KittyNeko: I apologize if there are any mistakes in this chapter. To be honest, I have never seen the episode this is based on. I only read the episode summary of it on a website.

Either way, enjoy!


By: Kitty Neko

Beta-ed By: RedLotusNin

Summary: Enzan muses about his real reasons for staying in Ameroupe. Stream Spoilers. One-sided Enzan x Netto Netto x Meiru hintings. One-shot.

Enzan watched the plane leaving for Japan with sadness and resent, resent directed at himself.

He couldn't believe he was such a chicken, about a year ago, he would have thought that he was above such child ness and simply ignore this feeling in his heart, but things were different now. Hikari Netto came and meddled with his life and showed him feeling that he hadn't experienced since his early childhood (Enzan chose ignore the fact that he was practically still a child).

The boy had gotten under his skin and when they were later forced into a partnership together, he found Netto wasn't as stupid as he let on. Dense, yes, but stupid? No.

He knew the answers to the homework problems he's always complaining about, procrastination seems to be something he was proud of. He's an excellent programmer and his skills as one, (and though Enzan was hesitant to admit it,) actually surpassed his own. Strategy was yet another one, leaving Enzan wondering just how many traits Netto had yet to reveal.

Netto, was gone now, doing his duty of protecting Japan from Neo WWW's attackā€¦ alone. Enzan felt guilty, his excuse for still in Ameroupe was reasonable, Nebula was going to have major attacks here and it will happening soon. But the real reason he stayed was to avoid Netto.

It wasn't that he hated the boy, quite the contrary in fact, it was that he loved him.

Yes, he, Ijuuin Enzan, fell in love with his biggest rival, Hikari Netto.

Enzan hadn't believed it when the thought first crossed his mind. Him? Ijuuin Enzan in love? With a boy no less. No way, not happening, but as each mission past since that time, Netto's name began to appear in his mind more and more.

He almost gave his feelings away in their first encounter with Gravityman. When Shademan had canceled their cross fusion, the pained look on Netto's face had caused to try to stand between him and Shademan.

After that, he started accepting the truth. But, it hurt. He knew that Netto would never feel the same way about him. Sakurai's presence already made that clear. The was obvious that the two of them were head over heels for each other and it would only be a matter of time before they hooked up.

What would he do then? How could he ever face the person he loved when Netto was already with someone else?

"Flight 653 is now departing for Japan," A female voice blared over the speakers at the airport in Ameroupe. Enzan snapped out of his stupor.

Someday Netto, I'll come back. And when I do, I'll be ready to face you again.

Enzan turned and exited the airport.