Because I got high

Ok I know, I know I have another storey and I'm working on it but this popped into my mind so I had to post it.

"RIGHT SUPERGLUES ON" shouted Nick from the other side of the room.

Sara, Catherine, Greg and Nick had been called to a triple homicide nearly three hours ago. David had been and taken the bodies and they were now left looking for clues.

"Ok lets get out" said Cath picking her kit up and heading for the door.

"HEY" she shouted banging her body against the door, as it wouldn't open.

"What?" asked Sara coming behind her and pushing against the door as well

"Ladies let me through," said Greg at first pushing gently against the door but then harder as he realised it wasn't budging.

"What are you all doing the place is filling up?" said Nick coming up behind them as fumes filled the ceiling.

"Were stuck," said Catherine turning round slightly panicked.

"What?" Nick shoved his body against the door to no avail.

"Damn, turn that thing…off," shouted Sara as she coughed on the fumes. By the time Nick got to it and turned it of the fumes had filled the place making everyone light headed and have coughing fits.

"Erm does anyone know the side effects?" asked Greg once he was done with a coughing fit.

"Yes" giggled Sara "it's like smelling superglue, not which id did" she laughed laying on the floor and writing her name in the dust.

"You get high" Nick told Greg as he sat on the floor crosslegged.

"Oh no. I cannot get high I have a daughter" announced Catherine having a coughing fit.

"What and that makes you immune" sighed Greg plonking himself on the floor next to Sara and began writing his own name.

"You know this is a crime scene," said Cath sternly

"Yes it is a scene of crime," laughed Sara causing Greg to start snorting. "god why are there no windows" said Catharine pacing watching her feet.

"It's a warehouse"

"A house of ware" shouted Sara rolling on her back.

"Oh great your high and my feet are blurred" smiled Catherine watching her feet blur to her eyes as she walked.

"You look like a ballet dancer" laughed Nick watching Catherine run from one end to the room form another and wave her arms in the air.

"More like a fairy elephant," giggled Sara swaying as he got to her feet.

"We should get out, because I think the stuff I doing something to Cath" she said her speech a little slurred as she waved her finger in front of her face like she was wafting away a fly.

"It is not I can handle my stuff," said Catherine sternly stopping mid jump.

"We should investigate our way out," said Greg crawling along the floor on his hands and knees.

"The floors sticky" he cried wiping t nothing on his arms.

"Bugs" he shouted throwing himself on his back much to Sara's amusement.

"Greg there's no bugs" said Nick rolling him over as Catherine began dancing with Sara twirling her around on the spot.

"Ladies we need to leave there's a door" said Nick trying the handle on the door that was still stuck.

"Were stuck," he shouted somehow forgetting they had already done that.

"Stop dancing and help me get out" shouted Nick banging himself against the door.

"Stop banging and join in" smiled Sara grabbing his arm and pulling him away as Catherine began trying to leap frog Greg but every time he bent down and she ran at him he would just move so Catherine ended up on her knee's on the dirt floor.

"He's cheating," she cried pointing at Greg.

"Hey a belt thing, like at the shop" said Sara pointing to a conveyer belt that lead through a small hole in the wall, where boxes went.

"Hey lets go on it, there' no on button" said Sara once she had managed to get onto it.

"Come on WOHO WOWO" shouted Greg impersonating a train getting on in front of Sara as she helped Cath on behind her and Nick ran full pelt at the belt only instead of jumping on it her threw himself over the other side and landed on some boxes.

"No time for games" cried Greg crawling through the hole followed by Sara. The conveyer belt lead into another part of the warehouse that could only be reached by the outside.

"Help" shouted Catherine as the flaps she had crawled through got caught on her belt.

"Got you," said Nick pushing her through.

"Harassment" shouted Catherine as Nick but his hands on her backside to push her through.

"You said help," he muttered crawling along behind her. Anyone witnessing this would think they had escaped form a asylum. There were four fully-grown people crawling along a conveyer belt for boxes about a foot of the ground.

"We should switch it on" sighed Catherine getting of and disappearing for the control panel.

"It will belike a cartoon, we send Greg on it and he goes through and comes out in a tin of bake beans" laughed Sara nearly falling off.

"Which one?" asked Cath pointing at the buttons.

"The green one, it's always green," shouted Nick and sure enough it was.

"ARGH" shouted Sara as the belt started moving.

