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Chapter 1: Wanting Moony

I thought I would die of shock the moment I realised what I was hearing.

It was Christmas break of fifth year, and two us, me and Moony, half of the infamous Marauders, had stayed at Hogwarts to celebrate the holidays.

It was two days after Christmas, and James and Peter would be returning tomorrow.

Being nearly four in the morning, I knew I should be asleep, but it was normal for me to be kept awake with sinful, lusty thoughts about someone who I shouldn't be having those thoughts about.

Remus. That was the only thought crossing my mind. The only thought that ever crossed my mind this late at night, and most of the time during the day.

I had been thinking about him like this since half way through third year, and the feelings hadn't gone away yet.

Like I said, the instant I realised what I was hearing, I thought my birthday had come early. I turned on my side to stare at the closed curtains around Moony's bed. That was when I heard it. A muffled gasp. At first I thought it was only Remus having a bad dream. But then-

A gasp.

A moan.

A rustle of sheets.

A whole lot of heavy breathing.

A groan.

Another moan.

By now I was sure I would pass out any second. I knew what he was doing behind that curtain. I felt all the blood in my body rush south as I listened to him.

He was the last person in the world who I would have expected to be- well you know. He was much better at containing certain - urges - than the rest of us. Even Peter had been caught by James doing naughty things in the shower.

Hearing Remus loose control like this was making me feel very warm, despite the fact that we were in the middle of winter.

I felt my hand creeping down my stomach, under the waistband of my pyjamas, and into my boxers. (What was I supposed to do? My beloved Remus was doing that and I could hear.)

Remus… Remus…

I tried as hard as I could not to moan, or gasp or make any sound at all, I didn't want him to know I was listening. I knew I wouldn't be able to look him in the eye ever again.

Remus… Remus…

How could he think I would sleep through the loud groaning he was doing now? A second hand joined the first under my boxers.

Remus… Remus…

I matched my timing with the sound of his breathing, which, by this point, had gotten rather heavy. My eyes fluttered closed and my mind was filled with images of Remus writhing and gasping beneath me.

Remus… Remus…

I imagined that I was the cause of the sounds he was currently making. His groans were becoming shorter and I knew he was close. That was it. I felt the familiar tightening of my stomach and had to pull one of my arms up to my mouth to muffle the groan that was ripped from my throat, a second before I heard a particularly loud gasp.

I knew it was over, I knew I would never hear that again, I knew it would stay in my mind forever, I knew that my fantasies of Remus and myself would not run out for a long time.

I also knew that I wouldn't be able to look at him in the morning.

I was awoken the next morning with a pillow to the head. I had had pleasant dreams filled with images of a certain Werewolf.

"Sirius, you lazy dog, get out of bed, Peter and James will be back in a few hours." All he got in reply was a muffled sentence.

"Come again?" I pulled my head off my pillow and suddenly noticed that my boxers seemed three sizes to small, probably a result of the dreams I had just had. I made a conscience note not to turn over and let him see.

"I said I'm still asleep and plan to stay here until I'm not asleep." I let my head hit the pillow again.

"Get up, you lazy-" My blankets were torn off I was covered in a cold breeze.

"Moony, that's cold!"

"That's very much the point, dear friend." He then threw all his weight at me and pushed me onto the floor. He was smaller than me, but the werewolf in him made him a lot stronger.

I toppled onto the floor, and Remus got a full view of the problem in my crotch. He raised an eyebrow and smirked in a very Slytherin way.

"Some dream, eh Padfoot?" As I remembered what happened last night, I had the decency to blush and look away.

Without looking Remus in the eye I stood up and stumbled into the bathroom. If only he knew that my 'problem' was a result of him.

Once I was problem free and freshly showered, I stepped out of the bathroom, to see Moony sitting on my bed. My head was instantly filled with naughty thoughts.

Moony on my bed. Moony IN my bed. Moony naked in my bed. Moony naked in my bed with me. Moony naked in my bed with me, also naked-

"All clean?" He had, thankfully interrupted my thoughts. I had felt my blood heading to regions that didn't need to be awoken right now.

"Yep, should we head to breakfast?" I caught his eye for the first time this morning. The sounds of last night filled my ears. I felt dizzy, it made my stomach squirm. I could SEE him while I could hear those sounds. Remus knitted his eyebrows.

