla, Aidan and John all seemed so confident about it – and what to do – while he was in the dark.

"Well, what do I do?" he asked.

John looked at his disbelievingly. "You don't know what to do?" It was no secret that Rodney didn't have the best of luck when it came to women – his ongoing crush on Colonel Samantha Carter was an ongoing joke, even on Atlantis – but he'd at least thought the bumbling scientist had gotten laid at least once in his life… or if not, he'd at least be aware of the technical process.

Rodney looked at him scathingly. Of course John would think of something like that. It was on the tip of Rodney's tongue to say that just because he didn't go around having sex with Ancients-in-Exile didn't mean he'd never had sex, but in a rare show of tactfulness, he decided not to say such a thing in front of Teyla, who's crush on John was obvious to everyone on the expedition but him. "I know what to do eventually," he huffed. "I mean… what do I do now?"

In the end he took John's advice that the best thing to do was sleep on it and do something about it in the morning. In the morning, he woke up quite excited. For some unknown reason, a beautiful, intelligent woman liked him. Which, of course, only made him even more awkward in his attempts to communicate with her. John, Teyla and Aidan watched the spectacle from a safe distance, thinking it was better then anything they might pay to see. But she seemed to appreciate the attention he was paying her.

He managed to get her alone – he was oblivious to the fact that was more John's contrivance then his own – that night. He talked about Atlantis, which she was particularly keen to hear about, and tried to think of a way to manoeuvre the conversation to them.

She did it for him when she asked if it had been hard to leave their home so many light years away – and leave all their loved ones. "Not really," Rodney admitted. "I didn't have anyone really special." He thought about Samantha Carter, and decided she didn't count.

"So… you're free to create personal bonds with… whoever you wish?" Allina asked. The inviting smile she gave following that question was so obvious not even Rodney could miss its meaning.

"Something like that," Rodney said, and he kissed her quickly, before his courage deserted him. She didn't protest so he kissed her again, harder, using his lips and tongue to pry open her mouth. It occurred to him that she was quite an inexperienced kisser – even he could tell that. But she seemed to enjoy it so he didn't stop.

They were already sitting on her bed so it was easy enough for Rodney to wrap one arm around her back so he could lower her onto the bed. She didn't protest about that either, wrapping her arms around his neck for support. After a few minutes of kissing she seemed to get the hang of it, making a small sound of disappointment when he abandoned her mouth, her disappointment forgotten when he began trailing kisses along her neck. She arched her neck to give him easier access, whimpering in delight as his lips brushed her skin. "I thought you'd never do this," she admitted.

"Sorry," he said sheepishly. "I'm not too good with women." He pulled at her shirt so it came free from her pants and slipped his hand inside, feeling the smooth, soft skin of her stomach. Those little noises she made were the biggest turn-on, like everything he did was something completely new. You'd think she'd never done this before.

They continued to kiss, and the more they did, the more she got into it until what they were doing was more like making out. Their legs were tangled together, his shirt was mostly undone and hers had been pulled up to just below her breasts – which she hadn't minded him feeling up, by the little sound she'd made when he did and the way she'd arched her back, pressing herself against him. He had no idea how far to take things until she made it easier by sliding her hand down his chest, his abdomen to rest on his crotch. Instant reaction. And it couldn't have been an accident. Although her technique was a little amateurish, it reminded him of his awkward fumblings when he was seventeen with a girl who was at least as inexperienced as he had been…

A thought occurred to him. "Allina," he said in a controlled voice. "Have you ever done this before?"

"Done what before?"

"This," he said vaguely, gesturing to them lying in bed together. "Been with a man."

"No," she said honestly. She saw the look of panic that flashed through his eyes and asked, "is that wrong?"

He jumped up. Oh, God, this was something he had never done before and he wasn't sure he wanted to. For one brief moment he considered asking John's advice, who he was sure had much experience in such things, then decided against it. He would never hear the end of it if he did. "In my culture it is," he said. Oh, Jesus Christ, this was supposed to be every guy's fantasy, the 'clean' woman begging to be broken in, but he did not want the responsibility of deflowering her. "Oh, Christ, you're a virgin," he babbled almost incoherently. "Oh Christ, oh Christ…" he was nearly hyperventilating.

Tears started in her eyes. For reasons she couldn't fathom, Rodney had completely switched off her and now treating he like she was a disease. "I'm sorry," she said. "I didn't think it would matter. I didn't mean to offend you."

