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Summery: Hermione visits Harry and as a Birthday gift allows him to stay with her until Hogwarts starts. What is going to happen while Harry and Hermione are together? H/Hr


Story: Event-filled Summer

Chapter 1: Summer Holidays

Harry was once again having a horrible time at the Dursley's this summer. They were making him do heaps more chores than normal including: preparing breakfasts every morning, gardening, cleaning and even being Dudley's boxing bag.

On the positive side, Harry had been able to get up early every morning, about 4:30, and could lose all coherent thought and just have a good time. He would normally go for a jog around the block, then as quietly as possible go to the garage and use Dudley's weights (Dudley got them as a gift from his father for becoming boxing champion) till about 6:00am. He was pleased with the results he had gotten from this early morning workout.

After Harry got back, he would have to make breakfast. This was normally a ton of bacon, mostly for Dudley, some toast and frying about half a dozen eggs. If Harry was lucky enough, he could make a bit for himself before the Dursley's woke up and noticed.

Mrs Figg was being a lot nicer to him as well, after the Dementor encounter. She invited him over most days of the holidays and paid him to do some 'work' around the house. The only work he actually did was helping her design her new front garden. All the other time he spent with her was shopping. She had almost bought Harry a new wardrobe of clothes, as she didn't approve of his oversize things he got from Dudley. She gave him money on top of that, which was about 20pounds a week, (A/N: how much is 20 pounds … I was thinking of 20 dollars but they r in Britain so im not sure how much money that would be) and he only helped her carry the shopping that they both bought home.

With the money she had been giving him, he decided it was also time to get a few new things for himself. He bought new glasses, the frames had been snapped too many times, and also found out that they didn't need the lenses as strong, so he got a whole new pair. He also bought himself a few games to pass time. It would only be something like a deck of cards or a bag of jacks, (A/N: does any1 remember jacks) so the Dursley never noticed. He also wanted to have something done with his hair, but had still not decided what a good look would be.

Today when Harry got back from his jog, he noticed he was a lot earlier than usual. 'I must be getting faster' he thought. He decided to have a quick shower and then make the Dursleys their banquet breakfast they had every morning.

He walked down in an old plain white T-Shirt of Dudley's and ripped jeans. His hair was amazingly flat, but he reminded himself that this wouldn't last long as his hair dried quickly.

Harry made the break-feast for the Dursleys and hastily made himself something before they managed to wake up. He was just about to walk out the door to start on his chores when he heard his Uncle telling him to get the 'Morning Herald' newspaper. Only because he was heading outside anyway, did Harry bother to get the paper and give it to his Uncle. He wished he didn't.

"Boy, clean up this mess. Do you honestly expect Petunia to do it for you again? She has been much to nice to you this summer, doing your chores, giving you extra food when you ask … you do those dishes and then start on the chores. I don't want to see you again till you have finished the garage door," his Uncle started his usually very long list of things Harry had to do that day.

Well his Uncle had been right on one thing. Aunt Petunia had been a lot nicer to him this summer.

Ever since the Howler, Aunt Petunia had been a lot nicer to him. She had been doing some of his chores, giving him more food than she had any other holidays and had even been talking to him, but only when no-one else was around.

Dudley had lost some weight, as he was too heavy to compete in the boxing championship. He, for some strange reason, was also a bit nicer to Harry, but only when it was just the two of them.

Uncle Vernon on the other hand was still bitter towards Harry. He, Uncle Vernon, thought that children such as him should have more respect and that he should be thankful that he was lucky enough to still letting Harry live under his roof. Harry honestly didn't think that he should be thankful and also thought that he was very far from lucky.

Harry quickly finished the dishes and went outside before his Uncle could think of anything else for him to do. After the Dursley had seen how nice Mrs Figg's yard looked, they made him do theirs. Because Harry hadn't really done Mrs Figg's yard, he was worried that they would notice a major difference. They still hadn't and he was almost finished. This is what Harry set to work on.

After working for 2-hours straight, he decided to take a well-needed break. It looked really good. Against the house there were rose bushes lined up neatly, against the side fence there was lavender and some low-cut box hedges. In the middle of the yard a weeping willow was standing. He still had no idea how this tree had managed to get there. He went out with Mrs Figg for the whole day and when he got back there was the tree, standing in the middle of the yard. Well he wasn't complaining. He got three days of happy Dursleys'.

Today he had to put in paving stones and even up all the plants. This didn't take him too long. Uncle Vernon had gone to work, Dudley was hanging out with his friends and Aunt Petunia was shopping. This meant he had the house to himself for a while.

He went inside and got something to eat for lunch, then pulled out a Pepsi and made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

He realized that Aunt Petunia was due back soon so he decided to at least start painting the garage door. He found the paint he needed and started working. 'Green … well at least it will match the garden' Harry thought, 'then again, it's much better than this brown.'

It was true. It was a very ugly brown paint that was beginning to peel. No wonder they made Harry paint it.

He had been painting for about 20minutes and the sun was getting to him. He decided on a short break. He took of his shirt and got a drink from the hose, again wetting his hair in an attempt to make it straight. 'Why am I bothering with looking good? It's not like the Dursleys notice' Harry mused.

Harry was taking his time with the painting. He didn't want Uncle Vernon keeping him outside all day because he didn't like the quality of painting his nephew had done. Because Harry was concentrating so hard on his work at hand, he didn't notice a person slowly making their way over to him from the corner of the street.


Hermione had decided to see Harry as she got to the library. Her Dad had driven off so she couldn't ask him to take her there either. She was walking. (A/N: she new where he lived cause he had given her da address. Remember he gave da fone no.?) As soon as she got to the correct street, she noticed a guy painting … without a shirt on. She giggled to herself and started making her way towards where she thought Harry's house should be. It was amazingly in the same direction as the guy without the shirt. When she got close enough, she noticed that the guy without a shirt was actually Harry. He looked different with flat hair and without the Hogwarts robes. Harry didn't notice her coming though. 'Probably too interested in painting' she thought.

All of a sudden she had a, what she considered would be, a really good plan. There was another paintbrush in the tin of paint. She picked up the paintbrush. It was dripping with green paint. She was very surprised Harry hadn't noticed how close she was. 'This will be hilarious.'

"Harry," she whispered. She didn't want to give him more shock than he needed. He didn't turn. She tried again, "Harry," but he wasn't listening. 'Fine, I can deal with this' and with that she dunked the paintbrush into the tin, brought it out and flicked all of the paint on the brush onto the back of Harry's head.

"Surprise Harry!" she whispered again. This time he turned, but she had already dunked the paintbrush back into the tin and splashed all of that paint into Harry's face.

Hermione couldn't help it. She started to laugh. Harry looked funny when he was all green.

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