The Really Long Title

The planet known as Spaceballs, well, they're not really a planet yet, um, they're basically just a base right now. Wait, I'm getting a message, yes, Spaceballs is a planet. Well, anyways, they have the leader Darth Spitious. He has a plan to kidnap Queen Hormone of Taboo. Well, is all we got? No, don't leave; there are some really hot girls in this story. Maybe you'd like to see them. Ok, fine, well, the great Schwartz Master Jinni and his apprentice I-Am-The-One are going to Spaceball's main base to kick some butt. What, you're not allowed to say butt? What kind of intro is this? Oh, well, it's too late to take that out. Ok, well, they want to make sure that Spaceballs will not do this plan they plan. Well, if you want to leave the theater. This movie is crappy and has stupid effects. What? Oh great, now I'm fired for talking bad about the movie. Oh, by the way, if you can hear me, it's not me; it's a voice in your head. They call themselves consciences, but they suck, one told me to go after a hooker, and I got arrested. Well, if you can smell this screen, it's not the screen; it's the popcorn next to you. I still can't believe you're seeing this movie.