She'd completely misunderstood him, he realised. "Oh, God, no," he said. "You haven't done anything wrong. I just don't want to hurt you."

He really hoped he wouldn't have to explain the technical side of that, but she seemed to understand what he was getting at. "It's OK," she said. "I want to." She lowered her head to stare at the ground. "It feels right with you. But if you don't want to…"

Immediately he was at her side. "Of course I want to," he said. "It's just that I've never done this before," he babbled, aware that he was making an ass of himself. For the first time since he'd known the man, he actually wished he was John Sheppard. He was sure John would know what to do. John always knew what to do when it came to women.

Allina resolved his problem for him by kissing him. He kissed her back, and encouraged by his response, she slid her hand down to his groin again. If she was awkward, she was also eager and he quickly became aroused. "You sure you wanna do this?" he asked.

She nodded and that was it for his self-control. He eased her out of her pants so he could access her more freely and within a few minutes he had her whimpering in delight. This sexual awakening stuff was actually kind of cool, Rodney thought as he caused her to arch her back and cry out his name. The noise caused a thought to filter through his mind.

"Allina," he whispered urgently. "When will everyone will getting back?"

She smiled up at him. She was completely smitten with him but she was very much aware of his inability to read people. "Not for a while, I think," she said knowingly. "I think your friend John will take care of that." He had given Allina a knowing look after he contrived to give her time alone with Rodney. She was confident he would make sure they weren't interrupted.

Rodney blushed. He didn't like the idea of John knowing exactly what he was up to – but still, it made things convenient. He focused his attention completely on Allina, kissing her and helping her out of her top as she returned the favour, helping him out of his pants and shirt so they were both naked. "Allina," he said, before he lost control completely when faced by her breathtaking nakedness, "you sure you want to do this? Because I can stop now if you want but I don't know about later."

She leaned up to kiss him, and spread her legs to give him easier access. "Rodney," she said in a low, urgent voice. "I don't know how many times I have to tell you…"

He penetrated her slightly, planning to take it slowly. If anyone could have seen him now, they would have been completely gobsmacked to see him so hypersensitive to the pain he was causing someone else. He groaned at the feel of her, and he suddenly remembered how long it had been since he had gotten laid. She was so tight and wet and felt wonderful – forgetting his resolve to go slow, he thrust hard into her.

She cried out in pain from the sudden assault and he realised what he'd done. "Oh, God," he whispered in horror. At least she hadn't bled. He had a feeling he would completely freak out if she had, and the last thing he needed was to lose further control of the situation. "Do you want me to stop?" Oh, God, she probably hated him. He bet John wouldn't have made a hash of things like he had done.

She shook her head, although it was hard to believe her when her face was scrunched up in pain. "No, keep going," she said.

It was easily the most unromantic thing Rodney had ever been told – in bed at least – and it wasn't the greatest encouragement to finishing the job. "You don't sound very convincing," he said. He could stop if he had to, it would be hard, but not as hard as living with himself if he went through with this when she didn't want to.

She smiled at him reassuringly, the pain being wiped from her face when she did. God, he loved her smile. "I want you to," she told him. "Just… don't do that again."

As if he was ever going do that again, at least this time around! He began thrusting again, taking it as slow as he could manage given every time he looked down at the exquisite body beneath him he wanted to screw her brains out as hard and fast as he could. He had never been with a virgin before and he never wanted to be again but God it felt good, feeling her open up to him and knowing there was no man who had come before him… she gave small moans of pain for the first three thrusts, then went quiet, silently enduring the discomfort…

He wasn't having any of that. He reached down to feel her as he thrust, matching his rhythm as he stroked her. He was rewarded when her eyes opened widely and she began to moan in pleasure. "Good girl," he whispered, the knot in his stomach dissipating as it became very clear that she was starting to orgasm. Rodney McKay had never left a woman unsatisfied yet – he was too arrogant to give women an opportunity to badmouth his sexual prowess and too much of a scientist to not know his way around the bedroom, after having related sex to a science – and he wasn't about to start now.

Her moans became louder, and she began crying out his name. While it was an extreme boost to his ego to have a woman shaking uncontrollably in his arms, screaming his name as she climaxed, he would never live it down if John heard her. He clamped his mouth down on hers in a hot, passionate kiss, and continued kissing her until he felt her entire body shudder in orgasm. Only then did he let himself go, coming hard inside her. "Ohgodohgodohgod," he whispered, and it would have amused everyone who heard him to be a self- and loudly-proclaimed atheist calling out to any deity at that point.