"You okay Padfoot?" My breath was coming rather fast. Despite my attempts to stop the impending hardness in my pants, I had to turn around and run back into the bathroom.

Forty minutes later, I was sitting next to Remus at breakfast.

"Are you sure you're alright?" I had told him that I didn't feel well and that was the cause of my sudden running to the bathroom. He was obviously worried, and it made me happy to know that he cared so much, even if it was strictly out of friendship.

"Yes, Moony, for the sixth time, I'm okay." I had been avoiding his gaze all morning. The four times I caught it in the last forty minutes - yes that's right I counted - I had to make a sudden disappearance to the bathroom, and it was becoming rather bothersome. Each time I caught his eyes, the reminders of the previous night got louder in my head.

I had never felt this way about anyone before. He was the only person who had ever made my breath hitch and my words stumble ever time I saw him. It was driving me crazy, he was always around, constantly tempting me, constantly reminding me of what I didn't have.

It had been this way since about half way through third year. Before I had realised that my feelings for him weren't friendship, James had told me that I did have an unusual obsession with him.

Last year, after many years of trying, James, Peter and I had become Animagus for him. I can still remember his face when he realised we could do it. He had looked so innocent, and so happy. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

I was the one who finally figured out he was a werewolf, I'll never forget the night I realised. It was a full moon, that night, and I was watching it. I suddenly realised that I had never seen Remus on the same night as a full moon. I spent most of the next day in the library.

I knew I should tell him, but I also knew that if I did tell him I risked the relationship we already had, and I couldn't bare it if I lost him altogether. I preferred to have him in my life as a friend, rather than not in it at all.

So I was forced to this. Dreaming about him every night, that is to say every night that I wasn't kept awake with thoughts about him. Constantly being near him, but not being able to touch him.

I knew I had been labelled "The Hogwarts Sex God" but I didn't like that title very much. I didn't like the fact that people thought of me that way. Well I didn't mind, its fun being admired, but the only person who I wanted to think of me in that way didn't.

I could have had just about anyone in the whole school in my bed in a matter of minutes, no one refused the great Sirius Black. I had tried many times to stop the feelings, using girls - and quite a few guys- from every house, trying to forget about Remus, every time failing. I would get to a certain point with someone and feelings of guilt would rush through me and make me feel like I was somehow betraying Remus.

At first, I couldn't understand why I had fallen for him, and I hated myself for it. Remus trusted me not to use him as the central figure in my lusty fantasies. After a while I got used to it, I accepted that I liked him, and just wouldn't tell him about how often he appeared in my head.

He again pulled me out of my thoughts by the sound of his wonderful voice.

"Come on, we should go, James and Peter will be back soon. I don't want the dorm to be looking like it is when they get here." He grabbed my arm and pulled my out of my place. Making me sigh and using all my self control not to smother him with my mouth. A technique I had to perfect.

I wanted to say 'You worry to much Moony, our room looks much better than usual' but the feeling of his hand on my arm made me lose the ability of speech. He caused this a lot.

"Are you sure you're alright?" I laughed and smacked him lightly in the back. This caused him to drop my arm.

"Im sure Moony." We walked silently to the Entrance Hall. We got there and-

"Hey, Padfoot."


"Race you back!" He took off. It took a moment to register what he had said.

We ran all the way back to the Common Room, and collapsed in a fit of laughter in front of the fire.

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Princess: Um, you do know I can hear you, right?

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Princess: I can still hear you.

Sirius: Why did you make me fall for Remus? I don't like him like that you know.

Princess: You keep telling yourself that, Sirius.

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Princess: Of course you don't, keep saying that.

Sirius: But I-

Remus: Sirius, just give up, before she makes things really difficult for you.

Princess: Too late.

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Remus: Just so you know, I dont do that in my bed.

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Remus: That's not the-

Princess: Ok, guys, as much as I'd like to sit hear and listen to you two having a lovers quarrel, we really must leave.

Sirius: Now listen here, missy pokes Princess in the chest This ISNT a 'lovers quarrel' because I dont like him that way!

Princess: Keep saying that, Sirius. Keep saying that.

Sirius: I will!

Princess: Good.

Sirius: Fine.

Princess: Fine.