"WEE" cried Greg as he sat up and was taken along the side of the warehouse. The belt came to a end and they were pushed onto rollers.

"OW" shouted Sara s she followed Greg bumping up and down on the before coming to the end and falling of into a large bin of boxes breaking her fall.

"I don't want to fall" shouted Nick trying desperately to crawl against the belt. That fact he could just step off didn't occur to him and instead he was forced onto the roller and slide of the end.

"Come on Cath" shouted Sara from below the sunken bin. Catherine ran and jumped in tucking her legs like she was going in a swimming pool and landing beside Nick

"Four point two" he shouted holding up a piece of cardboard.

"Two pint four" cried Sara as Catherine threw an empty box at her.

"That was fun lets do it again" said Nick making his way over to the edge and climbing out.

"There not here" said Warrick from the doorway where he had removed the fallen piece of metal

"Well maybe they got out before it feel," suggested Grissom peering a window.

"Then why are their cars here?" asked Warrick going round the side

"Hey there another door" Grissom followed him over and opened it. The sight that awaited them they couldn't imagine. There was the four CSI's hitting each other sat on a moving conveyer belt in fits of giggles

"WHAT….?" Shouted Grissom as Warrick burst into laughter.

"Opps" cried Greg as he fell off into the bin followed by everyone else on top of him.

"I think they've lost it," said Warrick walking in. Grissom towered over the side of the bin as everyone argued amongst themselves.

"The door was stuck," said Cath trying to stand up but falling over as Sara giggled.

"And that meant you go…. What the hell are you doing?" questioned Grissom.

"Were.. .…Er we were doing that thing that looks pretty then we got stuck"

"What thing?" asked Warrick as Greg waved his hand in front of his face madly grinning.

"Superglue" cried Sara triumphantly.

"Oh god there high" said Warrick looking at Grissom.

"We better get them back" sighed Grissom not really sure what to do.

"Come on girls" said Warrick holding his hands out. Cath and Sara grabbed hold while the boys got themselves out.

"You should do it," laughed Catherine leaning on Warrick "it fun" she smiled.

"Yes I'm sure it is," he said supporting her as Sara and Greg danced around Grissom who was desperately trying to calm them down.

"Sit" Warrick told Catherine reaching the car as she sat and pouting on the back seat.

"Come here" Warrick walked up and grabbed Sara throwing her over his shoulder like a fireman.

"Oh Cath you should do this" she laughed as she was placed next to her and Warrick belted them both in.

"Front" cried Greg running and sitting in the passenger side.

"Let him," sighed Warrick pushing Nick in the back before getting in himself.

"What do we do with them?" asked Grissom not really sure what to do with four high CSI's

"Wait for them to come down" said Warrick as Catherine undid and re-did his zip on his top.

"Will you stop that?" she said swatting her hand away.

"Look at the tree's there pretty one tree, two tree"

"Oh god" moaned Warrick as Sara counted the trees stopping on twenty five after Catherine hit her telling her there wasn't any tree's

"My head hurts," moaned Cath rubbing it.

"We'll at least one's calming down" he said laughing as he rubbed her temples.

"Nick's calm" said Grissom seeing Nick with his head pressed against the window.

"Well it will effect those smaller most so I guess Sara and Greg got the worst" he said as Sara began taking her shoes of while Greg drove Grissom mad open and shutting the glove compartment.

"Sara why are you taking them off"? Asked Warrick as she wiggled her toes.

"Because I can" she smiled.

"Oh" he replied, "you want a aspirin?" he asked as Catherine held her head in her hands

"Me two" said Nick from the side window.

"Gris pull over I've got some in the trunk," she said as Grissom pulled into a lay-by, Sara and Greg made a run for it chasing each other around.

"Should we stop them"? asked Grissom handing Catherine a bottle of water.

"Did I just sit on a conveyer belt?" asked Catherine sitting on the ground and closing her eyes

"Yes," replied Warrick laughed as she threw her hands in the air and took her aspirin.

"Kill me now" she cried.

"How you doing man?" he asked Nick watching him sit.

"I'm fine if I don't move" he replied sitting dead still.

"I want to sleep for ever," said Catherine flopping backwards.

"We'll get you home and you can, but we need to get those tow down. " he said getting up as Sara and Greg chased a near by butterfly.

"Make them drink lot's of water," said Grissom getting out some bottles and handing some to Catherine and Nick who gratefully took them.