He collapsed on top of Allina, rolling them on their sides so his body weight wasn't crushing her. He buried his neck in her shoulder. "That was fantastic," he panted.

She curled up against him and he was quick to tighten his hold on her. Oh God, he never wanted to let her go. He wanted to stay in her bed forever. Atlantis could fend for itself. He knew his reaction wasn't just from not having sex in a while – just how long, he refused to tell anyone. He knew it was her.

"I knew it would be good with you," she said shyly.

He kissed her. "How did you know that?" he asked, unable to stop himself from pursuing a course that would no doubt fuel his ego.

She smiled. "I just knew," she said.

They lay tangled up in bed together for a while before it became very apparent that the heat they'd generated had made the room very hot and stuffy. Allina suggested they go out to the lake to cool off. At that point, he would have agreed to anything she'd said. They got dressed and, lacing his fingers through hers he followed her down to the lake.

It was a balmy night and, unabashed at him seeing her naked – it was a little too late for that – she stripped off her clothes and waded into the water. From the shore, he watched her sleek, naked body disappear into the water. She…was…stunning.

She turned around to face him, giving him the opportunity to take in the front of her body. "Rodney," she called. "Come in, it's warm."

He didn't need any more encouragement. He stripped off her own clothes and joined her in the lake, which was warm. It was cleansing, although he was a little sorry to lose the feel of her off him skin. He compensated for that by drawing her into his arms, kissing her lips and then nuzzling her neck. She pressed her body against his tightly and tentatively began running her fingers down his back, caressing his ass then moving her hands up his back to run her fingers through his hair. For someone who had been a virgin an hour ago, she was learning quickly… very quickly, he realised, when one hand slid downwards with more confidence then before, gripping him with just the right pressure and stroking him hard.

He groaned into her mouth. This was too good. He was sure he was going to wake up from the most exquisite wet dream he'd ever had. Although he'd never had a dream where touch was so real or when he'd climaxed so hard… "You want it again, sweetheart?" he asked her.

She didn't say anything, but nodded. He led her out of the water onto the shore and pulled her down onto the sand. He began to kiss her, exploring her body, touching her until she was begging to be taken. "It won't hurt as much this time," he promised as he positioned himself on top of her.

"If it will be like last time I won't mind…" she said, a sly smile on her face. Laughing, he kissed her. God, he couldn't believe how he felt about this woman ; he couldn't remember the last time he'd felt this way. If he didn't know any better, he'd think he was in love.

He began thrusting, moaning at the sensation of being inside her. He was absolutely positive it had never been like this before. "All-i-na," he moaned, and he knew it had never been like this before.

It took longer then the first time, which was to be expected. He managed to bring her to orgasm twice, something he would have been exceedingly proud of had he been in any mind to think about it. Since there was no-one around to hear her, he let her scream as loud as she wanted. There was something enormously gratifying to the ego to have a beautiful woman wrapped around you and screaming you name while you were making love to her. "Allina!" he gasped as he came hard again. "Oh, god," he whispered, burying his head in her neck. She locked her legs around his waist to keep him inside her. "Oh, God, I think I'm falling in love with you," he blurted out as he struggled to get his breathing under control.

She ran her fingers through his damp hair. "What does that mean?" she asked.

He lifted his head to look into her eyes, smiling adoringly down at her. "It means I like you a lot," he said. He was acting like a fool and he didn't care. His brain was already racing, contriving ways to get Allina to come to Atlantis – or him come to her.

She wriggled in pleasure at his words. "I thought you only came for the device," she said.

He kissed her. "I would never use you like that," he said quietly, sincerely. "I, uh… I want to see you again. I don't know how I'll work it but I want to see you again." He had visions of taking Allina back to Atlantis with them and setting her up in his quarters but he doubted she'd be willing to leave her people and besides, if he knew he had this beautiful women in his bedroom waiting for him, he'd never get anything done. Or, for that matter, if he were to include her in his work… he smiled at the thought of hot sex in his office.

"What are you smiling at?" Allina asked.

He immediately focused his attention on her. "Nothing," he said. At least, nothing she needed to be concerned about now. He'd talk to Elizabeth, see if something could be worked out – something had to be worked out.

