Chapter 3

Jinni walked down the hallway with I-Am-The-One and Jar-Jar following him. He saw Queen Hormone on her throne making out with the Vice Viceroy.

"How'd you get here so fast?" Jinni asked.

"Oh, well we have fast ships. And I'm fast with hot girls," he said looking at Queen Hormone. She smiled.

"Get a room," I-Am-The-One said.

"You're a traitor. You're with Spaceballs? I don't like you. I think you're a bad Queen. You're 14, and are you even a virgin?" Jinni asked.

"No, in fact. People I have an announcement to make. I'm pregnant with a little princess," Queen Hormone said.

"Oh, now that's sick. We need a new Queen Hormone out here," Jinni yelled. A crew man came out with an ugly teenager and replacing her with the first Queen Hormone. "Now this one's too ugly. Come on!" Jinni said. They came back out replacing her again. "Now this one's just right. In fact, I might want to screw this one," Jinni said.

"Hey! She's for Anakin when we find him," Jar-Jar said.

"Oh, come on," Jinni said. He started heading for her unbuckling his belt. He took her hand shoving it down his pants. He looked like he was in Heaven. The queen was smiling.

"I don't know about that Anakin. He's supposed to have a small inheritance. Jinni's is huge," she said. Jinni smiled acting like he was a king.

"You hear that? She thinks I've got a huge ," Jinni said. "Wait. They just bleeped out what I said. That sucks. What I can't say ? What about ? No! What the ? That's horse . Saying naughty things is one of my main origins. Like how she's giving me a job right now. But I wish she was giving me a job instead. Man we're bleeping out way to many things!" Jinni yelled.

"Jinni! Come on, we've got to go," I-Am-The-One said.

"I don't know. This job's pretty awesome," Jinni said. I-Am-The-One grabbed Jinni pulling him away.

"What's wrong I-Am-The-One? You want a hand job too?" Queen Hormone asked.

"Heck yes," I-Am-The-One said.

"Wait. 2 things I have to say. First, they didn't bleep out when Queen Hormone said job. Oh, you bleep me out again," Jinni said.

"That's because no one likes you, and Queen Hormone's hot," I-Am-The-One replied.

"Are you saying I'm ugly?" Jinni asked.

"Yes!" I-Am-The-One replied.

"Well SHUT UP! And anyways, you're too young to get a job. YOU BLEEPED IT OUT AGAIN! HORSE ," Jinni said. I-Am-The-One shot him another look. Jinni grabbed Queen Hormone taking her outside. I-Am-The-One and Jar-Jar followed.