"Come on time to go home" shouted Warrick to Greg and Sara.

"No" they cried in unison. Warrick began chasing them round in circles that Cath at first found funny but then decided it wasn't that good and went back into the car with Nick practically laying across the back seat. As Grissom literally carried a kicking and screaming Sara back to her car while Warrick man handled Greg into the fount seat and locked the door.

"He's calming down" he said as Greg lent forwards looking worst for ware.

"Well she's not" said Grissom as Sara kicked at him.

" Little help" he said as Warrick took her feet and laid her on top of Catherine how was muttering to herself.

"Cath move" said Warrick pushing her up as he locked Sara in who refused to belt up and ended dup sitting on Warrick's lap.

"I'm dying" called Greg from the front with his head rested against the back his eyes' closed.

"Join the club" called Catherine.

"I'm not so bad," said Nick happily.

"Well good for you" replied Catherine angrily. "How's he get of lightly?" she complained.

"He's bigger so it took more time to get into his blood stream unlike fidget here" he said as Sara moved on his lap again.

"You know this is several males fantasy," he laughed as Sara struggled to get of him.

"Put the belt on or stay still," said Warrick tightening his grip round her waist.

"Fine" she huffed

"And be quiet" complained Catherine closing her eyes.

Twenty minutes later and Sara had literally pulled the pocket of the back of Grissom's seat as she fidgeted constantly.

"Is she still at it?" asked Catherine groaning as she woke up "this is like the worst hangover ever" she moaned as did Greg who had turned increasingly pale.

"Everything's moving," complained Sara suddenly.

"Yes were in a car," said Catherine talking to her like a small child.

"Stop it" Sara began franticly waving her arms as to her everything blurred intone.

"I want out," she cried elbowing Warrick.

"Gris stop" he said struggling keep her still. Sweat beads formed on her forehead as she frantically waved her arms.

"God" shouted Greg bolting from the car as they pulled up and vomiting in a nearby bin.

"I'll get him you get her," said Grissom getting out as Nick followed him over to where Greg was now sat on the ground holding his head.

"Get away" cried Sara dragging Warrick from the car.

"She's strong" he commented as Catherine dragged herself up.

"Sara calm down" she called.

"Her eye's are glazed," she said suddenly.

"Damn" said Warrick catching Sara as he buckled to the floor.

"Don't feel so good" she managed before nearly been sick on Warrick who moved just in time.

"I don't think we can leave them alone," shouted Warrick as Grissom and Nick dragged Greg back.

"Take them back to mine, it's the biggest he said getting Greg back in.

Ten minutes later and they were back at his. Greg had made a beeline for the bathroom which was now emanating disturbing sounds, while Sara had her head hung over the sink retching.

"Come here" Catherine went over and pulled her hair back and lead her over to a seat.

"Gris get a bucket or something and a wet cloth" she called going into mothering mode.

"And someone shut Greg up" she shouted as more retching sound came from the bathroom.

"Here" Warrick handed Cath a bucket just in time as Sara was sick again then she sat back allowing Catherine to place a cool wash cloth on her forehead.

"And one for you" smiled Warrick placing one on Cath.

"Heaven" she said sitting back.

"Come on man" Nick dragged Greg back into the living room and laid him on a seat.

Grissom came backing the room with a tray full of glasses to find everyone asleep. Sara and Cath were sharing a seat laying opposite ends. Warrick was sat in his armchair and Nick and Greg on the other seat also head to toe however Nick was not going to be pleased when he woke to find Greg's foot directly on his chin.

BRING the shrill sound of Grissom's cell broke the silence and he quickly answered it not walking anyone.

"GIL, there's a dead body waiting" shouted Ecklie down the phone. What has happened to everyone"? Asked Ecklie.

"Erm they've been taken sick" he lied as Warrick woke up and mouthed to ask who it was.

"Yes me and Warrick have taken them home. Appears to be food poisoning. Yes I'll be back soon," he said putting the phone down.

"Want me to come with?" asked Warrick Grissom shock his head.

"I'm not going, I have a sudden feeling I might come down with food poisoning" he Grissom sitting on the floor below Sara.

"I'm not used to having people in my house" he said as Warrick made himself comfy again.

"We'll be gone tomorrow" he yawned.

"No. I like it" smiled Grissom leaning back "even if you are all high" he said drifting off to sleep.