After a few minutes of lying together on the sand, Rodney reluctantly got off her. At least the lake wasn't as far this time to wash off. Holding hands, they walked back to the base, talking about everything in soft, intimate voices. Rodney didn't have much experience in acting like a boyfriend, but he was learning quickly.

"Oh, shit," he realised suddenly, a knot forming in his stomach. "I didn't use a condom." They all carried them in their packs for this precise reason, but Rodney had been too distracted for the last hour and a half to think about it.

"A what?" Allina asked.

"Never mind," he said, realising he'd spoken out loud. There was no help for it now. "I don't suppose you guys use any kind of birth control?" he asked hopefully.

She looked at him blankly. "I don't understand," she said. "Our population is low already." Rodney cringed. Of course a civilisation that was being constantly culled would be more concerned with population growth then population control. Stupid, stupid Rodney.

"Is something wrong?" Allina asked Rodney. She was aware that in some matters, their cultures had very different values and she was worried she had somehow offended him again.

He wrapped one arm around her to draw her close to him. "Nothing's wrong," he murmured, kissing the top of her head. "I can sort it out myself." She took that at face value and didn't say anything more about it.


The next day, Rodney went to face John who was just itching to know the details of his night with Allina. "I need a GDO," Rodney blurted out.

Like John just handed out those things to anyone who asked. He immediately asked when Rodney wanted it for. "Allina," he said vaguely.

Rodney McKay liked to think he was good at hiding his emotions, but John could read him like a book. The man had absolutely no finesse when it came to talking about sex, he was like a man – or, rather, a boy – half his age when it came to that. If he simply wanted a way for Allina to contact him in general terms, he would have just come out and said it – or at least thought to contrive an excuse about research. But the way he was squirming made it obvious there was one specific thing he wanted her to have the GDO for.

"You didn't use a condom, did you?" John asked. Rodney just stood there, staring at the ground, squirming. "Rodney!" John said incredulously, his anger somewhat tempered by the amusement he felt at the thought the fumbling scientist had finally gotten laid. "That's why we carry them!"

"I know," Rodney said, still looking at the ground. "I wasn't thinking… now will you please give me the GDO?"

"Elizabeth is going to have your ass over this," John pointed out. "She won't let you go offworld for a long time."

"I know, that's why I need toe GDO. If I can't leave Atlantis I need for her to be able to contact me."

John was surprised to hear real concern in Rodney's voice, beyond the simple obligation to support her if she got pregnant. He couldn't be falling in love with her – could he? At any rate, the man was desperate for a GDO, and John thought he could use this to his advantage. "I'll give you the GDO," he said slyly, "if you give me the details of what happened last night."

Rodney looked at him in horror. Trust John to have his nose in everyone's business. "No way," he said.

"No details, no GDO," he said. He was relying on Rodney being too blinded by love to realise that if he just explained the situation to Elizabeth, she might ground him, but she'd make sure Allina was OK. Ever the diplomat, Elizabeth was no more keen for Atlantis to develop a reputation for being home to obligation-ditching fathers then she had for Atlantis being the arms dealer of the Pegasus Galaxy.

"OK…fine," Rodney said grumpily. For the next ten minutes, John grilled him, but it was like pulling teeth. He really didn't want to give up the information, which surprised John. He would have thought that Rodney would go blabbing every detail to everyone who could hear, like he always did. Maybe he really cared about Allina, although it was unlikely – Rodney McKay didn't care about anyone but Rodney McKay.

He handed over the GDO and Rodney scurried off. He found Allina with Teyla, who discreetly made her exit when Rodney appeared. "Hey," he said shyly, his eyes taking her in hungrily. It was all he could do to stop himself from taking her here and now but he reminded himself they had a job to do.

She smiled back at him, just as shyly. "Hello," she said. Rodney had made love to her twice last night, but she couldn't help but wonder if the light of the morning would remind him he had a job to do, and that Allina, pleasant distraction as she had been, was only good for helping him find the piece to the puzzle.

He walked over to her and placed his hand over her arm. "I've been thinking about you," he said. Before he lost his nerve, he kissed her quickly on the lips. Without Allina encouraging him like she had last night, he agonised over every touch, wondering if it was appropriate.

She kissed him back. "I've been thinking about you," she said. Then she kissed him passionately, drawing him close to her, hand sliding down to his crotch.

