Shaman King TV

By: Kawaii-abiekairi.

Disclaimer: We don't own Shaman King. Nu-uh. Not in a billion gazillion years! (Abie: I just wish I own it! REN-SAMA I LOVE YOU!) Oh yeah, and also the commercials. We don't own them either.

Authors' Notes: This is dedicated to all the Filipinos in Hope you enjoy reading this!


Abie: There were two girls namely, Pilika and Chocolove (in a girl's outfit and a wig), walking along the streets with shopping bags over their shoulder.

Pilika: Y'know, I'm just so TOTALLY tired of shopping, like, y'know.

Chocolove (in an annoying girly voice): Yeah, y'know, like, totally. –giggles- ohohoho!

Kairi: Suddenly, a strong gust of wind passed by.

Wind (frat boy accent) : just passin' by, just passin' by….whooooo…yeah, whoo…I'm gonna get some tacos…duhahahaha…

Abie: And it blew everything…including the girls' perfect hair. Uh…ALMOST perfect hair. Oh wait, that was a lie. It's actually "Ugly and Monstrous hair" (especially Chocolove's).

Chocolove: Hey, I heard that!

Pilika: -pouts- my hair's not ugly!

Kairi: WhatEVER. Continue on. Anyway-------

Chocolove and Pilika: AAAAHHHHHH!

Pilika: My hair is, like, totally, ruined!

Chocolove: Uhhh! My perfect wig---uh---hair!

Abie: They tried to fix their uglier and more monstrous hair but it was no use. (DUH! There's no hope for them!)

Kairi: And alas, the wind returned again, carrying a bag of tacos.

Wind: yeah, I got my tacos, man…duhahahaha…..

Abie: At the same time, a guy with oh-so-shiny-beautiful-UNmonstrous-perfect---- (received glares from the two)

Chocolove: alright, alright. We get it!

Pilika: He has perfect hair and we don't! –glare-

Kairi: Ehem...Anyway, the guy with PERFECT hair, named Hao-----

Rabid Hao Fangirls: Hao-sama! Aishiteru!

Hao: -flips hair and winks-

Rabid Hao Fangirls: -faints one by one, in a chain reaction-

Abie: When will you let us finish our sentence? –grits teeth- ANYWAY! –pauses, looks around if ever there is an objection- Good. –clears throat- Hao passed by and got his hair ruined too by the annoying frat boy-accented wind.

Wind: yaaahhh….frat boy roooollllzzzzzz…peace out, dude!...I'm gonna eat my tacos now!...

kairi: -ignores- Pilika and Chocolove noticed Hao how (LOL! Oo;) fixed his extremely beautiful hair by combing it with his fingers.

Hao: -combs hair with fingers- Yeah, like, you know, you like my hair… -circles around Pilika and Chocolove, gloating about his hair- My hair is soooo beautiful.

Pilika and Chocolove: -glares-

Abie: And with one stroke, his hair was restored back to its usual shiny look. Hao then enters the Hair Spa.

Pilika and Chocolove: -followed Hao into the Hair Spa and asked- Is this the Hair Spa for models like you?

Hao: Model? Model employee!

Pilika and Chocolove: huh? -looks at each other-

Kairi: Use Rejoice Rich. For Instant "Ayos"!

Shaman King Casts: What does "ayos" mean?

Abie: it means "fix", man.

Shaman King Casts: ooohhhhhhhhhhh…….okay!

Kairi: -sighs- At last. Tune in for the next showing of Shaman King TV! Where it overs your soul! Oo;

Yoh: -sweatdrops- uh… "where it overs your soul"? man, that sucks! Who's the idiot who thought about that stupid slogan!

Abie: Yeah! It sucks! Curses to the one who made that! You'll never live another day! Hear me! You'll never---

Suddenly, someone from backstage arrived.

Studio Manager: What do you mean "curses to the one who made that"! it was YOU GUYS who wrote this remember! You signed the contract! Look! –shows signed contract then runs out of the stage-

Shaman King Casts: -glares at Abie and Kairi-

Abie and Kairi: -gulps- Ahehehe…oopsies? Nyuuuu! –runs away-


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