No. Robin didn't like Raven. He couldn't like her.

There was Starfire. They were...together. He loved Starfire, didn't he? He wanted to be with her, not Raven, right?

He just didn't know anymore. He just didn't know.

Every since the end of world (which, ironically, wasn't the end of the world at all- it opened up a world of feelings), and the closeness he and Raven shared, he had been wondering about his relationship with he and Raven. What it would become. If it was even going anywhere.

No! Robin was walking the halls, having not been able to sleep at all. He narrowed his eyes. No. He and Raven couldn't have a relationship beyond friendship. He liked Starfire.

Starfire was beautiful, graceful, funny, and great to talk to. He loved that he could show her earth, show her the world he loved, the world he would die protecting. They worked so well together, right? Everyone knew they liked each other. It was obvious. He couldn't like someone else. She flirted with him, he flirted with her...

But ever since The End, everyone also noticed the bond between he and Raven. Starfire especially. A few days afterward, she approached him while he was working out.

"Robin, may I talk to you?" she had asked- such an innocent question. Such an innocent girl.

"Sure, Starfire." he had replied cheerfully, wiping sweat from his brow. Starfire hesitated before speaking.

"You...Raven...are you...?" she muttered, until she finally found the right words. "You were alone with Raven a long time during the end of the world, yes?" she finally said hurriedly. Robin blinked, then grinned.

"Well, yeah, Starfire. I guess. I had to help her-" he began, but was cut off curtly by Starfire.

"And you shared a hug with her, yes? And you have a bond with her, yes? And you-" This time it was Robin's turn to interrupt.

"Starfire, what are you getting at?" he asked, pointlessly- he knew what she was getting at. The question he had no answer to.

"Well...I just want to know if Raven is your friend that is a girl." she asked with sudden certainty, implying the obvious.


Robin continued to pace the halls, not caring if he was quiet or not. He never answered Starfire. He had gone to his room to think. And now he was out here, thinking.

He didn't like Raven more than a friend. He didn't.

He kept trying to convince himself. He didn't like liked Starfire...He kept repeating it over and over inside his head, as if repeating it would make it true.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be. He was leader. He's always certain, always decisive, never questioning. He was confident, strong, unbreakable. Why was he freaking out over this? He tried to calm himself as he trotted down a hall. It's okay...he liked Starfire and that was that...Raven was just a friend...

Glad he had finally decided, he stopped his march to a halt, and glanced to his right to see if he had arrived at his room.

I didn't like her...I couldn't like...

He had arrived in front of Raven's door. Unconsciously, he had walked for two hours and ended up at Raven's room. He stood there, shocked, that he was actually standing in front of it. He needed to get back to his room/now/.

And in that moment, Raven opened the door to her room to see who was up so late. Their eyes met, and didn't look away.

I love her...