Reluctantly he pushed her away. "We don't have time," he reminded her.

"We can be quick."

He smiled indulgently. She clearly knew nothing about a man's physiology. "I can't be quick," he said, "and anyway, I wanna take my time with you." He trailled his fingers down her arm intimately. "Tonight," he whispered.

If he'd been any less infatuated with her, he would have seen the pained look that flashed across her eyes. She had a strong suspicion there wouldn't be a 'tonight'. But she smiled and said, "Tonight."

"I have something for you," he said, revealing the GDO. "You'll be able to come to Atlantis with it, if the shield is up then you'll be killed and… I don't want that." He took her hands in his and nervously began playing with her fingers. "Last night… it was fantastic but I should have protected myself… um, you from falling pregnant. I know it's not your way but it's ours and… well, if you do become pregnant, I want you to tell me, I want you to come to Atlantis."

She nodded. "You want me to come to Atlantis… if I'm carrying your child?"

"I want you to come to Atlantis whenever you want," he admitted. "I don't know how this is gonna work Allina, but I want to see you again. I don't want this to be it."

She threw herself into his arms. "I thought you'd forget about me once you went back," she admitted.

He wrapped his arms around her tightly. Oh, how badly he wanted to take her back to Atlantis right now. "I could never forget about you," he murmured soothingly. "I want you to come and live with me, but I know you don't want to leave your people. But – the offer's there if you ever want to take it."

She nodded, and withdrew from him. There was something in her eyes, a message, but he couldn't read her, he was so bad at reading people. "Let's go," she said.

Of course, it didn't work out quite like that. Firstly, Koyla – who Rodney had assumed was dead – turned up and forced him and Allina at gunpoint to locate the position of the ZPM. The Genii couldn't use it themselves, of course, but they didn't want Atlantis to have it. It was a very spiteful thing to do, but then, then Genii were known for their spite. Rodney had reluctantly gone along with Koyla – it wasn't like he had much of a choice, given there were half a dozen guns being waved in his face – all the while his heart caught in his throat as he worried for Allina. He wasn't used to caring about another person and it was as unnerving as it was exhilarating. He thought he'd have to make love to her at least twice tonight before he'd feel she was safe in his arms.

Fortunately John had come up with a plan that involved letting Rodney get blinded by a flash-bang because he couldn't warn the scientist. Rodney was sure John did it deliberately because Rodney wouldn't spill the details of his fantastic night with Allina.

With Koyla and the Genii taken care of, they were free to take off with the ZPM – until Allina stepped it. It turned out she was a member of the newly recreated Brotherhood, and she and her brethren had decided that the humans from Earth were not the true inheritors of Atlantis and they were going to keep the ZPM until the Ancients came to collect it.

Rodney was absolutely gutted when she pulled the power source from his hands. There was no convincing her that Atlantis needed it and it would be absolutely no good to anyone else. But she was adamant, and the barrel of a gun spoke much louder then words.

He looked her in the eye, and he saw her determination to have the ZPM. His heart hardened against her. He didn't see how much in was paining her to hurt him, only that she would do whatever it took to keep the ZPM with the Brotherhood.

She had to have been planning this. She had to have known last night when he was making love to her and telling her he was falling in love with her she was going to do this. And she had let him do it. She had schemed to have him let his guard down and take advantage of him when he was vulnerable. She had gotten him to fall in love with her so she could use him! And here was him, worrying she might think he had used her to get the PM. He'd been a fool. This was why he didn't get involved with women. They were scheming bitches.

He pushed the ZPM hard against her chest, missing the sorrow in her eyes that he was clearly hurting over her betrayal. "I hope the wraith get you all," he said childishly, his anger burning at his stupidity.

Allina quivered slightly under his burning gaze. She was sorry it had come to this but she didn't think Rodney would ever believe that. "This has nothing to do with last night," she said helplessly.

"Yeah?" he asked snarkily, his poisonous glare making it clear he didn't believe her. "You know, if you wanted the damn thing that badly, you didn't have to trade your virginity for it. I would have trusted you anyway." And with that, he stormed off, determined that no-one would see the tears forming in his eyes at Allina's betrayal. He didn't know how much she had come to mean to him in such a short amount of time until now. Well, that didn't matter anymore, because she was a lying, using bitch. As far as he was concerned, she could go to hell.