Hey guys

Sorry it's been so long. I've had a lot of problems with friends, family… me. Anyway, I thought I would tell everyone – I'm not writing anymore at the moment. I'm actually gonna get rid of this story in a month after I have posted this.

I'm sorry to all those who are really into the story and wanted me to update. Also, if you want to give me any ideas e-mail at drkrstdspyro (at) hotmail (dot) com add me on MSN and chat – I'm kool.

Anyway, yeah – to many problems going on around my life at the moment for me to be able to concentrate on anything to write.

Umm……yeah. Ok, well thanks to everyone who read the story and thanks if you plan on reading if I manage to finish writing it.

L8RZ, Spyro

P.S. I thought I might add that I wrote the first story as a dare from a friend and only continued cause you guys reviewed, lol. I think that's why I need ideas too.